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  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Setting the standardsor the digital uture

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Fiteen years at a glance

    2000: DTG Testing


    2002: D-Book and

    DTG Testing underpin

    the launch o the

    Freeview service

    1995: DTG ounded

    1996: DTG publishes

    frst edition o UK

    technical specifcation

    or DTT (the D-Book)

    1998: Pay TV

    operators Sky andTelewest join the DTG

    2005: DTG Testing

    named as governmentapproved test

    house or the UK

    Digital Switchover

    Certifcation Mark

    (the Digital Tick)

    2006: DTG Testing

    launches test regime

    or Freeview+ digital

    television recorders

    2007: DTG and DTG

    Testing move tosingle acility in

    central London

    2007: DTG Testing

    awarded test and

    conormance contract

    or Freesat

    2007: DTG Testing

    awarded test

    and conormance

    contract or Freeview

    New Zealand

    2008: Freesat product

    testing begins

    2009: D-Book 6

    published: including

    the specifcation

    or the launch o

    DVB-T2/MPEG-4 high

    defnition services on

    UK DTT (Freeview HD)

    2009: DTG Testing

    launches test and

    conormance regime

    or Freeview HD

    2010: DTG Testing

    becomes Europesfrst ISO 17025

    accredited laboratory

    or digital television

    product testing1

    2010: DTG Testing

    works towards test

    and conormance

    regime or DAB radio

    2010: DTG Testing

    announces test andconormance regime

    or HbbTV and

    Connected TV

    2010: D-Book 7

    circulated to members,

    including specifcation

    or hybrid broadcast/

    broadband Connected

    TV devices

    1 Freeview (SD) only

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture02

    About us

    The DTG was established bythe UK digital television industryin 1995 to protect consumersand saeguard the reputations

    o distribution platorms andreceiver manuacturers.





    92%o homes now have digitalTV on their main TV setSource: Ocom

    24mHD and HD ReadyTVs in the UKSource: Ocom

    225number o minutes o TVpeople aged 4+ watcheach week

    Source: Ocom

    8out o 10 UK adultsrecognise the DigitalTick logo

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English



    The Digital TV Group (DTG) is theindependent industry associationor digital television in the UK. TheGroup publishes and maintains thetechnical specifcation or the UKsFreeview and Freeview HD services(the D-Book) and runs the digitaltelevision industrys test centre:DTG Testing.

    Membership servicesMembership o the DTG is theonly way to obtain the D-Book, thetechnical specifcation or UK digitalterrestrial television (Freeview andFreeview HD) and hybrid broadcast/broadband Connected TV services.Membership also provides accessto drat versions o the specifcationbeore they are published whilePrincipal, Full and New Entrantmembers can actively participate inthe development o the specifcation

    through the DTGs working groups.

    The Group also provides thecollective strength o over 150member organisations to representits membership at government andregulatory level and provides training,events, networking opportunities andmarket inormation that empowermembers to make inormedbusiness decisions.

    About the DTG

    The DTG was established by theUK digital television industry in1995 to protect consumers andsaeguard the reputations odistribution platorms and receivermanuacturers. Today the Grouprepresents over 150 broadcasters,platorms, manuacturers, technologyproviders, government departments,

    regulators, not-or-proft organisationsand consumer groups.

    DTG Testing provides the test andconormance services or the UKsDigital Switchover Certifcation Mark(the Digital Tick), the Freeview andFreesat services and internationalplatorms.

    DTG Testing manages the Freeviewand Freesat Engineering Channelswhich allows the transmission o

    sotware upgrades to receivers inthe home. The test centre houses theUKs largest collection o receivers(over 95% coverage o the UK receiverpopulation) on its premises or testingo new transmission modes andsotware downloads.

    The DTG allows Digital Europe to useareas o its copyright under licence toencourage international harmonisation.

    The Group represents its membershipat government and regulatory leveland provides expert consultancy ororganisations entering the UK marketor developing platorms internationally.

    In 2009, the Group published D-Book 6paving the way or the consumerlaunch o high defnition serviceson Freeview in early 2010.

    Following the publication o D-Book 6the Group began to profle thespecifcation or hybrid broadcast/broadband Connected TV serviceswhich will be circulated to membersas D-Book 7 in December 2010.

