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Paço de Calheiros, situated in Ponte de Lima, Minho region is an impres-sive 17th century manor, owned by the Count of Calheiros. With an striking entrance, beautiful tree-lined drive and stone fountain, here guests feel very welcome.

Paço de Calheiros

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SPiriT of CharTwellDefining elegant river Cruising and setting the standard for Douro river luxury, service and quality.Douroazul’s Spirit of Chartwell, very recently restored, redecorated and used by her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, affords select travelers an experience worthy of its royal heritage. This thirty passenger vessel provides the finest imported interior furnishings and delivers classic elegance in a comfortable and stately ambiance.

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CruiSe iTiNerary Porto » Régua » Pinhão » Barca d’Alva » Pinhão Régua

laND Tour iTiNerary Guimarães » Paço de Calheiros Manor » Ponte de Lima » Porto

aCTiviTieSOn Board Fado show Cooking demonstration and deck barbecue Evening live guitar and piano entertainment

In the Douro River ValleyTours to Mateus Palace, Vila Real, Almeida, dinner at a Douro Valley Port Wine Quinta

At north Portugal’s Minho RegionTours to Guimarães (castle, birthplace of Portugal), Ponte de Lima and Minho RegionVisit to Roman architecture, medieval church, Paço do MarquêsHorse riding, garden and orchard visit, vineyard visit and wine tasting at Paço de Calheiros

iNCluDeS Cruise and all on board activitiesAll land tours and off ship activities Wine/beer and soft drinks at all meals, on board and ashore Transfers: from Porto to ship pre cruise and from hotel to Porto post cruisePrivate escort throughout cruise & tour


Jul. 5, 12, 19, 26 2,249 € 1,149 € 749 €

Aug. 2, 9, 16, 23

North Portugal’s Regal EleganceSpirit of Chartwell & Paço de Calheiros Manor

exCluSive PrograMDouro & MiNho

SuMMer 7 Day/6 NighT CruiSe aND laND Toura first-ever cruise and land tour highlighting North Portugal’s regal heritage with a 3 night cruise on the Queen of

england’s former royal Barge, The Spirit of Chartwell, combined with 3 nights as a guest at Northern Portugal’s

royal Manor, Paco de Calheiros. only available from Douroazul, this experience includes a voyage through the the

upper Douro river valley and Port wine region combined with a 3 night stay at Paco de Calheiros royal Manor.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: crew gratuities; premium beverage selections; private tour options; spa

full and Partial Charter rates available on request

Count francisco Calheiros e Menezes

17th century Portuguese manor house design

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CruiSe iTiNerary Porto » Entre-os-Rios » Régua » Pinhão » Barca d’Alva » Régua » Porto

highlighTSAlpendurada Monastery lunchDinner at historic Douro Valley Wine QuintaPortuguese Fado & Folk Music showLectures: Douro River & Region, Portugal’s History, Portugal TodayVintage Port wine celebrationCulinary Demonstrations

guiDe TourS (iNCluDeD)Douro Museum, Vila Real and Mateus Palace, Castelo Rodrigo, Salamanca and Cuidad Rodrigo (Spain), Lamego and Sanctuary, Porto

iNCluDeS Cruise and all on board activities; Land tours; Off ship activitiesWine/beer/soft drinks with meals; Wine at off ship and hotel events; Porto airport transfers; Private guide/escort throughout cruise & tour

DOES NOT INCLUDE: crew gratuities; premium beverage selections; private tour options

exCluSive PrograMDouro & MiNho

Spirit of Chartwell 7 nightFull Douro River Cruise from Porto to the Spanish boarder


Apr. 18, 25 1.775 € 675 € 675 €

May. 9, 23 | Jun. 20 1.995 € 825 € 825 €

full and Partial Charter rates available on request

Count francisco Calheiros e Menezes

17th century Portuguese manor house design

regal elegance Tour

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alto Douro all 7 NighT CruiSeS iTiNerarieS viSiTPorto » Entre-os-rios » Régua » Vega Terron (Spain) » Barca d’Alva » Pinhão » Régua » Porto

highlighTS oN The 7 NighT Douro valley CruiSeSAlpendurada Monestary dinnerQuinta da Avessada dinnerPortuguese Folk Music show

oPTioNal Shore exCurSioN PaCk iNCluDeS:Porto City, Mateus Palace, Lamego, Castelo Rodrigo, Salamanca with lunch and Flamenco show; Optional tour to Guimarães: 48€/pax when avaiable






Apr. 11

845€ 375€ 75€ 249€Aug. 1, 08, 22

7 NighTS CruiSeS

This 24 cabin ship wraps you in the most intimate and traditional style. This ship offers an unparalleled personalizes cruise where guests are close travel companions who share international cuisine, award winning views and captivating land events.





Jul. 8, 22 895€ 395€ 55€249€

Aug. 12 945 € 425€ 75€

The invicta represents the essence of Douro river cruising. This refurbished classical ship offers 40 cabins in a club-like nautical setting. heavy woods, leather, brass and marble surround you as you sail the Douro river and experience the top quality service and personal touch of this pleasing and popular riverboats.

Douro Cruiser




Jul. 4, 18, 25 995 € 445€ 95€ 249€

Aug. 1, 8

This 65 cabin luxury riverboat deliver a full service cruise experience that includes an on board entertainment program offering enjoyable activities and shows along with informative lectures and demonstrations; and a full shore-side program which allows guest opportunities to explore this region’s unique history, culture and friendly appeal.

all CruiSeS (aBove) iNCluDeS Cruise, room & full board | All on board activities | Off ship dinner events (with wine)DOES NOT INCLUDE 5-tour package; optional tour, on board bar beverages; crew gratuities

Charter rates available on request

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c o n t a c t s a n d c o n d i t i o n s

Discover the city aboard the Douroazul’s sightseeing and riversightseing. with a fleet of touristic buses and rabelo Boats, both with au-dioguides in 16 languages, visitants can enjoy the Porto city experience with unique culture, architecture and history.and if you want to see the Porto from above try a flight aboard the helitours helicopter.

P o r t o S i g h t s e e i n g

world of Discoveries it’s a brand new theme park and interactive museum based on the history of the Portuguese Discoveries. This interactive muse-um/theme park makes visitors embark on the epic journeys of the Portuguese explorers. it recreates life-sized characters and sceneries of the different

w o r l d o f D i s c o v e r i e s , M u s e u m a n d P a r k


reservations and bookings may be made by contacting Douroazul or your travel professional.


20% of the total reservation with booking confirmation;80% until 30 days prior to the cruise.all the bookings made in the period of the 30 days prior to departure must be fully paid upon reservation.helicopter tours and Sightseeing tours payments: inquire at time of reservation.


The 20% paid with booking confirmation are non- refundable;Cancellation until 15 days prior to departure: 75% penalty;Cancellation from 14 days prior to departure until the day of the departure: non refundable.helicopter tours and Sightseeing tours penalties: inquire at time of reservation.


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Sightseeing DouroAzul Phone +351 223 402 500 | +351 220 449 [email protected] |

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P o r t o C i t y : b e s t e u r o p e a n d e s t i n a t i o n 2 0 1 4

sea routes and lands mapped by the Portuguese, and part of the visit is made on a boat navigating throughout the continents. and at restaurant “world of flavors” there’s a menu with foods from the dif-ferent world regions, from africa to asia and Brazil. it’s open every day of the week.

oN oPeN air BuSeS, harBor CruiSeS aND heliCoPTer