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Transcript of Contents Introduction Ancient Greece The Greek Gods War Song Food Growing Up The Spartans The...

Ancient Greece

Ancient GreeceBy Purple-IguanaP6aProject Presentation

ContentsIntroductionAncient GreeceThe Greek GodsWar SongFoodGrowing UpThe SpartansThe AtheniansAlexander the GreatOraclesInventions and Olympics

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IntroductionMy presentation is on Ancient Greece. As you can see, I am dressed as an Athenian. You will find out about them later. That is only one of the things I am going to do with you today. There is going to be a song, food and a quiz at the end. I hope you enjoy my presentation.

The Greek GodsThere were 12 Gods all with their own power and territory. Their names wereZeus God of the SkyPoseidon God of the SeaHades God of the UnderworldHestia Goddess of the Hearth and HomeHera Goddess of MarriageAres God of WarAthena Goddess of Wisdom and Battle StrategyApollo God of the SunAphrodite-Goddess of Love Hermes God of the SunArtemis Goddess of the MoonHephaestus God of MetalworkingThey all lived in a palace floating above earth, called Olympus. The only god that didnt stay there was Hades, he lived in the underworld

WarThe Wooden HorseThe Greeks were at war with Troy but no-one seemed to be winning or loosing. So the Greeks came up a nasty trick. They all hid inside a wooden horse and wheeled it to the gates of Troy. The Trojan Guards saw it and thought it was a present. When it was inside Troy, the Greeks jumped out and killed them all

SongIm A Greek Part One A Greek Part Two

FoodGreek Peasants would eat Olives, Figs, Nuts, Goats Cheese, Goats Milk and Water. You can try some now.After 500 BC the rich started to eat things like Goat, Mutton, Pork and Deer and Drink Wine. What else would they eat out of the following...Sea UrchinsThrushesYorkshire PuddingPigs That Have Died Of Over EatingPeacock EggsLupin-Flower SeedsSpaghettiGrasshoppersTurnipsHoney Cakes

Growing Up QuizImagine Your The Dad .Father inspects baby. Do you think its fit?Yes. Go To 1No. Go To 2Dont Know. Go To 5From 500- 200 BC babies were not treated very well. If you were a baby would you survive?

The SpartansThe first great State to grow after the Dark Ages was Sparta. The Spartan people were rather odd. If they wanted more land they would move into someone else's. If people already lived there they would become the slaves of the Spartans. This caused lots of wars. The Spartans were real trouble makers!

The Athenians The Athenians were very different from the Spartans. They thought that the Spartans were horrible but they had some awful leaders too! One of them was called Draco and he made up a lot of rubbish laws that you certainly wouldnt agree with.One of the laws were that if you were found doing nothing (like sleeping after 09:00am on the weekends) then you will be punished... with death!

Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great was born in 365 BC. He was son of King Philip of Macedon. He was taught by Aristotle, a famous Greek teacher. Alexander(lets call him Alex) got his Dads bodyguard to stab him and then marched of to conquer the world. He defeated the Persians then marched through Egypt and Asia. When Alex and his army reached India, the soldiers refused to go any further. So Alex stormed of to his tent and didnt come out for 3 days. Alex kept his power by executing people, even his friend, Parmenio. The he got drunk and stabbed another of his friends. He married all of the most beautiful princesses in the lands he conquered. At the age of 32 Alexander the Great drank a bit to much, caught a fever and died.

OraclesThe Greeks liked to know what would happen in the future. To find out they went to a holey place(no not your socks!), made a sacrifice and asked one of the gods to tell you what would happen to you in the future. The God/Goddess would talk to you through the body of someone else. The would talk a funny language and go into a trance. You had to pay even more to find out what had actually been said!

Inventions and OlympicsInventionsThe Greeks invented lots of things we use today (As you will know from the songs I showed you) here are few of themBoxingBaby rattlesLighthousesFire extinguishersOlympicsThe Greeks invented the Olympics 500 years ago. Unfortunately, they werent very good.Girls were not allowed to go!Clothes were banned from the athletes!

Any Questions?

BibliographyHorrible Histories Groovy Greeks by Terry


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