    The Group represents over 150 broadcasters,platorms, manuacturers, technology providers,

    government departments, regulators, not-

    or-proft organisations and consumer groups.

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture04

    Setting thestandards

    +24%increase in DTGmembership in 2009/10

    31%o households with internetaccess used it to watchonline catch-up TV in thefrst quarter o 2010Source: Ocom

    57%more than hal o adults saythey watch TV programmeson a device other than a TV

    76%o DTG members believeConnected TV will be akey issue or the industryin the uture

    The D-Book is a living documentand is continually enhanced and

    peer-reviewed by the DTGs expertworking groups.






  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    The D-Book

    The D-Book is the technical

    specifcation or UK digital terrestrial

    television (Freeview and Freeview HD).

    The DTG has published and maintainedthe D-Book or over a decade and the

    specifcation is updated annually to

    keep up with the pace o development

    in UK DTT.

    The D-Book is a living document and iscontinually enhanced and peer-reviewed

    by the DTGs expert working groups.

    The frst edition o the D-Book was

    published in 1996 when the current

    UK standard or digital terrestrial

    broadcasting (DVB-T) was new

    and untried. Early editions o theD-Book enabled the publication o

    the European digital TV specifcation:

    the E-Book.

    In March 2009, the DTG published the6th edition o the D-Book introducing

    DVB-T2, the new modulation scheme

    that is being used in the UK to deliver

    high defnition services on DTT which

    enabled the consumer launch o an

    initial three ree-to-air HD channelson Freeview in early 2010.

    D-Book 6 also mandated a broadband

    return path which can be used or

    streaming on-demand video content

    such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and4oD, accessing e-government services

    and allowing viewers to complete

    transactions via their television.

    The 7th edition o the D-Book will be

    circulated to members in December

    2010 and contains the specifcation

    or UK hybrid broadcast/broadbandConnected TV products and services.

    The D-Book is only available to

    members o the Digital TV Group.

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture06

    Our partners at the DTG continue to play an invaluablerole in supporting the switchover programme, ensuringdigital television equipment meets the high standardsexpected by industry, broadcasters and viewers.David Scott, Chie Executive, Digital UK

    D-Book 6 represents a landmark

    in UK broadcasting, providing the

    specifcation or the launch o high

    defnition services on Freeview.

    The DTG supports the digital

    switchover programme

    carried out by Digital UK.

    Supportingthe UK digitaltelevisionmarket




  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    The DTG supports the digital

    switchover programme carried out

    by Digital UK. The Groups D-Book

    specifcation and test regimes

    underpin the Digital SwitchoverCertifcation Mark (the Digital Tick)

    the logo used to tell consumers

    that a product is designed to work

    through digital switchover.

    DTG Testing conducts specialswitchover projects on behal o Digital

    UK and the Department o Business,

    Innovation and Skills (BIS), usingits receiver collection to simulate

    switchover scenarios in advance o

    regional switchovers and carries out

    spot tests o receivers carrying the

    Digital Tick to ensure they comply withthe certifcation marks requirements.

    The Group also provides a orum or

    Digital UK to engage with industry

    and to eed into technical requirementsi required.


    2009 saw the development o the 6thedition o the D-Book specifcation.

    D-Book 6 represents a landmark

    in UK broadcasting, providing the

    specifcation or the launch o high

    defnition services on Freeview. The

    specifcation also includes a broad

    range o updates such as surroundaudio, HD interactivity, DVB-SSU,

    HD subtitles, an MHEG interaction

    channel and HDMI guidelines.

    To ensure market compliance the DTG

    provides the test and conormanceregime or the Freeview and Freeview

    HD logos.

    Listening to our members

    One o the DTGs core objectives or

    2010/11 is to increase the level o

    service we oer to members. The Group

    is committed to increasing membershipvalue, driven by membership and

    customer consultation eedback

    and measured against a membership

    value index.

    To ensure we continue to closely

    monitor levels o membership and

    customer satisaction, the DTG

    conducts an annual survey o DTGmembers and DTG Testing customers.

