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A small Presentation to show, how salesforce helps in developing Mobile Apps by Novasys Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.

Transcript of Developing Mobile apps using salesforce

  • 1. How Salesforce Helps in Making Mobile Apps Novasys Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd
  • 2. Why do Businesses need Mobile App? iPhone total sales - 209 Million / Apps Downloaded - 30 Billion Android total sales - 375 Million / Apps Downloaded - 15 Billion Average number of apps used by a user - 41 (28% Increase over last year 2011)
  • 3. Why do Businesses need Mobile App? Users accessing the Internet through PCs will shrink from 240 million consumers to 225 million - US Mobile users will increase from 174 million to 265 million - US
  • 4. Why do Businesses need Mobile App? PR Tool a brilliant way to contact with the media and let them know about yourself. Reach a specialized market Improve branding and advertising create a stunning app and advertise your brand to world at a low cost. Be at the forefront of innovation Revenues Expectation Compete with the big guns Competition Get more customers, followers, fans Additional form of contact, interaction and show-off
  • 5. Challenge? The challenge today is to quickly develop the mobile apps businesses demand so that the connectivity with the customers, employees, partners, and products is faster and this requires a mobile strategy that keeps up with them. In a single word the concept of "Social Enterprise" is on the rise and today all the organizations are looking for apps for their various departments.
  • 6. How Salesforce Helps Developers: An API-first cloud platform, which means all of your apps connect to your business data An extensible mobile app with UI frameworks, allowing you to build faster than ever Support for all the latest HTML5 and JavaScript mobile frameworks, like Angular, Backbone, and more A mobile SDK to build custom native iOS and Android apps Instant deployment, real-time distribution More productivity tools to go even fast
  • 7. How Salesforce Helps Business Create an app with just clicks Bring a business idea to life with an appand have it be social and mobileinstantly Build contextually aware, smart, action-oriented apps Deliver data and insights to every employee Add new users and control user access with just a few clicks
  • 8. How Salesforce Helps By providing Salesforce Platform Mobile Services which focuses to be a more open, more productive platform that give developers the tools and features they need to get the job done quickly and effectively while developing an App. It supports three development approaches for building mobile apps: Native, HTML5, and Hybrid.
  • 9. Pros and Cons of The three approaches
  • 10. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce Mobile Design Templates: Salesforce offers more than 20 open source CSS and HTML templates. pre-designed frameworks are easy to use, it can be quickly connected to any relevant Salesforce customer data via the developers Mobile Pack of choice
  • 11. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce Design Templates
  • 12. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce Mobile Application Gallery: Mobile app gallery features 20-plus complete applications. Sample to provide the developers a jumping off point for their mobile app development process. Just grab the code directly from Github and then customize it to make your own app.
  • 13. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce Mobile Application Gallery:
  • 14. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce Mobile Packs: Salesforce has now doubled the number of Mobile Packs. it focuses on leading JavaScript frameworks, such as JQuery Mobile and Backbone.js, the new mobile packs target developers with existing skills and communities and includes drag and drop with, it also has enterprise mobile components with Sencha Touch, and .Net developers with Xamarin.
  • 15. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce Mobile Packs
  • 16. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce SmartSync Data Framework: Salesforces new SmartSync Data Framework, part of the Mobile SDK 2.0 release: it manages offline data. it has a lightweight JavaScript framework it syncs the needed information once connectivity is restored, it is always up to date.
  • 17. Simplify the Design Process - Salesforce SmartSync Data Framework
  • 18. What makes Salesforce - Different drag-and-drop tools auto-generated user interfaces pre-built components pre-designed templates point and click development social collaboration drag and drop analytics multi language development user access cloud database