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Transcript of DMR SEKHAR

DMR SEKHARDecember 2010
Brief profile of Dr. DMR Sekhar Dr. DMR Sekhar is a graduate in chemical engineering and a post graduate in mineral process engineering from Andhra University. He was awarded PhD degree by Andhra University for his thesis on “separation of sulfide minerals from complex ores”. He published 67 technical papers of which 25 are in peer reviewed journals. He is a recipient of “National Mineral Award” for the year 1997 from the Government of India, “Mineral Beneficiation Award” for the year 2002 from the Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers and “Mining Engineering Design Award” for the year 2004 from the Institution of Engineers (India). Dr. Sekhar served M/s Hindustan Zinc Ltd (1979- 83). M/s Rajasthan State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd (1983-1995) and M/s Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Ltd (1995-2007) at various positions and was Group General Manager in M/s RSMML before joining M/s Wharton Overseas FZE, Ajman, UAE as Executive Director. He is currently on deputation with M/s JPMC Plc, Jordan. Dr. Sekhar designed an unconventional grinding circuit for Phosphate Ore Beneficiation Plant at Jhamarkotra, India that involved a roller press operating in tandem with a wet grinding ball mill which proved to be highly energy efficient that reduced power consumption by 15 kWh per ton of ore treated. Dr. Sekhar along with Prof. NC Aery carried out the pioneering experiments on Phosphate Rich Organic Manure [PROM] which proved to be more efficient than Di Ammonium Phosphate the well known chemical phosphatic fertilizer.
03 Date of Birth 01.03.1952
04 Place of Birth Ongole
05 Mailing Address DMR Sekhar
Head Beneficiation Plant,
Eshidiya Mines, JPMC,
Examination passed Institution Marks obtained Division
Matriculation Andhra University 67% First Class
P.U.C. Andhra University 60% First Class
B. Tech. (Chemical Engg.) Andhra University 54% Second Class
M.Sc. (Mineral Process Engineering) Andhra University 68% First Class
Ph.D. on "Separation of Sulfide Minerals from complex Ores" (From the faculty of Chemical Engineering.
Andhra University
08 Training 1) In Plant training in mineral processing at I.R.E. Chavara (Kerala) from 08.05.78 to 10.06.78
2) Field project training in mineral processing at A.M.D. Bangalore from 10.04.78 to 04.05.78
(Dr. DMR Sekhar)
09 Extra Curricular
1) Secretary, Student's Union (73-74) A.U. Engineering College, Waltair.
2) Represented Andhra University in Kho-Kho in All India Inter - University Tournament held at Poona (1974)
10 Awards & Honors
1) Productivity Award, Udaipur District, for the year 1997. 15th August 1997
2) National Mineral Award for the year 1997, by Government of India, Ministry of Steel & Mines, 24 Dec 1998.
Significant Achievement Award, Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industries. 18th March 1999.
Scroll of honor conferred by Udaipur local centre of The Institution of Engineers (India), 15.09.99.
Mineral Beneficiation Award, by the Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers, 3rd January, 2002
Felicitated by the Institution of Engineers (India), for being an eminent personality in the field of Mining Industry, during XIV National Convention of Mining Engineers, on 27.2.2002 at Udaipur.
Mining Engineering Design Award-2004, by Institution of Engineers (India), on 17.12.2004
01 a) 28.6.1979 to 27.6.1980
Prob. Eng. H.Z.L. Shift Engineer 4000 TPD Lead-Zinc beneficiation plant, Zawar Mines.
b) 28.6.1980 to 15.9.1980
Developmen t Engineer-1
H.Z.L. Feasibility and Process Development Studies on Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores (bench scale & pilot plant at Central R&D Lab.
d) 7.2.1983 to 14.4.1983
Developmen t Engineer-1
H.Z.L. Shift In charge 600 TPD Rock Phosphate Beneficiation Plant, Matoon Mines.
e) 5.8.1983 to 2.12.1983
H.Z.L. Shift In charge 500 TPD Lead-Copper Beneficiation Plant, Sargipalli Mines.
02 a) 26.12.1983 to 18.12.1984
Process Eng. R.S.M.D.C. LIMITED
b) 18.12.1984 to 15.10.1986
Process Eng. R.S.M.D.C. LIMITED
Agent of Fluorspar Mines, Dungarpur from 12.7.85 to 15.10.86.