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture08

    YouView will support a competitive market orConnected TV to bring the widest possiblechoice o devices, services and applications toconsumers. Our continued participation in theDTGs work to establish a standard or ConnectedTV devices, alongside other DTG members,helps us achieve this aim. YouView compliantdevices will undergo a comprehensive test andcompliance regime that will not only complywith the current D-Book technical standards,but also reerence the relevant specif cations in

    D-Book 7, currently being agreed as part o theDTGs Connected TV work.Richard Halton, Chie Executive Ofcer, YouView

    Indicative YouView interace

    All YouView compliant devices will

    meet D-Book 7 standard.

    Sky Player

    D-Book 7 will provide a common

    specifcation or Connected TV products

    and services that service providers

    such as Sky can build on or trademark


    Shaping theuture o digital

    BSkyB is pleased to actively engage with theDTG in the development o an open standardor Connected TV devices.Nick Gregory, Business Development Director, BSkyB

    Virgin Media are committed to continuing theirlong-standing relationship with the DTG throughthe development o a core open standard orUK Connected TV.Ian Mecklenburgh, Director, Digital Entertainment, Virgin Media

    In 2010, the DTG launcheda consultation on how aninteroperable, ef cient, stableand innovating horizontal digital

    TV market might best continue

    to be delivered.

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    This consultation process will play a

    key role in ensuring the Group is able

    to work with its members to produce a

    roadmap or the ongoing interoperability,

    stability and technical developmento UK digital terrestrial television.

    Connected TV

    Connected TV is the term used by

    the digital television industry to reer

    to the delivery o programmes, flms,applications and interactive services

    to the television via broadband.

    The DTG Council, executive and its

    members are currently developing

    the technical specifcation or UK

    Connected TV which will orm part o

    the 7th edition o the D-Book.

    D-Book 7 will provide an industry

    agreed baseline implementation

    or Connected TV products and

    services that service providers such

    as YouView, Fetch TV, Loveflm, Sky,Virgin Media and others can build on

    or trademark requirements to support

    their services.

    The DTG has set up 7 Connected TV

    working groups drawing upon dierentareas o the specifcation: architecture,

    device, delivery, presentation,

    metadata, security and measurement.

    D-Book 7 will be circulated to members

    in December 2010, ollowed by a

    Connected TV test and conormance

    regime to ensure market compliancein May 2011.


    Successes such as Avatar, Skys 3D

    channel and 3D broadcasts o major

    sporting events have stimulated

    consumer demand or 3DTV content.

    A technical standard has been

    completed or 3D Blu-ray and HDMI

    1.4a is ready or carrying 3D.

    Following eedback rom the DTGsconsultation on developments in 3DTV,

    the DTG is to work with its members to

    investigate options or profling the UKstandard or 3D products and services.


  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture10

    Gettingto market

    The DTG and DTG Testing support

    manuacturers rom product

    development, through launch and

    into the home.

    The D-Book provides the basis or the

    development o Freeview and Freeview

    HD set-top boxes, recorders andIDTVs in the UK.

    DTG Testing produces test suites,

    recognised by the Department o

    Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS),

    as demonstrating the required standard

    or the Digital Switchover Certifcation

    Mark (the Digital Tick). Manuacturersuse DTG Testings test suites to carry

    out pre-compliance testing o products

    to ensure they meet benchmark

    interoperability standards or theFreeview and Freesat services.

    Product testing at DTG Testing is

    used by manuacturers to demonstrate

    conormance to the Digital Tick

    certifcation mark requirements and

    the Freeview, Freeview HD and Freesat

    trademark requirements.

    Ater a product has been launched,

    the DTG Engineering Channel provides

    manuacturers with a mechanismto upgrade a receivers sotware in

    the home.

    The great achievement o the last decade was to delivera completely reliable, robust oer to the public, andI think its because o that and in particular because

    o the work o the DTG, that the public have so muchconf dence in digital TV.Mark Thompson, Director General, BBC

    DTG continues to play an important strategic role inthe success o the Freesat platorm by testing all newreceivers to ensure they meet the exacting quality levelsFreesat customers demand.Emma Scott, Managing Director, Freesat


  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English



    The Route To Market

    The DTG and DTG Testing support manuacturers rom productdevelopment, through launch and into the home.

