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    MARCH 2009

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION 2.0 LOCATION, SITE, PLANNING HISTORY 2.1 Summary 2.2 Location

    - East Midlands Region and Lincolnshire - South Holland District and Spalding

    2.3 SECL Site and Application Site - SECL Power Station - Application Site

    2.4 Planning History - Section 36 Consent and Other Applications - Application H16/1117/08

    3.0 PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT 3.1 Summary 3.2 Proposed SEE 3.3 Associated Infrastructure

    - Overhead Transmission Line - Gas Pipeline and AGI

    3.4 Combined Heat and Power 3.5 Carbon Capture Readiness 4.0 APPLICATION 4.1 Summary 4.2 Consenting Process

    - Guidance - CHP - Carbon Capture and Storage

    4.3 Consultation and Liaison - EIA Consultation - Public Consultation Statement

    4.4 EIA Outcomes 4.5 Section 36 Application 5.0 CLIMATE CHANGE, SECURITY OF SUPPLY 5.1 Summary 5.2 Climate Change, Security of Supply

    - Energy Markets Outlook Report - Sustainable Development Report

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    6.0 DEVELOPMENT PLAN 6.1 Summary 6.2 East Midlands Regional Plan 2009

    Background Section 1: Core Strategy Section 2: Spatial Strategy

    - Distribution of New Development - Eastern Sub-area Priorities

    Section 3: Topic Based Priorities - Regional Priorities for the Economy and Regeneration - Regional Priorities for Natural and Cultural Resources - Regional Transport Strategy

    6.3 South Holland Local Plan 2006 Background - The Area, Objectives, Priorities - Core Strategic and General Policies - Sustainable Development - Locational Considerations - Community Infrastructure - Energy, Drainage, Sewerage, Pollution - Design and Layout - Access and Parking - Amenity - Economy - Environment - Leisure, Recreation, Tourism - Transport

    7.0 OTHER MATERIAL CONSIDERATIONS 7.1 Summary 7.2 Government Planning Policy 7.3 Government Energy Policy

    CHP Strategy 2004 Climate Change the UK Programme 2006/2007/2008 The Energy Challenge 2006 (C 6887) Energy White Paper 2007 Towards Carbon Capture and Storage Consultation June 2008

    7.4 South Holland Local Development Framework 8.0 PLANNING ASSESSMENT 8.1 Summary 8.2 Energy and Climate Change 8.3 Land Use 8.4 Environment - Landscape and Visual - Transport - Noise - Air Quality - Ecology

    - Water Resources and Flood Risk 8.5 Economic Development 8.6 Associated Infrastructure, CHP and CCS 9.0 CONCLUSIONS

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    - Document 1 - Site Location Plan (Figure 1.1)

    - Document 2 - Application Site Plan DWD 2544/C/1

    - Document 3 - Aerial Photograph SECL Power Station and Site (Figure 7.2)

    - Document 4 - Layout SECL Power Station (Figure 4.4)

    - Document 5 - Parameter Block Model Layout (Figure 7.6)

    - Document 6 - Illustrative Layout of the Proposed SEE (63114-PBP-108/A)

    - Document 7 - Indicative Power Station Layout (63114-PBP-111A) and Elevations


    - Document 8 - Section 36 Consent 15.11.00 (SECL)

    - Document 9 - Biodiversity

    - Document 10 - Development Plan Policies

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    ACC Air Cooled Condensers AGI Above Ground Installation AOD Above Ordnance Datum AQMA Air Quality Management Area BSSSC British Sugar Sports and Social Club CAA Civil Aviation Authority CCGT Combined Cycle Gas Turbine CCR Carbon Capture Ready CCS Carbon Capture Storage CHP Combined Heat and Power CTMP Construction Travel Management Plan DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change DPD Development Plan Document DTI Department of Trade and Industry EA Environment Agency EIA Environmental Impact Assessment EMRA East Midlands Regional Assembly EMRP East Midlands Regional Plan ES Environment Statement GHG Greenhouse Gasses GRF Gas Reception Facility HESSC Heat and Energy Saving Strategy Consultation LBG Lincolnshire Bat Group LCC Lincolnshire County Council LCPD Large Combustion Plant Directive LDF Local Development Framework LE Lincolnshire Enterprise