03 a) 15.10.1986 Process Eng. R.S.M.D.C. LIMITED
In charge 18 TPD Pilot Plant for Graphite Beneficiation, Banswara.
Preparation of Feasibility Reports for Graphite and Fluorspar Plants for commercial operation.
R&D Studies on Copper-Lead and Zinc ore of Deri Mines.
R&D Studies on Bentonite and other industrial minerals.
b) 15.11.1990 Process Eng. R.S.M.D.C. LIMITED
In charge of Rajasthan Fluorspar Project, Dungarpur.
In charge of Mahi Graphite Project, Banswara.
Agent of Limestone Graphite and Rock Phosphate Mines w.e.f. 4.1.91.
04 17.08.1993 Senior Process Engineer.
05 05.03.1995 Chief Manager
RSMML, Operation and Processing of Rock Phosphate ore at 1500 TPD Plant.
(Ben.) Jhamarkotra
In charge Phosphate Research & Development Centre.
07 a) 21.04.2001 General Manager
RSMML, Bikaner
In charge Gypsum Project, Bikaner.
b) 26.3.2002 Group General Manager
RSMML, Bikaner
In charge of Production of SMS Grade Limestone, Jaisalmer; and Gypsum Production from Bikaner Group of Mines.
In charge Phosphate Research and Development Center (in house R & D of RSMML, recognized by DSIR, Govt. of India).
c) 19.04.2007 Group General Manager
RSMML, Bikaner
In charge of Gypsum Operations.
Chief Coordinator R&D, RSMML.
08 a) 21.04.2007 Executive Director
M/s Wharton Overseas FZE, Ajman
On Deputation to Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. Ltd to provide management/technical services.
b) 23.04.2010 Director (Projects)
M/s Wharton Overseas FZE, Ajman
On Deputation to Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. Ltd to provide management/technical services.
SN Title of the Paper Status / Details of Publication Authors.
01 The Role of pH in Flotation.
Presented "National Symposium on Mineral Beneficiation", 28-29 April, 1983 at Khetri Nagar, Organized by the Indian Institute of Metals.
D.M.R. Sekhar & Y. K. Chauhan
02 Revegetation of Tailing dams.
Presented "National Conference on Lead Zinc & Cadmium at work place Environment & Health Care", organized by Lead, Zinc Information Centre, Delhi.
D.M.R. Sekhar, N.C. Aery &.D. Tiagi.
03 Primary Vegetative Growth on an Old Tailing Dam, Zawar Mines.
"Minerals and Environment", London, Vl.5, Page 128, 1983.
D.M.R. Sekhar & M.R. Jakhu.
05 Processing of Low Grade Silica based Rock phosphate Ore.
Fertilizer News, Vol.31, No. 6, 1986. D.M.R. Sekhar, V.S. Rangarajan, S.V. Ramanamurthy & V.K. Jain.
06 Preactivation of Cyanide Depressed Sphalerite with Formaldehyde.
Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals, Vol.30, No.3, 1986.
D.M.R. Sekhar, G. Siva Reddy & S.C.S. Rajan.
07 Process options for a Lead Zinc ore having interfering Gangue Minerals.
Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals Vol.40, No.2, 1987.
D.M.R. Sekhar, M.R. Kunda & B.L. Agrawal.
08 Studies on Lead-Copper Separation: Deri Ore.
Indian Chemical Eng. Vol. XXX No.3, 1988.
D.M.R. Sekhar.
Transactions of MGMI (India) Vol.86, No.1, April, 1989.
D.M.R. Sekhar, M.C. Sharma & H.K. Gupta.
10 On the Relative Abilities of some Metals ions for activation of Sphalerite.
Transactions of The Indian Institute of Metals, Vol 41, No.4, 1988.
D.M.R. Sekhar & Rama Shanker.
"The Institution of Engineers"(India) Journal – MM, Vol.71, March, 1991.
D.M.R. Sekhar, M.R.Kunda, Y.K. Chauhan & B.N.
12 Surface Modification in Froth Flotation Process.
In the pre-prints of the workshop on Development in Flotation and Mineral Industry, RR Labs Bhuvaneswar, 6-7 April 1989.
