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  • 1. Btracking Keep Offsite Resources, In Sight. Assets * Personnel * VehicleTracking & ReportingPresentation Version 1.2

2. AgendaYour Current EnvironmentOverviewBenefitsFeaturesWhat Btracking can do for youHow to Get Started / Next Steps 3. Your Current Environment1) Do you currently have people & other resources deployed out in the field?2) Would your organization benefit from having visibility into the movement of these resources?3) What if by the click of a button you could determine:PunctualityTime on work site/ Client face timeMileage Reports ( daily/ weekly/ monthly)Travel patterns for a day/ week/ monthWorker safety (support employees in field in cases of emergency/ required support)Time spent at office/ home or running errands/ moonlighting during work hoursAn audit trail that can show time and location of time invested to support client billing/validation, etc..4) Equipped with this new visibility, how many ways could your organization increase productivity, reduce downtime, improve worker safety and much more 3 4. Btracking Immediately Delivers Visibility Punctuality Reduced Costs ProductivityWorker SafetyCustomer Satisfaction Accountability Reduced Downtime Audit Trail Peace of MindConfidenceImproved Service Delivery4 5. What is Btracking?Btracking is a powerful, easy to use GPS based mobilemanagement application designed for use with the mostpopular GPS enabled smartphones Simple download to your companysmobile employee handsets No additional hardware required No contract obligations Efficiently manage & support your mobile workforce via an online portal 5 6. How does it work?Immediate visibility into your fieldworkforce & other resources with a simpledownload. GPS Satellite Device with Wireless BtrackingBtrackingBtracking InstalledNetwork Servers Mapping Portal6 7. Which devices does it work on?Maximize your current wireless investment!No additional hardware required be up and running in minutes We Support Top 4 Operating Systems on the market!7 8. Asset & Resource TrackingWith Btracking.com the applications areMobile Worker Productivity & Safety limitless.Quick Access Alert Button & GPS Tracking Lone Working Safety Compliance; Mileage; Client visit benchmarking Along with a robust platform for handset tracking, we support in-field solutions with dedicated GPS devices.Vehicle & Fleet Tracking The full suite of Btrackings routing,Simple to highly Customized Options Low Cost & easy install tracking, automated reporting and alert functionality is delivered across the wide range of categories Asset Security Slap-n Track Ruggedized Solutions 7yr battery life, with sensor and I/O 8 9. Where does it work?Btracking works where you do.If you can get a cell signal, you can use Btracking. 9 10. How to get started See us at www.Btracking.com Or contact us directly for information on how to get started: Drew@Btracking.comBtracking works where you do.If you can get a cell signal, you can use Btracking. 10