Digital Photography Final Exam Review Assignment DIRECTIONS Save this to your Desktop or your...

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Transcript of Digital Photography Final Exam Review Assignment DIRECTIONS Save this to your Desktop or your...

Graphic Design

Digital PhotographyFinal Exam Review AssignmentDIRECTIONS

Save this to your Desktop or your Z:drive folder. Then, answer the following questions using the PDF documents supplied at the bottom of each slide. Almost all questions can be found using these resources. A few questions dont have resources. Think about what we did, or discussed in class to help answer these questions.

This completed project is worth 50 EXTRA Credit pts.Adobe Lightroom is a

Adobe Photoshop is a

This photo is a good example of the

A photo composite is a

Name three selection tools we used in Adobe PhotoshopPoint and shoot cameras have a centered weighted focus, this means,-center-weighted-and-matrix-metering%3F

How do you lock in focus a photo with a digital camera

If you do not lock in your focus, this will occur

Selecting a color mode setting on your digital camera allows you toPictures that you intend to post on the Internet should have their resolution set to

Resolution is digital photography refers to

When you print out a digital photo and the pixels per inch are too few, the result will be

The purpose of cropping your digital picture is

When shooting your photos on a bright sunny day, this is one of the disadvantagesDavid Hockney created combinations of photos inspired by this art movement:

A recording of a sequence of commands that can be applied to create an effect on a photo by pressing the play button in Photoshop is called an

List 10 Tips for taking better pictures

Turn your flash off in this instance to create a better photo

The word pixel is a shortened form of these two words

When you print a picture on a ink jet printer and you want bright shiny photos, choose this type of paper highlight the correct answer in Red!glossy photo paper matte papercopy papernone of the above

What commands are used to resize a photo in Photoshop highlight the correct answer in Red!Edit > Free Transform Edit > FillEdit > ChangeRedo

This is a key element/s in picture quality in digital camera highlight the correct answer in Red!Resolution, and lens qualitymemory cardmanufacturerimage size

This is used for transferring digital pictures from your camera to the computer

A photo kiosk is

An on-line photo album is

Digital photos can be highlight the correct answer in Red!be shared electronicallybe printed be digitally manipulatedall of the above

A flatbed scanner can highlight the correct answer in Red!convert your existing print pictures to a digital image dock your cameraact as a photo kioskuse 35 mm film

The LCD screen in a digital camera is used for

A JPG is

A PSD is

A megabyte is highlight the correct answer in Red!an amount of computer memory consisting of one million bytes amount of pixels on your screenresolution of imagememory card resolution

PPI stands for highlight the correct answer in Red!pixels pay insteadpixels per inch pixels per paperpixels pixel inch

What are digital images measured in

A pixel is

Resolution in digital photography refers to

The Exposure Triangle is

Aperture is

Shutter Speed is

ISO is

What file type should you save when working in Photoshop and you have document with Layers?

Explain what Layer Masking in Photoshop is

What tools in Photoshop allow you to add lightness or darkness selectively in areas of the photo? *Hint- they being with the letter D and B.

What is Macro photography?

What is a Sandwich Print?

BeFunky and Picnik areList the top 10 Photography composition rules

List the Elements of Photography

List the Principles of Photography

In Lightroom when you want to edit photos is this done in the Library Module or the Develop Module

What way in Photoshop can you make an image black and white, but NOT do this permanently to the photo.

Finished?Save this as YOUR LAST NAME_Final Review presentation to the following location:V: drive folder > Digital Photography > Our Class folder > Final Exam Review folder