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  • UK LtdAstmoor Road, Astmoor Industrial EstateRuncorn, Cheshire WA7 1QQ, United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0)1928 502500 Email:

    Kawneers continuous development and engineering programmes may bring about product changes. Kawneerreserves the right to introduce without notice such changes which will not detract from the products performance. KAWNEER UK LTD

    June 2007

    Curtain Wal l Systems

  • Capital City Academy

    Foster & Partners


    Introduction 4

    Curtain Wall Systems 6

    AA100 50mm Curtain Wall 8

    AA110 65mm Curtain Wall 10

    PF Curtain Wall 12

    AA120 Sunshades 13

    AA201 Unitised Curtain Wall 14

    Curtain Wall Case Study - Marine Operations Centre 16

    Supporting Your Projects 18


  • Introduction

    Kawneer, a global systems companyKawneer offers a comprehensive range ofarchitectural aluminium building products andsystems for commercial construction-entrances, framing systems, windows andcurtain wall systems.

    Since its beginnings a century ago, Kawneerhas been recognized as an innovator. Throughthe years, we've balanced experience withinnovation. We've listened to our customers,and we are dedicated to providing the toolsour customers need to succeed.

    Our unrivalled team has a wealth ofexperience working closely with architects,contractors and clients to develop projectsolutions from their earliest concepts. We arecommitted to injecting innovation into newproduct development to ensure our productsmeet the most exacting engineering andtechnical standards whilst overcomingsophisticated design challenges. Kawneersglobal design expertise, combined withaluminium's flexibility and recyclability, makesour building systems and products the rightsolutions for today and tomorrow.

    Committed to the successof your project

    Kawneer products are made from materials of the highest quality and designed with the benefit of many years of constructionexperience. Because we control every stageof the process, from mining the bauxite orethrough to designing individual systems, we offer a unique resource to architects andcontractors. Our engineers and designers can support you through every stage of thedesign and installation process, ensuring a successful outcome.

    Need something special?Kawneer offers the worlds greatest pool of talent in architectural glazing systems, andwe can design custom solutions that willhelp you to realise your most daringconcepts. So dont compromise - by workingwith Kawneer you can achieve a solution toyour most challenging architectural concept.

    Total PerformanceHigh performance is an essential ingredient for all building components nowadays it is demanded by users and required by current building regulations. Throughout ourhistory we have kept ahead of both themarket and regulatory requirements to offerglazing solutions that surpass even the mostdemanding specifications, and our productsmeet or exceed all required standards ofthermal performance. We have developedleading-edge production techniques toensure that manufacturing efficiency isoptimised, and environmental impact isminimised, and our right-first-time qualitymanagement systems have been devised tominimise waste and exceed the requirementsof current ISO 9001 standards.

    Why Aluminium?Kawneer has been producing advanced glazing solutions in this versatile material formany decades. Aluminium is a near-perfectmaterial for architectural glazing products, and has practical advantages over all otheravailable choices, including inherentresistance to corrosion and very low whole-life costs. Aluminium is also anenvironmentally friendly material and possiblyone of the best options for energy savingwithin the construction industry. In thebuilding sector vast amounts of aluminiumare collected for recycling, with rates as highas 92-98%, and more than 50% of the energyused in aluminium production comes fromhydro-electric schemes.

    Glasgow Harbour

    Cooper Cromar Architects

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  • A deeper glazing rebate meets therequirements for barrier loading and enablesthe facade to stand up to high levels ofbuilding movement.

    Kawneer PF Curtain Wall

    The Kawneer PF System is a mullion drainedmodular curtain wall system, which has beendesigned so that when viewed externally, theopening vents and the fixed lights have thesame visual appearance. The PF is a modularsystem with factory glazed panellised framesthat are fixed to the curtain wall grid.

    All this makes the PF System an attractive andpractical option for many curtain wallingrequirements.

    Kawneer AA

    120 Sunshades

    The AA120 Sunshades system has beendesigned specifically for use with the AA100


    IntroductionTodays fast paced construction schedulesdemand it all design innovation, flexibility,high quality, fast installation, simplifiedfabrication and superior performance.Kawneers curtain wall systems have beendesigned and engineered to meet thesedemands and more. Our curtain wall systemshave been assessed in accordance with therelevant BS EN and Centre for Window andCladding Technology (CWCT) Curtain WallStandards.