    DTG Testing test suites:Pre-compliance testing

    Specifcation Product


    Compliance Certifcation Post Launch

    Product testingat DTG Testing



    Supply DTG reports toreceive the Freeview/Freeview HD TradeMark and the Digital TickCertifcation Mark


    DTG EngineeringChannel:For over-air upgradesto receiver sotware

    As a leading manuacturer o digitalTV products in the UK, Panasonic haslong recognised that it is in the best

    interest o the viewer that the industry

    works in partnership to achieve robust

    open standards. The independent,collaborative environment o the

    Digital TV Group makes this possible.

    DTG membership has provided

    Panasonic with the opportunity toactively participate in the development

    o the UK DTT standard (the D-Book).

    This, in addition to DTG Testingstest and conormance regimes allowus to build reliable, industry certifed

    products, drastically reducing the

    risk o market ailure and helping us

    to ensure a consistent high qualityconsumer experience.

    Panasonic is committed to ensuring our

    products use the DTGs conormance

    tests in order to receive the DigitalTick, Freeview, Freeview HD and

    Freesat logos.

    Our relationship with the DTG doesnt

    end at product launch; Panasonic isalso a member o the DTG Engineering

    Channel which enables us to transmit

    over-air sotware updates to devices inthe home, ensuring that our customerscontinue to receive the most up-to-

    date service.

    We submit a representative sample oall our tested products to the DTGsreceiver collection this allows the

    DTG to run regular tests to check

    the response o deployed products

    in scenarios such as a regionalswitchover.

    To ensure we continue to oer

    customers the best possible

    technology, Panasonic is currentlyparticipating in the development o

    the technical specifcation or UK

    Connected TV through the DTGsworking groups.

    Nigel Prankard

    DVB Product Manager, Panasonic

    Working in partnership

    As an industry leader and innovator

    in the connected TV arena, IP Vision

    ully supports the DTGs ConnectedTV programme. The D-Books ocuson open standards not only promotes

    a air and competitive market but also

    delivers the interoperability baseline

    critical to a ast growing and dynamic

    industry. The convergence o DTTand IPTV presents many challenges,especially in the development o

    services that are easily accessed and

    understood by the consumer. The

    DTGs ocus on Connected TV will

    without doubt support this process.

    Eddie Abrams


    Supporting innovation

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture12


    A pp le ( 11 1) A ma zon e Ba y Ya hoo! New s ( 50 4)


    DTG Testing

    EnglishAboutContact Search

    Home Why us How to Services FAQs

    NewsDTG Testing launches new website


    DTG unveils Connected TV test andconformance regime at IBC 2010

    Brochure download Chinese (Traditional) text

    Chinese (Simplified) text

    Korean text

    Over-air upgrade schedule

    DTG Testing Ltd administersThe Engineering Channel, carriedon Multiplexes 1/PSB1, B (occasionally)and PSB3/HD and which is used bymanufacturers to download softwareupdates to Freeview/DTT receivers.

    Quick links

    Obtain Freeview logos

    Obtain the Digital Tick

    Book and over-air-upgrade

    Contact us

    DigitalConormanceTest Lab


    DTG Testing provides expertconsultancy for organizationswho wish to enter the UK marketand those developing systemsand services internationally

    Management of the UKEngineering Channel forover-air upgrades to receiversoftware and interactiveapplication testing

    Over-air upgrades Consulting projects

    Connecting technologywith standards

    Test developmentDevelopment of test materialsfor use by digital televisionmanufacturers developingproducts Freeview, FreeviewHD and Freesat services

    Product testingDTG Testing providesconformance testing of digitaltelevision receivers for theFreeview, Freeview HD andFreesat services

    A pp le (1 11) A ma zo n e Ba y Y h oo ! N ews (5 04 )



    EnglishAboutontact Search

    Home Why us How to Services FAQs


    DTG Testing launches new website


    DTG unveils Connected TV test andconformance regime at IBC 2010

    rochure download

    Chinese (Traditional) text

    Chinese (Simplified) text

    Korean text

    Over-air upgrade schedule

    DTG Testing Ltd administersThe Engineering Channel, carriedon Multiplexes 1/PSB1, B (occasionally)and PSB3/HD and which is used bymanufacturers to download software

    tuuu rt r i / TTiii r i rr i riii ..

