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Janice Acosta Reporter

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone use in school.

Explain the prohibition of the use of cell phone inside the classroom based on DepEd Order.


CELLPHONE - A mobile, wireless telephone that communicates with a local transmitter using a short-wave analog or digital transmission.

Parent - a father or mother; one who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child; a relative who plays the role of guardian


can be in touch with their parents, relatives and friends

Useful during the Mathematics and problem solving lessons Useful for messaging the things which were taught in the classroom. Can also be a source of entertainment for students Cell

phones with Internet facility can be useful for the students to find out quick and precise information on any topic of discussion in the classroom

Constant ringing to announce an arrival of a new text message interruptive and diverting the attention of the class Expensive mobile phone to kids would actually attract muggers and threaten your childs security

Loss of interest in studies Ingenious Violation A threat

ways to cheat of school rules

to school safety








The Department of Education reiterated its prohibition on cellular phone use during class hours. The ban is so that students will remain focused on their studies and learning distractions will be minimized. The prohibition applies to elementary and secondary schools nationwide whether public or private. DepEd had already issued three orders, namely: Numbers 83, series of 2003; 26 series of 2000 and 70 series of 1999, which imposes a ban on the use of cellular phones by students during class hours. DepEd assistant secretary Teresita Inciong said that they understand the importance of cellular phones in our daily activities, but still they have to set some rules on how to use them especially inside the classroom. There is no instruction for the teachers or security guards to confiscate or surrender to them the students cellular phones. Inciong explained students can turn off their cellular phones during class hours and switch them back on after class.



The DepEd official also enjoins the cooperation of parents in observing the cell phone ban during class hours. Teachers and parents should devise ways to educate students on the responsible use of cellular phones to prevent them from engaging in misguided and improper activities.

We cannot stop the advances in technology but we can guide our students on what is proper and what is not. Inciong