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  • 7/31/2019 Chinese Year 2012


    **If this sounds/reads largely like the Simple Rabbit Altar notes from last year, it is because I used

    it as a template (80% of the information is the same regardless of the year). Time is tight and why

    rewrite things which still apply?:)**

    The altar serves as your own personal connection to the world(s) which surround and engulf us -

    the altar is the microcosm of the vast macrocosm of the multiverse. Unlike some kinds of altars,creating a Lunar New Year altar is simply welcoming a guest. As any good host give food, drink

    and a comfortable place to be in, while your guest is staying with you. Be attentive to their simple

    needs and make your guest feel honoured & wanted, without causing them embarrassment or

    making any unnecessary fuss. Your guest is the Year, and for fifteen days, you are treating that Year

    how youd like to be treated for all the days afterwards. It is that simple.

    Below are the standards for the Lunar New Year altar with set-up & tips.

    The Black Water Yang ["Zen Chen" or "SHUI (Active Water/waves/ripples)LNG

    (Dragon)" are two name He goes by] has some similarities to the Metal Rabbit of the previousyear. One, being the "calmest/most patient" of the five Dragon years, his tastes are suited more

    toward simple home-made versions of his foods - being wheat & poultry (e.g. Lemon Chicken,

    Fresh Wheat Bread/Pancakes, Chicken & Waffles - for those from the South:), et cetera). Dragon

    like a comfortable place for him time as your guest. Actions of the Heart go a long way with

    them. However, to say that they abstain from things ornate would be far from the mark. Sorry, but

    Dragon needs its hoard! Some water & wood items - the elements of the year (nothing with sharp

    edges), and something "comfortable" to place under him Image/Statue (e.g. soft cloth/blanket or

    mini cushion) are for Dragon's altar set-up. Show wealth, if you can, especially with the main

    statue! REMEMBER, what any animal wants is your attentiveness - minimum two minutes of your

    time each day, positive intentions and a little praise (Good Dragon praise words are Innovative,Brave, Passionate, Confident, Noble, Charming, and Protective). Kung Hei Fat Choi!

    You first need the proper intent, without it you are lost and your altar will be a waste of space. Be

    positive, focused and loving. Got it? Lets move on.

    You need a space. Any flat surface can be usually be used for an altar a brick-raised board, coffee

    table, even dedicated (CLEAN) floor space. Be sure that the space is big enough for everything

    (would you want to be squished in a tiny space?) & that it is clean. Place it facing your homes

    main entrance or in its main space. NOTE: Dragon prefers High & Secure spots and Visible spots

    that show his Value as your guest. So off the Floor - In your Main Hall or Top of the Book shelfor Head of your Table, but NOT on a fireplace mantle or "Fire" spots or a place where a pet can

    reach it (Place tin foil in the area a week before setting the altar, some cats do not like the sound of

    walking on it. This can deter them from heading to your altar when you set it up. Just remove the

    tin foil before you do;).

    NO White (the colour of Death not good for the Year . . . ever!) but YES to Red & Gold, which

  • 7/31/2019 Chinese Year 2012


    are auspicious colours and also Dragon's favorite colours! You can add Black for the Element and

    Spring shades of Red & Gold as Spring is Dragon's favourite Season.

    Image/statue of Dragon - make it your focus / focal point - those who want favour of Dragon;

    especially if born under a Challenging year/element, should not cheap out this year - Try for Hand-

    made by a Craftsman or the Canada Post Dragon Postcards, but a Red Dragon statue fromChinatown will work, if in a pinch!

    YES to small tokens of the Rooster, Rat, Monkey; especially Rooster (Rooster praises Dragon

    with long & kind words, distracting from those who are born under a Challenging year- [Dog, Ox,

    Goat & Dragons & Monkeys to a lesser extent or those born of Wood element!). The rest of these

    animals on the altar are optional and remember Dragon should be the largest image on the altar!**Bonus Points - Print off this Duke and place him in the South-East corner of your place and the

    same height as your Dragon Image (If you want more information about this Grand Duke - email


    NO cut flowers (means Life cut short) but YES to healthy plants. Orchids & Chrysanthemums are

    good for altar Flora. Yes, you can offer Dragon some Dragon fruit, if you want ;) 3 pieces of

    Bamboo in a clear vase of water in the North West corner of the Altar is beneficial this Year. Wheat

    & Poultry (e.g. Bones from a joyful chicken dinner are nice but a good cut of Right Breast is better

    or a cup of Chicken Broth will do in a pinch) are Dragons favourite foods. NOTE: If you are in an

    unfavourable position with Dragon, it is best to show-off with your altar and include one (or all) of

    these items!