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    LFR Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue (Spalding) LNU Lincolnshire Naturalists Union LPA Local Planning Authority LWT Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust MoD Ministry of Defence MW Megawatt NATS National Air Traffic Services NE Natural England NG National Grid NGET National Grid Electricity Transmission NHSL National Health Services, Lincolnshire NTS National Transmission System (Gas) OTL Overhead Transmission Line (Electric) OSDR Ofgem Sustainable Report PCS Public Consultation Statement PPG Planning Policy Guidance PPS Planning Policy Statement PUA Principal Urban Area RES Regional Economic Strategy (for the East Midlands) RTS Regional Transport Strategy RSPB Royal Society for Protection of Birds RSS Regional Spatial Strategy SAC Special Areas of Conservation SECL Spalding Energy Company Limited SEE Spalding Energy Expansion SEEL Spalding Energy Expansion Limited SHDC South Holland District Council SHLP South Holland Local Plan SHRAZ South Holland Rural Action Zone SPA Special Protection Area

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    SRC Sub-Regional Centre SUDS Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems TP Travel Plan WDIDB Welland and Deeping Internal Drainage Board

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    1.01 This Statement accompanies an application (Application) to the Secretary of State for

    Energy and Climate Change (DECC) by Spalding Energy Expansion Limited (SEEL)

    of 21 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DY for Section 36 Consent under the

    Electricity Act 1989 (Section 36 Consent) and for deemed planning permission under

    Section 90 Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

    1.02 The Application is to develop a 900 megawatt (MW) combined cycle gas turbine

    (CCGT) electricity generating plant on land at West Marsh Road, Spalding,

    Lincolnshire (the Application Site), adjoining an existing power station operated by

    Spalding Energy Company Ltd (SECL); the proposed power station is to be known as

    the Spalding Energy Expansion (proposed SEE). This Application is EIA

    (environmental impact assessment) development and is therefore accompanied by

    an environmental statement (ES) prepared in accordance with the Electricity Works

    (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2000, as


    1.03 SEEL, the applicant for Section 36 Consent and SECL which owns and operates the

    existing Spalding power station, are affiliates of InterGen NV (InterGen). InterGen

    (UK) Limited (formerly known as International Generating Company (UK) Limited)

    was the original applicant for the development of the present power station in West

    Marsh Road, which was subsequently transferred to SECL in 2001.

    1.04 The Application Site is within an area administered by South Holland District Council

    (SHDC), which is the local planning authority (LPA); Lincolnshire County Council

    (LCC) is the minerals and waste planning authority and the highway authority. East

    Midlands Regional Assembly (EMRA) is the regional planning body, responsible for

    providing strategic land use planning and transport policy advice to Government in

    respect of the East Midlands area. Both SHDC and LCC are being treated as a

    relevant planning authority and have been consulted accordingly, along with EMRA

    and numerous other stakeholders.

    1.05 The Statement begins by describing the location of the East Midlands, Lincolnshire,

    South Holland and Spalding, the Application Site and its planning history (Section 2).

    This is followed by an outline of the proposed SEE, a description of Associated

    Infrastructure, including overhead transmission lines (OTL) connecting to the national

    grid, a gas supply pipeline connecting to the National Transmission System (NTS),

    the combined heat and power (CHP) potential to serve prospective heat customers,

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    as well as information to demonstrate that the proposed SEE is carbon capture

    ready (CCR) (Section 3).

    1.06 There follows a brief description of the consenting process to be followed under the

    Electricity Act 1989, including the requirement to consider the feasibility of providing

    CHP and the need to demonstrate that the proposal is CCR, the consultations

    undertaken by InterGen and SEEL, which have informed the EIA process, the EIA

    outcomes and the summary content of the present Application for Section 36 Consent

    (Section 4). Next, there is reference to the long term energy challenges defined by

    Government, namely, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while ensuring secure,

    clean and affordable energy, the predicted closures of thermal generating plant which

    will occur during the next few years and the consequent need to build replacement

    thermal plant in addition to an expansion of renewable capacity (Section 5).

    1.07 The Statement then examines documents which comprise the development plan;

    these are the regional spatial strategy (RSS) namely the East Midlands Regional Plan

    2009 (EMRP) and the South Holland Local Plan 2006 (SHLP) (Section 6). This is

    followed by consideration of other policy documents which are material to this

    Application, in particular, Government planning policies, Government energy policies

    and SHDCs work on the Local Development Framework (LDF) (Section 7).

    1.08 Section 8 provides a summary planning assessment, in which matters relevant to the

    proposed SEE, discussed earlier in Sections 2-5, along with the findings of the EIA

    process described in the