    Quick links

    Obtain Freeview logos

    Obtain the DigitalTick

    ook and over-air-upgrade

    Contac t us


    DigitalConor ancT La


    DTG Testing provides expertconsultancy for organizationswho wish to enter the UK marketand those developing systemsand services internationally

    Management of the UKngineering hannel for

    over-air upgrades to receiversoftware and interactiveapplication testing

    Ove air upgrades Consulting p jects

    Connecting oit s an a s

    est developmentDevelopment of test materialsfor use by digital televisionmanufacturers developingroducts Freeview, Freeview

    H and reesat services

    roduct testingDTG Testing providesonformance testing of digital

    television receivers for thereeview, reeview H and

    Freesat services































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  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture14

    Product testingEach product test at DTG Testing is

    comprised o over 1000 individual tests.

    Receiver collectionDTG Testings laboratory houses the UKs

    largest collection o representative samples

    o DTT and D-Sat receivers.

    DTG Testing working with Digital UK on theDigital Tick has been absolutely undamentalin delivering the Freeview service.

    Stephen Dowdle, Managing Director, Sony UK & Ireland


  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English



    The DTG Test Development team

    produces the test suites that

    are used by DTG Testing to test

    products and by manuacturers

    or pre-compliance testing.

    Every engineer in the team has a

    dierent area o expertise such as

    SI, Linear Services and my role is to

    develop MHEG and DTR test suites.

    The DTGs Freeview MHEG test

    suite is the result o thousands o

    man hours o development by DTGsta and members and is continually

    enhanced and refned based on

    eedback rom customers.

    Freeview MHEG provides the core

    source code that we build on to

    incorporate D-Book developments

    and to provide test suites or new

    services such as Freeview HD. Toreplicate the DTGs MHEG test suite

    would take a huge amount o

    resource and eort and as a result

    we are oten asked to adapt the

    suite or other territories such

    as Australia, New Zealand andHong Kong.

    My working day is divided betweencode creation or new or enhanced

    test suites and the maintenance o

    existing suites. Its also important to

    make time to deal with enquiries and

    eedback rom customers and rom

    colleagues in the Product Testing

    team, such eedback is absolutely

    crucial in ensuring that every testsuite we produce is as easy to use

    and as reliable as possible.

    Mark Skinner, Senior Project

    Engineer, DTG Testing

    While a large part o my working

    day is devoted to actively testingproducts, I am also responsible or

    ensuring the smooth running o theproduct testing process, supporting

    and mentoring the conormance

    engineers and dealing with technical

    enquiries rom clients.

    Away rom product testing, I also

    coordinate many o DTG Testings

    special projects. As part o the

    DTGs support or digital switchoverwe are currently using our receiver

    collection to simulate the eects

    that various switchover scenarios

    will have on receivers in the home.The DTG receiver collection

    represents over 95% o deployedreceivers this means that Digital

    UK can confdently predict the

    eects that dierent changes to

    broadcast signals will have on

    viewers receivers well in advanceo a regional switchover.

    Another important service oered

    by DTG Testing is the EngineeringChannel which allows manuacturers

    to provide over-air upgrades to the

    sotware in deployed Freeview and

    Freesat receivers. I work with theteam here to ensure all upgrades

    are thoroughly tested and aretransmitted to schedule.

    Ranjeet Kaur, Head o Product

    Testing, DTG Testing

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture16

    For over a decade the DTG has played a pivotalrole in the success o UK digital television. Lastyear we published the 6th edition o the D-Book,paving the way or the launch o high def nitionservices on DTT. In 2010 our ocus has beenon developing the 7th edition o the specif cation,making hybrid Connected TV devices a realityor viewers.Richard Lindsay-Davies, Director-General, Digital TV Group




    David Docherty


    Richard Lindsay-Davies


    Our people

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English



    Keith Wilkinson

    Commercial Director and

    Chie Operating Ofcer

    David Docherty


    Dr. David Docherty is Chairman o the

    Digital TV Group and Chie Executive

    o the Council For Industry and HigherEducation.

    He was the BBCs frst Director o

    New Media and Deputy Managing

    Director o TV. In the commercial

    world, he has been MD, CEO or Chairo our media businesses specialising

    in TV, social networking, broadband,

    and On-Demand services. He wasa member o the BBCs Board o

    Management and Telewests Executive

    Board. In the public sector, he was

    Chair o Governors o the University

    o Bedordshire and a member ovarious government advisory panels

    on new media, uture technology, and

    higher education. He is also on the

    management board o The Society o


    He is the author o six books, including

    three on the history and sociology o

    the media and three internationallypublished novels.

