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The newest issue of CashFlow Express is here! Don't miss the prosperity bus that is rolling your way... Inside you'll find tips and techniques to SKYROCKET your wealth in real estate, stocks and business. Our writers are some of the nation's most successful investors and they are sharing their SECRET$ with YOU. Download it today!

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Ca$hFlowEXPRESSNo. 1 / Vol. 3, 2013


Join Marck de Lautour on his Property Tour in Kansas CityMarck de Lautour leads investors on a foreclosure tour in Kansas City, Mo.

CashFlow in the Mid WestBy Stephanie B. Mojica, staff reporter

with SBD Housing Solutionspening more and more, often as banks desperately try to unload foreclosure properties at auctions on the courthouse steps. The banks need the cash and value it is getting today. Lenders are fast learning, and statistics prove that they lose about 50% of the value of the note if they take a property back and have to sell through a REALTOR on the open market, explained de Lautour, who started SBD Housing Solutions in 2002 in an effort to capitalize on the growing number of financially distressed homes in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Though most real estate investors will not regularly strike a dream dealContinued on pg. 7


nvestors from around the world are flocking to the Mid West to purchase rental properties at discounted prices. The values can be outstanding. In fact, just this year, Missouri real estate entrepreneur Marck de Lautour, a native of New Zealand, bought a 12-unit apartment complex valued at $300,000 for just $10,000. Six of the units were occupied with the tenants paying $400 a month in rent and de Lautour and his staff members at SBD Housing Solutions were able to recoup nearly 25 percent of the initial investment the very next day! He freely acknowledges that this doesnt happen every day, but stories like this are hap-


ansas City, Missouri, boasts all the characteristics that investors are looking for when buying for long-term holds: a growing population, a diversified economy and an educated workforce. The following are some additional highlights that make the City of Fountains such a popular stop for savvy real estate investors: average unemployment

tions, manufacturing, service, distribution and government sectors are heavily represented expect 10-14% yield rates on investment homes

Investors can

Rehabbers can expect 25-30%equity in homes after repair

Stable economy with lower than Diverse employment base: education, technology, telecommunica-

The median rental rate is $1,000 Typical investment property is a 3bed / 2 bath and 2 car garage home

Kansas City is home to professional hockey, soccer, baseball and NFL football franchises

INSIDE: Learn about the National Association of Residential Property Managers

Funding Availablefor real estate investors

WELCOMEWBy Linda Pliagas, publisher/investor elcome to a new issue of our financial newspaper, CashFlow Express. This is our third edition. When we began the publication last year, I wasnt sure where this path would lead us. I just knew we needed to have another avenue for disseminating important investment news, tips, and information in addition to our quarterly real estate magazine Realty411(www. The real estate industry and the financial markets are fast-paced and ever changing and, in an effort to keep up, we decided to add CashFlow Express into the mix. In this issue, we are excited to feature Marck de Lautour on the cover. Marck is a the owner of SBD Housing Solutions. He locates and secures phenomenally discounted deals in the Kansas City market. Investors from around the world rely on Marck to find them foreclosures that have the potential to be steady income producers, once they are spruced up. Living in Coastal California where the average 3 bedroom / 2 bath home is about $650,000, I was amazed to see solid homes for under $65,000! I was reminded of the reasons why I chose to start investing out of state back in 2005. The numbers make more sense outside of my expensive zip code. EXPRESS Many of my colleagues questioned my decision to begin investing long distance, but I assured them that, with the right property manageChris & Ruth Property Flipping Experts ment, my funds and property would be safe. Long distance landlording works well for me and my family thanks to the dedication and hard work of our property managers who live in the area. Having owned multifamily rentals in five states now, I know how crucial finding an honest and Rehab Tips by the Property Find Money Flip Pros of Southern CA for Deals... professional property manager is, this is why Im I so delighted that we have NARPM as a sponsor H in this issue. NARPM stands for the National AsChris & Ruths Property Analyzer How To Start Your Flipping Business sociation of Residential Property Managers. NARPM provides important education and training to the property management industry. Property management is the crucial element of success for investment properties so please utilize their website to locate a member property manager. Be sure to visit their site at to learn more about their organization and to find a member property manager in your area. If you are a property manager, be sure to schedule The NARPM Broker/Owner Conference on February 19th and 20th on your calendar. Keep in mind that you do not have to be a NARMP member to attend this important event in Las Vegas. I want to welcome all of our advertisers, readers, friends and fans to our brand new CashFlow Express edition. Id like to also encourage you to connect with us online. Our media company is the administrator of many online social networking groups reaching nearly 30,000 globally. Be sure to connect with us on social media to receive daily updates on industry news, as well as information that may help you advance in your career as an investor or real estate professional. Again, thanks for reading our publication and hopefully I will meet you soon at one of our live events. In the meantime, please let me know if I can help in any way. I enjoy hearing from all of our readers.No. 1 / Vol. 2 2012

