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Spalding Gymnastics Scoreboard. Advisor: Zhao Zhang Team Members: Chris Chambers Christopher Reis Alex Dean Luke Breuer. Client: Spalding Advisor: Zhao Zhang Team: May 13-01. Problem statements:. Client needs a more sufficient way to display multiple event scores. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Spalding Gymnastics Scoreboard

Spalding Scoreboard: Gymnastics

Advisor: Zhao Zhang

Team Members:Chris ChambersChristopher ReisAlex DeanLuke BreuerSpaldingGymnastics Scoreboard

Client: Spalding Advisor: Zhao Zhang Team: May 13-011Client: SpaldingProblem statements:Client needs a more sufficient way to display multiple event scores. The target consumers are athletic venues who hold gymnastic events.Adaptable to other indoor events.

Functional RequirementsAble to be read from 100- 200 awayEasy transportation (Size matters)Powered by external 120 VAC source (General wall outlet)Controlled by computerWireless communication from computer to message board (WiFi)Message board relatively insulated from elements in indoor facilities (Humidity)

Concept sketchMain IdeasSmall enough to transportDisplays four different event names on the leftScrolls through athlete names and scores for each event on the right

Concept of operation

System Description

User interfaceHTML WebsiteReasons:The IC we are using will include a USB port for a WiFi dongleAllows score reports to be accessed via handheld device (If you can connect to the internet)Allows user to use any computer to program the scoreboard

Micro-controller unitBeagle BoneReasons:Embedded Linux (Angstrom Distro)Interfaces with LED DriversActs as Ad-Hoc router/HTML ServerEnables complex code to be abstracted (USB, TCP/IP, etc)

LED circuit matrixReasons:Reduction of GPI/O pins Persistence of visionMatrix operationReduction of power consumptionReduction of discrete components

PCB Schematic

PCB Layout

Led optionsFour optionsThree Red optionsOne RG optionVary in luminosity from 54-220 milli-candela1206 Surface Mount packaging (606 for RG LED)

Power systemBuck converterReasons:Allows 120 VAC InputConvert Down to 12 VDC to power LEDsUse Linear Dropout Regulator to convert to 5 VDC to operate BeagleBone and Driver logic.

Functional Breakdown

Non-functional requirementsPowered by a battery sourceBuilt to withstand outdoor weather conditionsAbility to be mounted on standsAbility to be integrated with other boards

Work PlanPhase 1 Small scale testing and proof of concept design Power consumption analysisPhase 2 Large scale hardware layout and design Drafting of external componentsPhase 3 Prototyping and assembly of componentsPhase 4 Extensive testing and analysis of prototypePhase 5 Report on final results and correction of errors

Possible Development IssuesProblem 1 Programming in HTML Setting up routerProblem 2 Code to interface with LED DriversProblem 3 Developing the mounting systemProblem 4 Time constraint on adding in non-functional requirementsProblem 5 Network Security

Mitigation planHTML/Router Work with advisor (Dr. Zhang)LED Drivers Prototype early in JanuaryMounting Develop plan with customer to provide mounting systemTime ConstraintSet realistic time goals, invest in early development work

Facility visitSpalding/AAI Manufacturing Facility (Jefferson, IA)Point of Contact: Norm RobbinsOnsite visit with clients teamTour of assembly linesGained familiarity with Spaldings manufacturing capabilityDiscussion of rotary forming capability


Overall idea of projectAllow athletes and fans to receive live updates of scores either via scoreboard or on the web.

Questions?Chris ChambersAlex DeanLuke BreuerChristopher Reis