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We offer Case Management Apps for Salesforce Service Cloud that are sure to help your organization save time, save clicks, and operate more efficiently.

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  • 1. Case Management AppsFollow us @icsfdcMay 23rd,
  • 2. @icsfdcAgenda1. Email to Case Premium2. Case Merge Premium3. Case Split4. Case Flags5. Internet Creations
  • 3. @icsfdc1. Email to Case Premium Extends the basic functionality of Salesforce.coms standardemail to case. Add a comment and send an email in one click Inbound emails create clean Case Comments Auto Create new Contacts Canned Comments with Merge Fields Email Loop Protection Drag & Drop Attachments Add To, CC, and BCC Recipients with type-aheadsearchwww.InternetCreations.comAppExchange Listing:
  • 4. @icsfdc2. Case Merge Premium Enables authorized users to find duplicate Cases and mergethem together. Duplicate Case Indicator Automatically redirects inbound emails to the newCase Everything is archived Merge your favorite fields List view mergingwww.InternetCreations.comAppExchange Listing:
  • 5. 3. Case Split@icsfdc Split unrelated issues into new Cases. Easily move or clone data from an existing Caseto a newly created Case Choose whats copied Supports standard and custom objectswww.InternetCreations.comAppExchange Listing:
  • 6. @icsfdc4. Case Flags Monitor your organizations response times with Cases viacolor coded flags. Measure initial response time Let flags age only during your businesss hours ofoperation. Account-Specific Hourswww.InternetCreations.comAppExchange Listing:
  • 7. @icsfdcFree Case Apps for Salesforce From the development labs of Internet Creations: Add Me as Case Team Member Take Ownership for Cases Change Case Ownership Pluswww.InternetCreations.com
  • 8. @icsfdcwww.InternetCreations.comQuestions?AppExchange: @icsfdc