Cynthia Spalding

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  • Cynthia Spalding Is a Well-Skilled Attorney with Twenty Three Years of Experience

  • Cynthia Spalding is an experienced attorney who has been practicing law since 1994. Currently, she is the managing partner at Spalding & Spalding. Carrying 23 years of experience, she is well-versed in all aspects of Workers Compensation Disability, Social Security Disability, Employment, and Bankruptcy law. She gained particular insight in dealing with disability cases while working for State Disability.

  • Cynthia Spalding started her career in the year 1987 as a Paralegal with Law Office of Norman Gillette and later went on to work with Thomas Spalding. In the year 1994, she worked as an associate attorney for Spalding and Gerber. Then, she worked as an attorney associate with the law office of Thomas Spalding till 2000.

  • Cynthia Spalding has obtained her law degree from Juris Doctorate Western University College of Law in 1993. As an attorney, she offers a complete approach in order to serve her clients unique needs. While solving a case, Cynthia thinks outside the box and provides her clients with the legal representation they deserve.

  • For Cynthia Spalding, being an attorney is a second career. She started out working for the State of California for 13 years working for the employment development department helping unemployed and disabled workers. As a workers comp specialist for the State of California, she gained an interest in law and decided to pursue a law degree.

  • Cynthia Spalding is a benevolent lady who believes in giving back to the community. She does a fair amount of pro bono legal work and donates to her grandchildrens program (arts/ music/ dance). She is a voracious reader and a dog lover. She likes to spend quality time with her family, siblings/nieces and nephews.

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