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Transcript of Celebrating Science - OMSI Gala Selfie Sign and tag OMSI using #OMSIGALA and #CELEBRATINGSCIENCE to

  • Celebrating Science

    May 2, 2020 | 7-8PM | Channel 8 KGW

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    May 2, 2020

    Over the years, it has been such a pleasure to see OMSI’s Gala grow into one of the most anticipated social gatherings of the year—a time for honored guests from across the region to come together in support of science education and families. This year, OMSI is honored to be a guest in your homes, and to share the night with your family and friends in support of science-fueled fun--at a time when nurturing curious, inventive minds is more important than ever.

    Our philanthropic and business leaders have always helped OMSI explore new, creative ways to support youth and families. Many of you have already reached out to reaffirm your commitments to OMSI and the community we serve and have helped mobilize the community you are passionate about. All of us at OMSI are incredibly grateful for your support as we navigate these uncertain times.

    I am humbled as I share my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for coming together to support Gala this year and every year I have been honored to serve as president. As we can see, OMSI’s mission to inspire curiosity and support informed action is enduring and essential. Thank you for coming together to reaffirm our longstanding commitment to science education, informed action, and curious learners all across the region.

    With gratitude,

    Nancy Stueber President and CEO

    F R O M O U R P R E S I D E N T

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    Thank you for tuning in to the OMSI Gala and for Celebrating Science with us. Vernier Software & Technology is proud to have been a Presenting Sponsor of the OMSI Gala for many years, and is delighted to support the Gala in its innovative format this year. We believe OMSI plays a critical role in educating and inspiring people of all ages.

    Now more than ever, Oregon needs a scientifically literate community, and OMSI provides experiences that help people understand how science affects all of our lives. Through STEM education, kids learn how to solve problems and prepare to get good jobs. Adults make informed health decisions for their families. And as a society, we all become part of the solution to the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

    Congratulations to President Nancy Stueber on her retirement and to Incoming President Erin Graham on her new role. We thank them for their past and future years of leadership, and look forward to great things to come!

    We hope you will join us in raising your virtual paddles to help support OMSI’s impactful work building an informed and better future.

    David and Christine Vernier Vernier Software & Technology

    F R O M O U R 2020 G A L A P R E S E N T I N G S P O N S O R S

    Imagination WILL OFTEN CARRY US



    — Carl Sagan

    Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to OMSI President Nancy Stueber for your decades of

    leadership inspiring imagination and wonder for kids and kids-at-heart! Wishing you all the best in your

    retirement. Welcoming Erin Graham in your incoming role as President— here’s to inspiring imagination

    and wonder for decades to come.

    — Jon Jaqua and Kimberly Cooper
 OMSI Emeritus Trustees

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    2020 G A L A S P O N S O R S A N D H O S T S

    P R E S E N T I N G

    G O L D Chris & Jill Hall • Leupold & Stevens Foundation

    MeyerPro • Pacific Power Portland General Electric • Providence Health Plan

    Toni Spencer Stevens & John Stevens Robert & Debb Zagunis • Zidell Companies

    Jon V. Jaqua and Kimberly B. Cooper Fund

    S I LV E R Meg & Trevor Dryer

    Durham & Bates Insurance Brokers and Agents Gerding Edlen • Teri & Paul Graham

    Jon Hall & Hannah Michelotti Intel Corporation & Intel Foundation

    Lane Powell PC • John Lee – JLL • Susan Miller Oregon Health & Science University • Stoel Rives, LLP

    Tillamook County Creamery Association U.S. Bank • The Valderrama Family

    Marian & Don Vollum • Walsh Construction Washington Trust Bank • John and Traci Wheeler

    B R O N Z E Jill Eiland • Eric & Heidi Meslow

    Peter & Cassie Northrup Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

    Prosper Portland • Turner Construction

    G A L A C H A I R Jordan Schnitzer

    B O A R D O F T R U S T E E S

    D E V E LO P M E N T C O M M I T T E E M E M B E R S Eric Meslow, Chair

    David Duggan • Dan Eason • Yonette Fine Alistair Firmin • Lynn Johnson • Eddie La Berge