    Citrus & "Water/Wood" Incense (e.g. Cider, ) not too fragrant (you are not covering the odour of

    a sacrifice . . . . Unless you owe Dragon BIG time . . . like those born Year of the Dog!). **Bonus

    Points - Dragon like Gold, Silk and Divination - a deck of Tarot will do; but I Ching Yarrow

    Rods/Coins are better! Place below (if you have a two-tiered altar) or the South Foot of Dragon's

    Image/Statue. Also, a favorite book or a "Book of Praise" where you journal your experiences in

    the Dragon's year)**

    Tea Lights and/or simple lanterns. Avoid taper candles for safety reasons & as their height may

    dwarf the image of Dragon. Also matches (no lighters) and candle snuffer (NEVER blow out a


    NO Knives or sharp objects but YES to coins (Totals should not end in a zero)

  • 7/31/2019 Chinese Year 2012


    Shallow bowls for food & water

    Kumquats (Cantonese for gold kam and orange kwat)

    Moon (Round yellow and orange) fruits & vegetables (e.g. pomelo, oranges, melons)

    Immortality/Longevity fruits (e.g. peaches)

    Red & Gold foods (Dried Red Chilli wards against evil and Pineapple symbolises hospitality)

    Dried fruits & nuts (Peanuts symbolise long-life) & hard citrus/acidic candies (Dragon loves

    acidic foods & citrus fruits - might want some Tums!)

    Tray of Togetherness (Gift packs of traditional dried fruits & candies) (Optional)

    Protective figures - Door Gods/Fu Dogs/General (Optional) NOTE: Tsai Shen Yeh is good,

    especially if you are seeking better employment or finances - place it lower than your Dragonimage facing in the direction the main doorway out of your house!

    Three Friends of Winter [Japanese Apricots, Bamboo & Pine] - It is usual an Optional piece to a

    standard Lunar Year altar - works with Water Dragon because of Bamboo & Pine; you can forgo

    the Japanese Apricots, if you like.

    Tea, Tea pot & tea cup (Optional)

    ***Note: You can eat small bits off the altar (Sharing a bite with the Year) after the 2nd day of

    the Lunar New Year. This year DO NOT share altar food with pets; even during Rat's Wedding Day

    or The Birthday of all Dogs! There is ALWAYS more to it; like the Fu [Pronounced Fook] sign

    in the right positions (depending on the Day) & Spring Couplets, but those are best left to serious

    practitioners (so you do not unintentionally anger the Year).

    These simple steps will do you well enough to be a great host to the Year.***

    What is the Name of Chinese Year 2012?

    The Chinese calendar name of 2012 is ZenChen. Zen is Water and Chen is Dragon in Chinese Horoscope. Therefore, 2012 is also called Water

    Dragon Year.

    SHUI - Water - Central current or stream with waves, ripples.

    LNG - Dragon Left: scaly body flying to the sky, & Right: wings.

    From Chinese Five Element theory, 2012 is also named as the Black Dragon.

    How does the Chinese Calendar Work?

    Chinese Calendar is a calendar combining Solar, Lunar and Stem-Branch cycles.

  • 7/31/2019 Chinese Year 2012


    Chinese New Year uses the Chinese Lunar Calendar system.

    Chinese Astrology Year uses the Jie-Chi (solar segment) and Stem-Branch system

    The animal names are from Stem-Branch system.

    The detail explanation is at Chinese Lunar Calendar

    Where are Chinese Zodiac and Horoscope Prediction for 2012?

    Many Chinese like to ask Chinese fortunetellers about their fortune for the year to come. Fortunetellers willtell people when the good luck will come or guide people how to prevent from bad luck or suggest peoplego to temple pray for good luck. You can find Chinese Horoscopes prediction in this website every year.Many people don't know that the first day of Chinese Astrological Year is not the Chinese New Year Day.For example, the first day of 2011 Rabbit year is on February 4, 2011. The explanation is at 2012 Chinese12 Zodiacs page. If you were born in late January or early February and confuse about your Chinese Zodiacanimal sign, then you can find the correct answer, fromYour Chinese Zodiac Animal Signpage.The Chinese Zodiac prediction is easier to understand. But Chinese Five Element Astrology is moreaccurate.

    Horoscope for the 2012 year of the black water Dragon

    Coming 2012 year of the water Dragon is the fifth earth branch year and is the nine

    heavenly stems year. The 2012 year is the Jen Ch'en year which is the twenty-nine

    cycle in the