Consumer Auto Introduction and Fundamentals Mr. Swartz Bloomer High School

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Transcript of Consumer Auto Introduction and Fundamentals Mr. Swartz Bloomer High School

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Consumer Auto Introduction and Fundamentals Mr. Swartz Bloomer High School Slide 2 Objectives Identify people that have impacted the development of the automobile Identify Vehicle Classifications Identify Engine Configurations and Displacement Differentiate between a vehicle manufacturers, makes and models, and types. Describe how cars work. Slide 3 Interesting Automotive Dates and Facts 1769 Cugnut steam traction engine 1860 Internal combustion engine was developed 1886 Carl Benz was credited for building first motor car 1908 Henry Ford introduced the Model-T Model-T was the first massed produce automobile 1927- The last Model-T was produced (15million Sold) 1930s Dr. Ferdinand Porsche invented the VW Beetle (20 million sold) Slide 4 Dates and Facts Continued To current date the Toyota Corolla is the record selling car (Over 30 million sold) On average 50 million cars are produced a year in the world 1901 Speedometers introduced my Oldsmobile 1903 Ford Motor Company formed Buick was founded 1908- Model-T sold for $850.00 General Motors Founded 1937 Toyota was founded 1948 Honda Motors was founded Slide 5 Dates and Facts Continued 1996 Onstar introduced by GM 1997 Toyota produced the first hybrid 2004 Ford Escape is the first hybrid SUV Slide 6 How Cars Work Automobiles are powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE) Types of engines found in automobiles 4 cycle Diesel Hybrid Rotary Electric Slide 7 How Cars Work Terms to Know Piston Cylinder Connecting Rod Crankshaft Sparkplug Intake Valve Exhaust Valve RPM Intake Compression Power Exhaust Slide 8 Engines Sizes Engines are measured in two units Liters (example 2.2L or 5.3L) Cubic Inches (example 351 Why is this important to know? Slide 9 Engine Configurations Configurations of engines. V Configuration (V6 or V8) Inline Configuration (most 4cylinder engines) Opposed Cylinders Slant Slide 10 Slide 11 Manufacturers, Makes, Models Manufacturer is a company that produces vehicles. Slide 12 Manufacturers, Makes, Models Make is the various vehicles manufacturers produce. Slide 13 Manufacturers, Makes, Models Model of a vehicle refers to the specific name of each vehicle with a make. Examples: Cobalt Sierra Focus Fusion Corvette Slide 14 15 Vehicle Classifications Microcar Smart Fortwo Subcompact Echo, Aveo, Accent Compact Focus, Civic, Corolla Mid Size Malibu, Camry, Stratus Full Size Impala, Avalon, Taurus Sports Corvette, Viper Mini SUV Wrangler Crossover Freestyle, Pacifica SUV Suburban, Explorer SUT Avalanche, Ridgeline Compact Pickup Colorado, Ranger Midsize Pickup Dakota Fullsize Pickup Silverado, F-150 Minivan Caravan, Sienna Van E-Series, Express Slide 15 Questions???? er_detailpage&v=FfTX88Sv4I8 er_detailpage&v=FfTX88Sv4I8