    Richard Lindsay-Davies


    Richard was appointed as the Groups

    Director-General in March 2006 and

    has been with the organisation since2004. Richard joined the Group as

    Director o Public Aairs working

    with government and stakeholders

    to establish the UK digital switchover

    body, Digital UK.

    He transerred to Freesat as

    Commercial Development Director at

    the end o 2007, playing an integralrole in the successul launch o the

    platorm beore returning to his current

    role in October 2008. Prior to joining

    the Group he spent 15 years in the

    television industry with roles rangingrom electronic design at Sony through

    to consumer marketing at Toshiba and

    strategic marketing at Pace and was

    Chairman o the DTG Marketing Group.

    Simon Gauntlett

    Technology Director

    Simon was appointed as the DTGs

    Technology Director in November2006 to support the work o DTG

    Technical Council and the many

    consensus-building and contribution-

    driven technical working groups the

    technical engine o the DTG. He is

    the editor o the UK Digital Terrestrial

    Requirements or Interoperability theD-Book.

    Prior to working or the DTG, Simon

    spent seven years at the BBCs

    Research and Development (R&D)

    department, where he specialised incompression technologies or high

    defnition video and the delivery o

    HDTV, working on the BBCs HD trialon the satellite, cable and terrestrial


    Keith Wilkinson

    Commercial Director and

    Chie Operating Ofcer

    Keith Wilkinson is responsible or

    the administration and commercial

    direction o the organisation as well

    as operational management, fnancialcontrol and human resources. He also

    acts as Company Secretary.

    Keith joined the Group rom the BBCwhere he spent over a decade in a

    variety o senior accountancy and

    management roles, including Chie

    Accountant Drama and Head o

    Production Finance, culminating in theposition o Project Director responsible

    or managing major change projects.

    Simon Gauntlett

    Technology Director

  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English


    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture18

    Steve Holebrook

    Managing Director

    Terrestrial Media Solutions


    Alix Pryde

    Controller, Distribution


    Simon Jones

    Chie IPTV Architect


    Kevin Burrows

    Chie Technology Ofcer

    Channel 4

    Simon Fell


    DTG Technical Council


    David Scott

    Chie Executive

    Digital UK

    Emma Scott

    Managing Director


    Ilse Howling

    Managing Director


    John EdwardsDirector o Communications

    Harvard International

    Paul Entwistle

    Chie Technologist

    Intellectual Property


    Andrew Denham

    Marketing Director


    Richard BurrellDirector o Engineering

    & New Media


    Raphael Fainac

    Managing Director o

    Sagem Communications UK


    John Adam

    Head o Business Development

    & Industrial Aairs


    Nick Gregory

    Business Development Director


    Stephen Dowdle

    Managing Director

    Sony UK & Ireland

    David Cutts

    Managing Director


    Ian Mecklenburgh


    Digital Entertainment

    Virgin Media


  • 8/6/2019 DTG Brochure 2010 English



    The DTG welcomes organisations

    involved in the development and

    marketing o digital televisionworldwide as members.

    DTG membership is the only way

    to obtain the UK D-Book receiverspecifcation. The D-Book standard

    provides the requirements orinteroperability or the UK digital

    terrestrial TV market.

    DTG membership is divided into

    the ollowing categories:

    Principal and Full Membership

    Principal and Full Membership is

    available to organisations with an active

    interest in digital television. Principal

    and Full Membership oers entitlement

    to vote at plenary meetings, direct

    participation in the development otechnical specifcations and online

    access to the D-Book, with updates

    when they are published. These

    categories o membership also allowmembers to participate in both technical

    and commercial group meetings.

    All Principal Members are representedon DTG Council and Technical Council.

    World Membership

    World Membership is or organisations

    keen to investigate the UK modelor digital terrestrial television but

    who are not active in the UK market.

    World Members receive online access

    to the D-Book and other relevantpublications, as well as publication


    New Entrant Membership

    New Entrant Membership is orstart-up organisations in their frst

    or second year o operations that are

    entering the digital television industry

    with new products or services and donot yet have an established revenue

    stream. For eligibility purposes,

    organisations are considered as a

    whole, and where a substantial part

    o a start-up organisations activities

    derive rom a pre-existing business,New Entrant Membership will not

    be available.

