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2. WE AREWHATS NEXT 3. WE AREA global marketing and technology agency, blending strategic, creative, media and technical expertise to create business value. 4. We help transform businesses forthe digital age by leading them through innovation to make impact 5. InsightCreativityDistributionThe IndividualThe BrandBought, Earned & Owned MediaStrategic InsightServicesEngagementContextStoriesConversationChannelCampaignsAwarenessOver a petabyte of inf o analyzed every monthOver 200 awards in 2012Over $1bn digital media optimized annually250m monthly online interactions 350 data scientists globally9 Cannes Lions (including 2 Grand Prix) 350,000 API calls per minute14 BN monthly user sessionsOMMA (US) & Marketing (Europe) Agency of the YearDigital Business Design44m community members actively engaged 6. We are the worlds mostcomplete digital agency 7. CreativityInsightCustomer database Transaction EngagementMobile & WebDistribution Advocate management Influencer engagementVideo CRMIdentity resolution Loyalty Presence Activity Social CRM EmailInterest mapping Connections Interests Influences Motivations Programmatic buying Social Social targetingContext Location Environment Current affairs Channel Competitive pressurePhysical Personalized experiences Experiential Applications Customized content Branded utilityIndividual insight Think, feel, say and doDisplay Rich Media 8. The largest marketing and technology network in the world: 5,700+ people across 48 offices UK Edinburgh LondonNordics NORDIC S 250US Atlanta Boston Chicago Connecticut Detroit LA New York PhiladelphiaUK 800US A 2350GERMA NY 330W. Europ eCairo800So Paulo Buenos AiresUAEBeijing Guangzhou Hong Kong Nanjing Shanghai Taipei Seoul Wuhan Xiamen Tokyo Hefei Chengdu ASIAIndiaEurope Amsterdam Brussels Berlin Cologne Hamburg Munich Paris Madrid Milan ZurichChinaDenmark Finland Norway Sweden: Goteborg Malmo StockholmLagosJohannesburgAhmedabad Bangalore Mumbai New DelhiPACIFI C 970SE Asia Bangkok Ho Chi Minh Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Manila SingaporeSydneyAuckland 9. CHINA REACH AND SIZE9 EXISTING OFFICES (SHANGHAI / BEIJING /GUANGZHOU / CHENGDU / XIAMEN / HEFEI / NANJING / ZHENGZHOU /HONGKONG)11 COVERED CITIES (SHENZHEN / CHONGQING / WUHAN / HARBIN / KUNMING / FUZHOU /HANGZHOU / NINGBO /XIAN /WUXI /ZHUHAI )We are the LARGEST social media marketing service provider in China: 350+ people across 9 offices Have worked with over 200 top brands 10. GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE LOCAL RELEVANCY 11. ACQUISITION OF NET@LK 12. OUR MILESTONE 2013 2012 20102009 2008 2007 Dec.2008 24 staffs Apr. 2007 4 staffs. Aug. 2007 11 staffsJun.20101 st subsidiary Dec.2009 60+ staffs2 New office (Beijing & Guangzhou)( I nnovation)Dec.2010 100+ staffs 1 video producing ( Le nx)1 CRM firm ( Simone) 1 Online Buzz C onsulting ( BuzzReader)Partnership with several 4A agencies.Nearly 350 staffs .5 firms 10 offices 6 citiesAcquisition of Net@lk. DigitasLBi now is the Largest social media marketing service provider in China200+ program1st big brand Adidas(Still our client today)20+ big brands The OLP campaign Adidas / UPS / Philips /Mentos / Starbucks40+ big brands 60+ Big brands 13. SERVICE PORTFOLIO Account Design Activities & Social Apps Content Creation Campaigns Content Strategy Platform Strategy Distribution Strategy Buzz Angles Brand Perception Target Audience Competitive Analysis Product Environment Creative DevelopmentAccount Creation Account Maintenance Updates and InteractionAccount ManagementStrategy PlanningMedia RelationshipMarket ResearchSocial Editor Monitoring & TrackingViral Video ProductionLenxBuzzreader No. of Fans, PI, UV Level of Interaction Sentiment Key Word Performance Campaign Impact Concept Development Script Writing Production Post Production Media Partner MGMT Platform Management KOL Management Fan Interaction Topic Seeding Trouble Shooting 14. Our Innovation Social initiatives for PEOPLE influence & intimacySocial platform TECHNOLOGY developmentBuzzConnectionImpressionFan amountSOCIAL CREATIVE (TALK / ENERGIZE)CONNECTING THE FEW KOL & Platform (SUPPORT / EMBRACE)Engagement Participation (Reply/Repost/UGC)Fast Moving Social Creative & Activation {Micro-blog} KOL Program (Loyalty Program) Community management {Micro-blog}Sales contribution Sales leadsMobile Context Brand Story {WeChat}Brand as a service {WeChat} Social CRM Upgrading serviceSOCIAL DATA FOR SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE (LISTEN)Social Trend Report Social Monitoring {Interface} Social Data MiningSocial ResearchSocial Listening ProductNew service 15. CHINA DIGITAL CAPABILITIESCreativeSEO SEMTracking MonitoringMedia BuyingWebsite DesignKOL ManagementViral VideoDigital StrategyEmail MarketingBranded contentWebsite DevelopTech & ProductionMobileAccount PlanningSocial PlanningIWOMData/Analytics 16. OUR CLIENTS 17. CLIENTS SERVED 18. CLIENTS SERVED 19. CASE STUDIES 20. CHOCLAIRS MMM CASE STUDY ObjectiveMOT MarketingChoclairs re-positioned its brand in 2012 and was going to build brand appeal of Enjoy the Art of Anticipation by a hot eventChallenge - How to ambush brand message in the event - How to generate viral effect 21. CHOCLAIRS MMM CASE STUDY 1. Find a hot event Solution - H&M had joined hands with MMM to launch its new product on 15 th Nov that was quite anticipated by TA.2. Ambush brand3 . Viral it onlinemessage in the MOT marketing - On the day of new product issue, four pretty Choclairs girls distributed Choclairs candies to the people in line drawing all the attention of public.