D.M.R. Sekhar, Rama Shanker & C. Chiranjeevi.
13 Selective Separation with Formaldehyde of Sphalerite from Deri Ore, Rajasthan, India
Transactions of The Institution of Mining & Metallurgy, Section 'C', May-Aug.1990 - London.
D.M.R. Sekhar, C. Chiranjeevi.
14 Products of Activation and the Flotability of Sphalerite An Alternate View.
"Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Review" Vol.7, 1990, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers Inc., Inc., Great Britain.
D.M.R. Sekhar and Rama Shanker.
15 Selective Destruction of Dolomitic Limestone Gangue. Matrix for up gradation of stromatolitic phosphorite.
National Symposium on Mineral Processing and Beneficiation. Deptt. of Chemistry, SVUPG Centre, CUDDAPAH -AP, 24 to 26 Jan. 1991.
P.K. Bhargava, Kireet Achrya & D.M.R. Sekhar.
16 A Note on The Bentonite Clay and its use in Oil- well Drilling.
Symposium on use of clay in Agriculture Engineering Industries, Clay Mineral Society of India, CAZRI, Jodhpur, 26-28 Sept.1991.
D.M.R. Sekhar and R.K. Mundra.
17 Effect of Formaldehyde and Nickel Sulphate Solutions on the Activation of Cyanide Depressed Sphalerite.
Minerals Engineering Vol.4, Pergamon Press 1991, Great Britain.
G. Siva Reddy.
C. Konda Reddy, K. Ravindranath, D.M.R. Sekhar and M.R. Chulet.
18 Insitu Inlaying - A New Technique for Dimensional Stones.
Indian Stone, Vol.7, No.4, Nov.1994, All India Granite & Stone Association, Bangalore.
D.M.R. Sekhar.
19 Soap Flotation of Dolomite
National Seminar on Indian Mineral Processing Advances , organized by IIME , at Puri - 18,19 April-96
K. Srinivas
D.M.R. Sekhar
Y.K. Chauhan
Trans.Indian. Inst. Of Metals, Vol. 51, No. 4, August 1998
D.M.R. Sekhar
Y.K. Chauhan.
Technical Bulletin, I.I.M, Udaipur, Jan - Mar., 1997.
D.M.R. Sekhar, G. Siva reddy.
22 Structure of Water Around Activated Sphalerite
Technical Bulletin, IIM, Udaipur
DMR Sekhar,
C. Chiranjeevi
Indian Chem. Engr. Section B, Vol. 42, No.4, Oct-Dec (2000)
DMR Sekhar , R.K. Meena
Indian Chem. Engr. Section A, Vol. 43, No.1, Jan-March (2001).
DMR Sekhar
DM Srinivasan
Abdul Manan
MK Katewa
25 Processing Dimensional Stones
Presented in the seminar organized by Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers, Bhubaneswar 1995, revised version in Saket Industrial Digest, Oct 1999.
DMR Sekhar
Rama Shanker
26 Direct Application of High Grade Rock Phosphate As Fertilizer - A prelim. Report.
Presented in the National Seminar on "Food Security organized by RCA Alumni Association, Udaipur 29-30 Sept 2000
DMR Sekhar
NC Aery
Process & Plant Engineering, Vol. XIX, No.5; Annual 2001.
DMR Sekhar
Rama Shankar
DMR Sekhar
29 Phosphate Ore Processing Plant, Jhamarkotra
In the souvenir of seminar on "Recent techniques in mineral processing waste and environment management" 1st & 2nd Feb 2000, RRL, Bhubaneswar
DMR Sekhar, et al
30 Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate from Low Grade Phosphate Ore of Jhamarkotra
In the souvenir of national seminar on "Mineral Processing Technology 2000", 4&5 April 2000, Indian Bureau of mines, Nagpur
DMR Sekhar
AD Dwivedi
Phosphate Rock With FYM As P. Fertilizer – In Neutral And Weakly Alkaline Soils
Current Science, Vol. 80, No. 9, 10 May 2001, Bangalore
DMR Sekhar
NC Aery
Process & Plant Engineering, October- December, 2001.