    New Entrant Membership providessubsidised access to Full Member

    benefts. Ater two years o New

    Entrant Membership the member

    organisation will be automaticallyupgraded to Full Membership.

    Afliate Membership

    Afliate Membership is oered

    to UK and international not-or-proft organisations such as trade

    associations, registered charities,

    special interest groups and central

    government departments that have aninterest in the work o the Group. The

    DTG strives to maintain regular contactwith Afliate Members through events,

    e-mail bulletins and stakeholder

    engagement. Representatives oAfliate Members may attend DTG

    meetings by invitation.

    Annual Membership Fees

    Principal: 20,000

    Full: 10,000

    World: 5,000

    New Entrant: 3,000

    Afliate: Free

    Joiningthe DTG

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    Digital TV Group Setting the standards or the digital uture20

    Access SystemsADBAge UKAlcatel LucentAlcoALi CorporationAltech UECAminoANT

    ArcaydanArelikArion TechnologyArqivaAsia Pacifc Broadcasting UnionAsotBBCBISBristol Interactive TechnologyBroadband Wireless AssociationBroadcast AustraliaBroadcomBTCabot CommunicationsChannel 4 TelevisionCisco Systems

    Citizens AdviceConederation o Aerial

    IndustriesConsumers AssociationDanish Broadcasting

    CorporationDanish HDTV ForumDCMSDigitagDigital Stream TechnologyDigital TV LabsDigital UKDixons Stores GroupDMOLDolby Laboratories

    Easel TVEchostar EuropeEtvEventISFilmexFive BroadcastingFortec StarFreesatFreeviewFreeview AustraliaFresco MicrochipFujitsuFunai ElectricFunke Digital TVFutarque

    Gennum CorporationGet CoGK WareHarvardHCLHearing ConcernHimax TechnologiesHitachi Home ElectronicsHomecast

    HuaweiHumax ElectronicsIABMImagination TechnologiesIntelIntellectIP VisioniPlus TechnologiesIrdetoITVI-WinixJVCKaon MediaKrypton TVLabwiseLatens

    Lenus DigitalLG ElectronicsLoeweLoveFilmMarvellMediatekMGt Technology SolutionsMicrosotMiniweb TechnologiesMitsubishiMotorolaMove NetworksMstar SemiconductorsNagravisionNDS

    NickelodeonNovatekNXP SemiconductorsO2Ocean Blue SotwareOcomOfce o Telecoms Authority

    (Hong Kong)OpentechOpera SotwareOrbicomOrion ElectricPacePanasonicPhilips

    Pioneer Technology UKPixel Magic SystemsPixsanQVCRed BeeRenesasRetraRNIBRNID

    RoviRoyal Television SocietyS4CSABCSagem SASamsung ElectronicsSharpSiemensSkySmarDTVSnellSony UKST MicroelectronicsStarlight ElectronicsStrategy and TechnologySunplus

    TAGTalk TalkTata ElxsiTechnicolorTechnisatTelegent Systems USATeletextTelevision BroadcastTescoThe Moving Image SocietyTivoTop Up TVTopfeldToshiba Inormation SystemsTrident

    TVNZTVonicsTW ElectronicsUC Connect

    VerimatrixVirgin MediaVoice o the Listener and ViewerWalt Disney Television


    Our members

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    Members list correct as o 23/09/10 andis subject to change.

    All fgures, unless otherwise stated, are romYouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1035adults. Fieldwork was undertaken betweenFriday 19th to Monday 22nd February 2010.The survey was carried out online. The fgureshave been weighted and are representativeo all GB adults (aged 18+).

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    Contact us:

    Digital TV Group1 Nine Elms Lane


    SW8 5NQ

    +44 (0)20 7501 [email protected]


    Twitter: @DigitalTVGroup

    DTG Testing

    1 Nine Elms LaneLondon

    SW8 5NQ

    +44 (0)20 7501 4350

    [email protected]

    Our mission is to enable the developmento ully reliable and compliant digital TV andmedia products and services, primarily orthe horizontal market, through world-classspeciication development, conormancetesting and consensus building.