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The *C* Word

CV Wording tips SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.com1One of the hardest things when writing a CV is avoiding repetition of words

SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comHere are a list of words that you may find useful when compiling your CV .....Remember though- Whichever you decide to use, you need to be able to explain them at interview SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comA WORDS Ability Accelerated Accurate AchievedAcquiredAdaptAdministered AdvisedAmbition

Analysed AppraiseAppropriate Approve ArrangeAspiredAssessAssistedAuditing AvertingAwareness

SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comB WORDSBudgeted





SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comC WORDS Capable Centralising Challenging ClarifiedClientsCoaching Communicating Completed Conceived Capable Confidence ConsolidatingConstructive Convincing CooperationCoordinateCost Effective Creative Customer Client SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comD WORDSDecided DelegatedDeliverDemonstrate DesignedDeterminedDevelopedDevisedDedicate Decisive Diagnosing Directed Direction

SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comE WORDSEffective Efficient Eliminating Enabling Enforcing Engineered Enhanced Ensure Enthusiasm EstablishedEvaluatedExceedExceptional Executed ExpandedExperienceElevateEnrol SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comf WORDS Financially Flexible Forecasting FormingFormulated Founded Finalise Facilitate FactorFoundationFreelanceFamiliarFastidiousFavourableFeedbackFlawlessFocusFormativeFreethinker

SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comG WORDS Gaining Generated Goal Orientated Graduate Guidance H WORDSHeaded HelpfulHonestSRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.com10I WORDSInitiative Innovation InterpersonalIntegrity ImpressInclusive Implement Involve Indicate Iconic

IdealIndependent IlluminateIllustrate ImmerseImpact Intuitive InceptionInfluenceInformInvestIngenuity

SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comJ WORDS Judgement JustifyL WORDS LaunchedLeadershipLiaiseLocationLoyalty SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comM WORDS Management Maintain MarkedMentored Monitor Marketed Motivated N WORDS Negotiate Nominated Notable Knowledge SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comO WORDS Objective ObtainedOperate OrganiseOrientated Overcome Originated

P WORDS Perceived PerfectPerformance PersuadePlannedProficientProactive ProgressSRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comQ WORDS Qualified QualityQuantifyR WORDS RaiseRecogniseRecommendRecruiting

RegulatedReliable ReportRepresentResearchResponsible Results

SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comS WORDS SimplifySinceritySolveStandardStimulateStrategicStructure Substantial SustainSuitable SimplifySuccessSuperviseSatisfyScheduledSecuringSelectionSellSignificant SRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comT WORDS TeamTesting ThoroughThoughtfulTolerant TrainTransferU WORDS Understand Utilise UseV WORDS VersatileValidate VerifySRS Recruitment Solutionswww.srsuk.comDictionaries and Thesauruses are also a very useful tool when creating your CV.

Top CV tips:

Keep bullet point brief but vary them in length to make it easier on the eye

Most importantly, your CV is a brochure NOT your autobiography. Try to get your most important points across

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