DMR Sekhar
33 Phosphate Rich Organic Manure From Wastes of Sugar And Fruit Juice Industries
Indian Food Packer, Vol. 54, No. 6, Nov- Dec 2000, A Journal of All India Food Packers Association.
DMR Sekhar
Indian Chemical Engr., Section B, Vol. 44, No.3,
July-September 2002
DMR Sekhar, NC Aery, DK Gupta
35 Evaluation of Reagents in Flotation of Graphite from Rampura Agucha Ore
Trans. Indian Ins. Met. Vol. 54, Nos. 1-2, February-April 2001,
Sunita Parashar et al
36 Studies on the Use of high-grade Rock Phosphate As a Direct „P Fertilizer in Neutral And Weakly Alkaline Soils
PROM REVIEW-2001, Organized by Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd, Udaipur; Page No. 15-25
N.C. Aery et al
37 Direct Application Of Rock Phosphate As P. Fertilizer In Alkaline Soils: Problems and Prospects
PROM REVIEW-2001, Organized by Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd, Udaipur; Page No. 94-97
D.M.R. Sekhar et al
38 Studies On The Agronomic Effectiveness Of PROM In Weakly Alkaline Soils
PROM REVIEW –2002, Organized by RSMM Ltd., Udaipur and MPUAT, Udaipur; Page No. 27-34
N.C. Aery et al
39 Industrial Production of Phosphate Rich Organic Manure
PROM REVIEW –2002, Organized by RSMM Ltd., Udaipur and MPUAT, Udaipur; Page No. 104-111
D.M.R. Sekhar et al
40 On Determination of Work Index Using Laboratory Ball Mill
Proceedings of the International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology, MPT-2002, 3-5 January 2002; Vol.1(2002) 227-230; Eds. Subramanian, K.A. Natarajan, B.S. Rao and T.R.R. Rao
Rama Shanker et al
41 Beneficiation of Low- Grade Rock Phosphate of Jhamarkotra, Rajasthan, India
Proceedings of the International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology, MPT-2002, 3-5 January 2002; Vol.1(2002) 326-331; Eds. Subramanian, K.A. Natarajan, B.S. Rao and T.R.R. Rao
Rama Shanker et al
42 Further Studies on Flotation of Low-Grade Rock Phosphate Ore of Jhamarkotra With Various Chemical Reagents
International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology, MPT-2003 Proceedings, February 6-8,2003; 97-101; Eds. K.S. Raju, S.K. Ghosh, A. Majumdar, A.K. Nandi, A.T. Sutone and A.S. Bhoge.
Kuldeep Jain et al
International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology, MPT-2003 Proceedings, February 6-8,2003; 102-109; Eds. K.S. Raju, S.K. Ghosh, A. Majumdar, A.K. Nandi, A.T. Sutone and A.S. Bhoge
K. Srinivas et al
44 Strategies for Utilization of Dolomite Tailing at RSMML Rock Phosphate Beneficiation Plant
International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology, MPT-2003 Proceedings, February 6-8,2003; 392-397; Eds. K.S. Raju, S.K. Ghosh, A. Majumdar, A.K. Nandi, A.T. Sutone and A.S. Bhoge
A.D. Dwivedi et al
45 Effect of Barium ions and pH on the flotation – Beneficiation of phosphate from Jhamarkotra dolomitic rock phosphate ores
In proceedings of International conference on Quantitative Approaches in Mineral Processing (QAMP-2003) at Bhubaneswar. Allied Publishers, New Delhi, July 3-4, 2003
Indresh Rathore, Kuldeep Jain, Rama Shanker, Sekhar, D.M.R and Ranawat, P.S.
46 Development of Prom Technology
Regional Conference on Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture, organized by Department of Agriculture, Rajasthan and Society for Organic Agriculture Movement; 24-25 March 2003, Jaipur; Paged 56-61
D.M.R. Sekhar and
M.K. Katewa
47 Production of Phosphate Rich Organic Manure and Power Via Biomethanation Route
Proceedings of the National Seminar on Standards and Technology For Rural/Urban Compost; Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal; 17th January 2004; Pages 40-49
D.M.R. Sekhar
Trans. Inst. Min Metall. C Vol.115, No.3 , 127-131 (2006)
P. Sen, Joyee Ghosh,
D M R Sekhar
49 Direct Use of Rock Phosphate along with Lignite on Cowpea
PROM Review-2004, organized by RSMM Ltd. and MPUAT, Udaipur, 28.12.2004; Page No. 26-30
N.C. Aery, D.K. Rana and DMR Sekhar
50 Phosphatic Manures National Symposium on “Management of Organic Wastes for Crop Production”, C C S Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar, Jan. 19-20, 2005.