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contents1 Discover Kansas City, Mo. 2 Publishers Note 5 The Main $treet Millionaires 6 CA Realty Trends with GCA Equity PartnersBy Tyrone Jackson You can be rich from owning real estate and trading stocks. Weve all heard the story of the little old lady who lived modestly and worked as a school teacher for 40 years. She never earned more than $35,000 per year, owned a modest home, and shared her life with two cats. Once she died, her relatives discovered a $150,000 life insurance policy and $1.5 million in stocks that she left to the elementary schools scholarship fund. The national media loves to air these stories. It seems there are several old ladies who t this seemly unique prole year after year. How could that be? Investing in stocks is not the worlds most challenging task. In fact, at its core, its very simple. The truth is that the stock market creates millionaires every year. Investing in stocks, with wealth in mind, is easier than you think.

Ca$hFlowEXPRESSNo. 1 / Vol. 1 2012

Ca$hFlowPassive Income for Today & Tomorrow


Passive Income for Today & Tomorrow

Learn How to Create Stock Market Wealth Today

Investors Manifest a 6 Myths About Land Trusts Cashflow MindsetBy Doug Carver Organizer Pasadena and Burbank Cashow Meetup Groups

6 Investor Spotlight


Share their Secrets on how to rehab and flip properties for Big Profits in this great Foreclosure Market in the Southern California Area.BEFORE AFTER

Yes! Passive Income for Today & Tomorrow

FOUNDER PUBLISHED BY Linda Pliagas Manifest Media Partners ADVERTISING EDITORIAL STAFF Kelly Global Marketing Lori Peebles 310.994.1962 Isaac Newkirk III EVENTS & EXPOS Stephanie Mojica Lawrence Ruano COPY EDITOR Roberta Eastman Isaac Newkirk III WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHERS Robbie Diggs Invest In What You KnowGreen Sam TO REACH US, CALL: Wanna be a good stock market inJohn DeCindis Continued on pg. 12 vestor? Keep it simple and start with Continued 310.499.9545 on pg. 2 PRODUCTION Personal Finance News from the Publishers of Realty411 Magazine - Lori Peebles DISTRIBUTED BY: Augusto Meneses Professional Distribution Solutions

companies and products with which you are familiar. If youve ever opened a can of Coca Cola on a hot summer day and felt refreshed and invigorated, why not own the stock? Its a product you know with a story you understand. When I say a story you understand, I mean to say that you understand how the Coca Cola Corporation makes money, or to express it in Wall Street terms, you understand how the company earns revenue. The more bottles and cans of Coke that Coca Cola sells around the world each day, the larger the companys prot. Over the past ten years Coke stock (symbol KO) has risen from around $40 per share to a high of $71 $1000 invested in Coca Cola stock ten years ago would be worth $4,100 today; $10,000 invested in Coca Cola stock would be worth $41,000 today. If you spend more than $100 per year eating fast food, why not own the stock? Over the past ten years McDonalds stock (symbol MCD) has risen from a low of $15 per share to a high of $95 per share.

estate investing, trading stocks, building a strong MLM business, etc. You will not succeed. Its like trying to grow corn in a eld of sand. The seeds will not germinate and youll end up with next to nothcan remember my rst time playing to harvest in the fall. ing