    John C. Lee • Gary Maffei • Sue Miller Deborah Mrazek • Peter Northrup • Angela Polin

    Peter Seeley • Eric Skaar • Cheryl Waters Walter Weyler

    Alistair Firmin, Chair Claudia Valderrama, Secretary

    John Wheeler, Treasurer Arya Behbehani • Stefan Bird • Eric Blackburn

    Christopher Carpenter • Bryce Dalley Stacey M.L. Dodson • Meghann Dryer • Jill Eiland

    Su Embree • Greg Fallon • Yonette Fine • Jonathan Fink Roy Haggerty • Alisa Johnston • Chris Lewis

    Kristin Luck • Eric C. Meslow Sue Miller • Penny Serrurier • Jackie Seto

    2020 O M S I L E A D E R S H I P

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    E M E R I T U S B O A R D

    Gary Maffei, Chair Allen Alley • Jean Auel • Tony Bacos • Joe Barra Bob Beal • John Beckman* • Leonard Bergstein

    Larry Black • Ernest Bloch* • Alisa Brake Jennifer Bruml • Kurt Bruun • Margaret Carter

    Patrick Clancy • Debi Coleman • Marc Compton Kimberly Cooper • Steve Cox • Ambrose Cronin* Yvonne Curtis • Beth deHamel • Harry Demorest Ryan Flynn • Orcilia Forbes* • Jim Francesconi

    Kathleen Geyer • William Glasgow • Albert Glowasky Christopher Hall • Reginald Hamlett • Joseph Hanna

    John Harker • Robert Harrison • Blake Hedinger Bruun Michael Henderson • Ed Hepp • Ken Hick Thomas Horstmann* • Trond Ingvaldsen

    Jack Isselmann • Jon Jaqua • Lynn Johnson Susan Keil • Harpel Keller • Paula Kinney

    Robert Kross • Arnold Labby • Patrick Lacrosse Frederick Lake* • William Lyons* • Hugh Mackworth Elaine McCall • Dolores Orfanakis • Sastry Pantula Linda Pearce • Claris Poppert • Preston Pulliams

    Dilip Ratnam • Lawretta Ray* • Patrick Reiten Donald Remlinger • Arthur Riedel * • Paul Risser*

    Joseph Robertson • Lawrence Rockwood* Richard Roman • Donald Sacco • April Sanderson Robert Scanlan • Barbara Sue Seal • Joan Smith

    Susan Sokol Blosser • Judy South • Thomas Sperry Nicholas Stanley • Greg Struxness • Henry Swigert William Tagmyer* • Gerri Tisdel • Carol Van Natta

    David Vernier • Don Vollum • Walter Weyler Andy Wihtol • Richard Wollenberg


    T H A N K YO U TO A L L O F O U R G A L A S U P P O RT E R S

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    H O W TO P R E PA R E F O R A V I RT U A L G A L A

    S TA RT B I D D I N G!

    O N L I N E A U CT I O N S I T E

    1. Go to: https://omsi2020.ggo.bid or scan QR Code 2. Click "Start" or “Start Bidding” on the top right 3. Create account and follow instructions to register 4. View and bid on Online Auction packages

    WAT C H A N D C E L E B R AT E!

    Join us May 2 at 7:00pm on KGW and KGW.com for Celebrating Science. Featuring OMSI educators, exhibits, experiments, science demos, and highlighting OMSI programming across the region; we’re looking forward to sharing this exciting program with you!

    Make sure you have your screens set-up so you can watch the program and keep tabs on the online auction. Don't forget to enjoy your Gala wine!

    S H A R E!

    Share your Gala photos with us on social media! Use the Gala Selfie Sign and tag OMSI using #OMSIGALA and #CELEBRATINGSCIENCE to show us what your Virtual Gala looks like this year.


    Bidding opens on April 24 at 5:00pm Bidding closes on May 2 at 9:00pm

    Questions or issues: gala@omsi.edu or (503) 481-0302

    https://omsi2020.ggo.bid https://omsi2020.ggo.bid

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