D.M.R. Sekhar and G. Prabhulingaiah
51 Standardization of PROM Presented during National Seminar on „Role of PROM and organic sources of plant nutrients in sustainable agriculture on 27.12.2005 at Udaipur, organized by Deptt. of Agronomy, MPUAT
DMR Sekhar
PROM Review-2005, Udaipur (28.12.2005)
53 Test for SMS Grade Limestone
Trans. Indian. Inst. Met., Vol.59, No.1, February 2006.
G. Prabhulingaih, Joyee Joseph, P. Sen, DMR Sekhar
54 Reengineering the Jhamarkotra phosphate concentrator
In the proceedings (3rd Volume) of-
International Mineral Processing Congress, Turkey-3-8 September, 2006.
D.M.R. Sekhar and C.L. Jain
55 Gypsum Sizing Plant at Rawla
In the Volume of Indian Institute of Minerals
D.M.R. Sekhar and
D.M.R. Sekhar and C.L. Jain
57 Resistance of Limestone to Size reduction
Indian Chemical Engineer, Vol.49, No.2, April-June, 2007.
G. Prabhulingaiah, S.R. Jakhar, M.S. Shekawat, P.S. Ranawat and D.M.R. Sekhar
58 Integration of the Laws of Thermodynamics, the properties of DNA molecules, the primary instincts and the mechanism of natural selection
22nd Indian engineering congress, 14-16 December, Udaipur, 2007
D.M.R. Sekhar
In the proceedings of International Mineral Processing Congress, Beijing (China),24-28 September,2008
D.M.R. Sekhar, Yasser Dassin, Lutfi Momani and Abu Hamatteh
60 Urea as promoter in the soap flotation of phosphate ores
Trans.IIM, Vol.62, Issue 6, December, 2009, pp555-557
D.M.R. Sekhar, K. Srinivas, G. Prabhulingaiah and Yasser Dassin
61 Utilization of Eshidiya Phosphate Beneficiation plant rejects
Presented in MPT-2009, Bhubaneswar, India
K. Srinivas, Yasser Dassin, G. Prabhulingaiah and D.M.R. Sekhar
62 Promoters for soap flotation of Phosphate minerals
In the proceedings of IMPC-2010, Brisbane, Australia
D.M.R. Sekhar, K. Srinivas, G. Prabhulingaiah, Yasser Dassin and Abdullah Alftinah
63 Comparative study of Jhamarkotra soap emulsion and tall oil soap emulsion as flotation collectors
Paper accepted by Indian Chemical Engineers Journal for publication, 2009
K. Srinivas and D.M.R. Sekhar
64 Soap flotation of salt type minerals
Paper accepted for presentation in ICE Seminar, 2009 at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
K. Kanna Babu, Ch.V.R. Murthy, K. Srinivas and D.M.R. Sekhar
65 Peer review and science CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 98, NO.9, 10 MAY 2010
D.M.R. Sekhar
66 Open Review of Science Publications
Accountability in Research, 17: 1-7, 2010 D.M.R. Sekhar and N.C. Aery
67 Chromium uptake by Fenugreek
Version 9. Knol. 2010 Oct 4. Available from: sekhar/chromium-uptake-by- fenugreek/3ecxygf1lxcn2/42.
DS Xanthate, ChVR Murthy, SCS Rajan and DMR Sekhar
SN Title of the article Magazine/ Journal Authors
01 Technology Management
Today and Tomorrow
Annual Bulletin, The Institution of Engineers (India) Udaipur Center. 15th September 1998.