- Invite Jiliang in SH and Happy Zhangjiang who have huge influence among KOL industry to create UGC and attract more KOL to forward the news spontaneously. 22. CHOCLAIRS MMM CASE STUDY Campaign Analysis H&M new product launch was a MOT opportunity for Choclairs to promote its new concept of Enjoy the art of anticipation. The brand rode on this opportunity and conducted MOT marketing to influence consumerResultAchievementCEO of Ogilvy & Mather PraiseIndustry tweetSenior Consultant of Ogilvy & Mather Praise- Gain 4,383 engagement in two days; - Good reputation in the marketing industry. The case has been included in the classic examples of viral marketing and also been considered as a successful MOT case. 23. TOBLERONE THANKSGIVING CASE STUDY ObjectiveSpecial product design x O2O- Strengthen brand image of Toblerone = Thank you and increase purchase intention during the thanksgivingChallenge - How to lead consumer understand that Toblerone = Thank you ? - How to increase purchase intention? 24. TOBLERONE THANKSGIVING CASE STUDY 1. Design thank Solutionyou sleeve - Consumers can use Toblerone as a great gift of which they can write their thanks on the Thank you sleeve2. Share thank you3 . Weiboon the mini-sitepromotion-Take a photo of the Thank you sleeve, upload it, and tweet on weibo, consumers will have a chance to win big prize(ultra book/ camera/ New iPad/ souvenir).- Such KOL as to promote Thank you related content to inspire consumer. - An online activity to drive traffic using ecoupons as incentive 25. TOBLERONE THANKSGIVING CASE STUDY Campaign AnalysisResult- Special product design to link brand image with Thank you =Toblerone - The mechanism of campaign site to enhance brand image and engage consumer online to offline to boost salesAchievement - Generate sales more than 10,000 - 10,391 participants in total - Gain more than 100,000 engagement during the campaign 26. ANZ HOBBIT SAFE VIDEO CASE STUDY ObjectiveRide on hot film x Mini-site engagement- As part of the partnership of Warner Brothers and official airline to middle earth, ANZ developed a number of global asset for Hobbit including a new safety video, which ANZ is willing to utilize to announce ANZ as official airline to Middle Earth and drive Weibo fans to local campaign.Challenge - Hobbit movie would be launched months later at that time and it also has been ten years passed since Lord of the Rings. It maybe faded from peoples memory. - How to make safe video interesting as the video is not attractive? 27. ANZ HOBBIT SAFE VIDEO CASE STUDY 1. Memory pull back2. Campaign3 . KOL follow uppromotionSolution - Ride on Hobbit and release some warmup posts to conjure up the memory of Lord of the ring and herald campaign in advance- Launch the campaign site in which participants could get a gift as long as they got correct answer when watching safety video-KOLs make live report , leading to expand campaign influence 28. ANZ HOBBIT SAFE VIDEO CASE STUDY Campaign Analysis - Release content related to hot film of Hobbit pulling public memory back to the lord of the ring - Mechanism set up in the campaign site enables participants love to watch safety videoResultAchievement - Gain 23,862 engagement on weibo - 13,132 participants in campaign site - 28,357 interactions in BBS; - 1,355,724 video browsing Mini siteKOL Promotion 29. ADIDAS GIRLS CASE STUDY ObjectiveCreative event x Festival occasion- adidas girls is going to promote brand concept of We are sister and expect this concept to resonate target audienceChallenge - How to highlight We are sister concept? - How to attract more followers? 30. ADIDAS GIRLS CASE STUDY1. Girls topic related to Solution2. Conduct offlineWe are sisterevent in the Girls Day- Collect and analyze what kind of topic girls are interested in - Ambush We are sister message in the topic to generate discussion- Conduct offline Girls Privilege Day event in the girls day - A handsome guy will give girls a ride to the destination and give them a surprise gift as long as they push the red button in the bus stop 31. ADIDAS GIRLS CASE STUDY Campaign Analysis Creative idea with message ambush enable the event viral online and generate discussionResultAchievement - Gain 38,000 followers in only 45 days - The event was posted by CCTV NEWSEvent DayPosted by CCTV 32. Thank you!