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  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    Republic of the PhilippinesCAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY

    Don Severino de las Alas Ca pusIndan!" Cavite

    Colle!e of Nursin!

    Chronic Calculous Cholec#stitis

    Presented by:

    $SN %&' (roup %

    Baro, JennylynBraga, Rhodeva JoyCedron, Ariane Rose

    Cubillo, Irish JaneDala, Roxanne Jade

    Espinelli, Leanna aeLa!son, Leonise JoieLope", Don Ra#ael

    asenas, Ayr $ershelilla%ena, Cir%arie $ope

    Pastores, &lora AngeliPuedan, Jenivi!

    'algado, Janssen

    Presented to:

    Prof) Nie*el Alarca" RN" +ANProf) Rolando Antonio" RN" +ANProf) Nor idia ,uion" RN" +AN

    Clini!al Instru!tors, Level III


    -ctober ./'%

    In Partial &ul#ill%ent o# the Re(uire%ent in )*R' + B #or the Degree Ba!helor o# '!ien!e in )ursing


    A premier university inhistoric Caviterecognized for excellencein the development of morally upright and


    Cavite State University shallprovide excellent, equitable andrelevant educational opportunitiesin the arts, science and technologythrough quality instruction andrelevant research and developmentactivities. It shall provideprofessional, s illed and morally

  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " ii

    TA$0E -1 C-NTENTS

    I- DE ./RAP$IC DA0A11111111111111111111111112

    II- REA'.) &.R 'EE3I)/ $EAL0$ CARE111111111111111-11-2

    III- $I'0.R4 .& PRE'E)0 ILL)E''111111111111111111---112

    I5- PA'0 EDICAL $I'0.R411111111111111111111-111-2

    5- $ERED.6&A ILIAL $I'0.R41111111111111111111--1-17

    5I- DE5EL.P E)0AL $I'0.R41111111111111111111--1-1-8

    5II- /.RD.)9' &*)C0I.)AL $EAL0$ PA00ER)'11111111111-11---

    5III- A)A0. 4 A)D P$4'I.L./41111111111111111111-11;


  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " iii


    A) Client3s Na e4 &-J$) Address4 Rosario, CaviteC) A!e4 8D) $irth Date4 June 2;, 2@?7

    E) $irth Place4 Cavite1) (ender4 &e%ale() Civil Status4 'ingle2) Reli!ion4 Ro%an Catholi!

  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " v

    0he !lient stated that GPagnag a alagnat a o at sipon iniinu%an o ngPara!eta%ol o De!olgen- 0u%atagal siya ng %ga 7 to ara , u%iino% din a o ng%ara%ing tubig-H

    A!!ording to Publi! $ealth )ursing, a !hild is said to be G&ully I%%uni"ed ChildH

    hen a !hild re!eives one dose o# BC/, 7 doses o# .P5 ith an interval bet eendoses o# 8 ee s, 7 doses o# DP0 ith an interval bet een doses o# 8 ee s, 7 doseso# $EPA B ith + ee s interval #ro% 2 st dose to > nd dose and ; ee s interval #ro%>nd dose to 7 rd dose-


    Client had her #irst %enstruation hen she as 2 years old- A!!ording tothe patient she had her %onthly period in the > nd ee o# the %onth- 'he used 7

    pads per day and usually last #or 7 to days- 'he has regular %enstrual !y!le-

    Patient doesn t #eel any dis!o%#ort or pain during her %enstrual period-

    A!!ording to Pilitteri, the average age o# a #e%ale to begin %enstruation is @62?having an interval o# >; days and an average #lo o# >6? days ith the a%ount o# 7 6; %L-

    VI) 2ERED-&1A+I0IA0 2IST-RY

    A) (EN-(RA+

  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " vi




    &RE*D9' P'4C$.A)AL40IC 0$E.R4

    Sta!e Specific Tas78s9 Evidences of +ilestoneAchieve ent/enital 'tage It is the last stage o# &reud s Patient JL develops a strong interest





    Alive and =ell A =

  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " vii

    psy!hosexual theory o# personality develop%ent and begins in puberty- It is a ti%e o# adoles!ent sexualexperi%entation, the su!!ess#ul

    resolution o# hi!h is settlingdo n in a loving one6to6onerelationship ith another in our > s or so- 'exual instin!t isdire!ted to heterosexual

    pleasure, rather than sel# pleasure during the phalli!stage-

    in his husband- 'he develops a ell6 balan!ed, ar%, and !aring adult-'he verbali"ed that she as a!tive inter%s o# her sexual li#e-

    ERI3'.)9' P'4C$.'.CIAL DE5EL.P E)0

    Sta!e Specific Tas78s9 Evidences of +ilestoneAchieve entInti%a!y vsIsolation

    During early adulthood %ost people #all in love, get %arriedand start building their o n#a%ily- I# a person is unable todevelop inti%a!y ith others atthis age hether through%arriage or !lose #riendshipsK,they ill probably develop#eelings o# isolation-