DMR Sekhar
02 SWOT Analysis And Beyond Saket Industrial Digest June 2000 DMR Sekhar
03 Of Change and Transformation in Business
Annual Bulletin, The Institution of Engineers (India) Udaipur Chapter, 15th Sept 1999
DMR Sekhar
Khanij Sanskar , Jan -March 1997 DMR Sekhar
05 Some value added products from Rock Phosphate
Khanij Sanskar , April 2000 DMR Sekhar
RK Meena
Navin Dalal
Saket Industrial Digest, Sep 2000 DMR Sekhar
07 Self-Employed Co-operative Society - The Plan of a Model
Saket Industrial Digest, July 2002 DMR Sekhar
08 Industry & Social Development Saket Industrial Digest, August 2004 DMR Sekhar
09 Some Philosophical Aspects of the Genopsych
Saket Industrial Digest, May 2005 DMR Sekhar
10 The Model of Genopsych Saket Industrial Digest , July 2005 DMR Sekhar
11 Native Intelligence Communicated for publication to Saket Industrial Digest
DMR Sekhar
12 Geno - Psych: A Model for Understanding Mind-Body Relation,
11th Souvenir (vol. 11) on Engineers day September 15, 2006, The Institution of Engineers (India), Udaipur local chapter
DMR Sekhar
13 Calotropis, a Pioneer in Bio- Remediation
11th Souvenir (vol. 11) on Engineers day September 15, 2006, The Institution of Engineers (India), Udaipur local chapter
DMR Sekhar
SN Membership Institution
01 Life Fellow The Institution of Engineers (India) , Calcutta F106455 - 6
02 Life Member The Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India, Calcutta.
8138-LM, 1999-2000
LM -324
04 Life Member Indian Institute of Metals, Calcutta. UO1- LMO2 – 22359
05 Life Member Indian Society of Soil Science LM/S/152, 2002
06 Life Member PROM Society LM-
07 Life Member Indian Institute of Public Administration L-10306
08 Life Fellow Indian Academy of Social Sciences, Allahabad ISSA/M/271/2009
SN Title of the course Period Faculty Course organized by
01 Advanced Induction Course in Mineral Dressing.
15th - 20th Nov. 1979
Dept. of Chemical Engineering,
25th - 27th Dec. 1980
Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
03 Statistical Process Control 5th - 6th Feb. 1996
i) Sri Srivastava ii) Sri Maheswari
Indian Institute of Quality Management, Jaipur.
04 Computer Awareness
MS - Windows 95 &
4th - 18th Mar. 1997
CMC Limited, New Delhi.
SN Activity Period
01 Identification of plant species and development of a scheme to revegatate lead - zinc tailings dam of Zawar Mines.
1979 – 81
(ref. 2 & 3)
02 Development of process flow sheet for Rampura Agucha Ore - as an active member of CRDL team of M/s HZL.
1981 – 83
(ref. 7 & 11)
03 Introduction and successful testing of a new class of reagents – Preactivators (eg. formaldehyde) in the sphalerite flotation.
1983–97 (ref. 6,13,17, 21)
04 All time high production and sales of fluorspar (beneficiated and directly mined) at Rajasthan Fluorspar Project/ (RSMDC Ltd.), Dungarpur.
1985 - 86
05 All time high production and sales of graphite (beneficiated) and lime stone (directly mined) at Mahi Graphite Project (RSMDC Ltd.), Banswada.
1991 – 95
06 Development of a comprehensive theory that explains structural changes in the liquid water at sphalerite - water interface, while changing sphalerite surface from hydrophilic to hydrophobic.
1985 – 97
(ref. 10,14 & 22)
07 Formulation of soap collectors for use in acidic flotation circuits theory and practice.
1995 – 97
(ref. 20)
08 Introduced the use of alfa olefin sulfonate @ 130 grams per MT of ore treated along with soap, at 1500 TPD, Jhamarkotra Plant, which resulted in the reduction of soap consumption from 2.5 Kg / MT of ore treated to 1.2 Kg /MT of ore treated.
09 Reengineered the flotation circuit at 1500 TPD, Jhamarkotra Plant such that the capacity of the flotation circuit has doubled without adding any new equipment. This has resulted into large reduction in the power consumption.
10 (a)
Developed a very simple technique for direct application of rock phosphate in neutral and weakly alkaline soils. The technique involves mixing and application of Jhamarkotra Phosphate concentrate (130 Kg per hectare of +34 % P2O5 grade) with farm yard manure ( 2 MT,…