    Kawneer AA

    100 50mm Curtain Wall

    The AA100 50mm Curtain Wall systemprovides a unique dry jointed faade solutionthat has been developed to provide thespecifier with opportunities to design original

    Oxford Business Park

    Aukett Europe

    and AA110 Curtain Wall systems and offersthe specifier a wide choice in terms of size andshape of shades to suit individual projectneeds. The AA120 Sunshades system allowspassive solar control for the faade of thebuilding and can be connected to the faadeeither horizontally or vertically.

    Kawneer AA

    201 Unitised Curtain Wall

    Our modular faade solution, AA201 UnitisedCurtain Wall, is a highly innovative conceptthat has already been proven on a number ofprojects in the UK and Ireland. Unitised curtainwalling is modular the individual units orpanels are assembled off site in factorycontrolled conditions and then transported tosite and craned onto the building. Thisdramatically reduces time on site, and thus thebuilding can be enclosed rapidly allowinghand-over to following trades to take placemuch sooner.

    and exciting faades. The system is availablein a variety of styles and is suitable for verticaland sloped applications including facettedwalls. To provide complete design flexibilitythe AA100 is also available as a HorizontallyCapped system, a Structurally Silicone Glazedsystem and a Fire Resistant system.

    The AA100 has a range of mullion, transomand facecap options, with 50mm sightlines.

    Kawneer AA

    110 65mm Curtain Wall

    The AA110 65mm Curtain Wall system alsoprovides a dry jointed faade solution, andthe range of mullion, transom and facecapoptions provide 65mm sightlines. The systemis available in a variety of styles and is suitablefor vertical applications and facetted walls.

    Curtain Wall Systems

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    AA100 50mm Curtain Wall

    IntroductionKawneer AA100 redefines curtain wallingoffering a wide range of design options froma single grid. It is a tried and tested system -originally designed in Europe to Europeanstandards and now adapted and tested tomeet the stringent UK market requirements.Available in both zone and mullion drainedoptions, the AA100 50mm curtain wallsystem provides an innovative dry jointedfaade solution that does not need on-sitesealants to ensure system performance.

    The AA100 has been designed to providethe specifier with a wide choice of designoptions according to the needs of the project.By offering a range of construction methodsand a structural silicone glazed option, theAA100 enables specifiers, assisted by ourArchitectural Advisers, to identify theoptimum curtain walling solutions for theprojects specific requirements.

    Product Featuresz Dry jointed system

    z Suited to vertical, sloped (from 7, withslope vent) and facetted applications

    z Concealed Zone drainage and Mulliondrainage options

    z Tested & Certified in accordance with the relevant BS EN & CWCT Curtain WallStandards

    z Complies with all current thermalregulations

    z Range of mullion, transom and facecapoptions with 50mm sightlines

    z PFLL capped system

    z Fully capped option

    z SSG option

    z Horizontal cap

    z Offers total flexibility - shares componentswith AA110 curtain wall system

    z Suites with AA120 Sunshades

    z Available with a concealed open out vent

    z Accommodates glass from 4mm to 40mm

    With the decisiveadvantage ofz Removes reliance upon on-site sealing

    and ensures excellent weatheringperformance

    z Wide range of applications from thesame suite of sections

    z Proven weathering performance in themost stringent conditions

    z Provides choice of aesthetics whendesigning the building faade

    z Fire Rated option

    PerformanceThe system, installed and glazed to Kawneerrecommended procedures, has been testedand certified in accordance with the relevantBS EN and Centre for Window and CladdingTechnology (CWCT) Curtain Wall Standards.

    Air Permeability 600PaWatertightness (static & dynamic): 600PaWind Resistance (serviceability): 2400Pa Wind Resistance (safety): 3600Pa

    Centipedes, Heerlen

    Atelier Dutch

    H11 110

    8 9

    AA100/AA110 Zone & Mullion Drained

    2004/33, 2005/182007/26, 2007/27




  • C U R TA I N W A L L S Y S T E M S

    AA110 65mm Curtain Wall

    Marine Operations Centre, Aberdeen

    SMC Parr Architects

    H11 110

    IntroductionThe AA110 curtain wall system has beendesigned in line with the AA100 system, thefundamental difference is the dept