    Patient JL developed inti%a!y thanisolation in her psy!hoso!ial stage-'he experien!ed to #all inlove andget %arried- 'he already had her o n#a%ily- 0he patient also verbali"edthat she as #eel loved by her husband and her !hildren- Anda!!ording to her she developed astrong bond ith her #a%ily and

    !lose #riends-

    PIA/E09' 0$ER.4 .& C./)I0I5E DE5EL.P E)0

    Sta!e Specific Tas78s9 Evidences of +ilestoneAchieve ent&or%al.perational'tage

    0he #or%al operational stage begins at approxi%ately aget elve to and lasts intoadulthood- During this ti%e,

    people develop the ability tothin about abstra!t !on!epts-' ills su!h as logi!al thought,dedu!tive reasoning, andsyste%ati! planning also e%ergeduring this stage-

    A!!ording to patient JL, she tend tothin very !on!retely -'he also!onsider possible out!o%es andthin the !onse(uen!es o# her a!tionsand de!isions- 'he also has theability to syste%ati!ally solve a

    proble% in a logi!al and %ethodi!alay e%erges-

    3.$LBER/9' 0$E.R4 .& .RAL DE5EL.P E)0
  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " viii

    Sta!e Specific Tas78s9 Evidences of +ilestoneAchieve entPost!onventionalLevel

    0he !on!ern is so!ial utility or publi! interest- =hile rules areneeded to %aintain so!ial order,

    they should not be blindlyobeyed but should be set upeven !hangedK by so!ial!ontra!t #or the greater good o# so!iety- Right a!tion is one that

    prote!ts the rights o# theindividual a!!ording to rulesagreed upon by the holeso!iety-

    A!!ording to the patient she nothe di##erent so!ial groups ithin aso!iety ill have di##erent values-

    'he also pra!ti!ed to !o%%uni!ateand have a better #ello ship ithher neighbourhood- 'he also obeyall rules that ere agreed upon theso!iety and no s her rights as ahu%an-

    VI) (-RD-N3S '' 1UNCTI-NA0 2EA0T2 PATTERNS A. Health Perception- Health Management

    0he patient verbali"ed that G . ay na%an a o ngayon asinaoperahan na a o, %edyo %agtitiis nalang asi ang da%i na ba alainin-H

    'he has sedentary li#estyle- Patient said that she doesn9t doanything to be healthy li e not doing exer!ise or eat healthy #oods- 'heusually eat #ried #oods and buy #oods at G!arenderiaH-xxxxxxxxxxx

    . Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern

    !ay "#eptember $%&$'"3

    !ay$#eptember 3'&$'"3

    !ays 3(ctober "&$'"3

    rea) ast 3pcs. Pandesal co ee

    $ slices loa bread co ee

    $pcs. Pandesal co ee

    +unch ,ried ish"ser ing egetable" cup rice

    +itson )a ali" cup rice

    Adobo/ cup rice

    !inner ,ried chic)en" cup rice

    ,ried chic)en" cup rice

    ,ish" cup rice

    Water 0nta)e 3 glasses ater1$'ml

    3 glasses ater 1$'ml

    3 glasses ater 1$'ml

    2222222222222-interpretation .. urther elaborate.. t.y

  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " x

    6#apat naman ang tulog )o )ahit gabi na a)o umuu i galing sa trabaho& tanghali na rin namana)o nagigising7& as erbali;ed by patient. Client &-J #eels relaxed and does not #eel anydis!o%#ort upon a ing up-

    During hospitali"ation the patient is satis#ied about her sleeping pattern- 'he stated that

    G)a a atulog na%an a o ditto ng %aayos sa hospital-H-

    ,. 4ogniti e-Perceptual Patient &J

    Si ple Descriptive Pain Intensit# Scale

    *according to Health Assessment in Nursing 3 rd edition Janeth Weber and Jane Kelley

    ; days and an average #lo o# >6? days iththe a%ount o# 7 6; %L-

    J. 4oping #tress

    #o !ain $ild !ain $oderate !ain Severe !ain %ery Severe!ain &orst


  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " xi

    =hen patient got stressed she usually !ope up by eating a lot o# #oods-'o%eti%es she shares her proble% ith her partner-

    =henever there is a proble% !a%e they solved it together-

    K. =alue- elie A!!ording to the patient she seldo% go to !hur!h- But she verbali"ed thatG'ye%pre nanini ala parin na%an a o sa Diyos ahit na hindi a onagsisi%ba tu ing linggo-H Patient &J does not believe in anysuperstitious belie#s-



  • 8/11/2019 Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis


    ! a g e " xii

    0he hu%an digestive syste% is a !o%plex series o# organs and glands that pro!esses #ood-In order to use the #ood e eat, our body has to brea the #ood do n into s%aller %ole!ules that it!an pro!essM it also has to ex!rete aste- os