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  • The Columbus Knights will merge into the NBA and play in the Eastern ConferenceThey will play in the Central Division along with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, and Indiana PacersThe Head coach will be Reggie MillerOur mission statement is the following: We will play our hearts out every game, and the players will be good citizens on and off the courtOur team will be featured in NBA 2011

  • 754,885 residents in ColumbusMedian Household income in Columbus Ohio is $44369 Our logo is a Knight and that will be our mascot.We will pass out Thunder sticks in the shape of a sword, so the fans will be rowdy.

  • Floor seats for a single game will cost $160. Season Tickets for floor seats will cost $7,040Lower Level seats for a single game will cost $100. Season tickets will cost $4,400All other seats will cost less than $100. Season Tickets for these seats will vary.

  • Our target market is anyone from the age of 10-45.We will have our fans from Columbus, and after we gain some national hype from winning the NBA Championship we will have fans from all over.

  • Fan Appreciation Day: Our last home game we will give the fans round trip tickets to anywhere in the U.S.A.Season ticket holders get a tour of our stadium, the locker room, and can meet the players.At every home game someones ticket number and seat will be picked, and then when picked they get a chance to shoot a half court shot to win 1 million dollars.We will be advertised about on ESPN daily.