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Learn from the top leaders of real estate finance, asset protection, property management and business with our FREE publication created to help our readers create wealth through passive income. Learn more about creative strategies to skyrocket your portfolio.


  • 1.Passive Income for Today & TomorrowPassive Income for Today & Tomorrow Ca$hFlow EXPRESS PRiCelessVol. 2, no. 2, 2014 INSIDE: Strategies to Increase Your Wealth PLUS: Highlights from Our National Expos Y ou Asked, They Listened: FirstKey Offering More Ways to Finance Your Investments. FirstKey Lending Offers Investors Unique Options FirstKey Lending Bridge Loan Features: Loan Amounts: $10M+ Rate Type: Floating Loan Term: Up to 18 Months Property Type: 1- to 4- family residential Loan-to-Cost: Up to 65%* Amortization: Interest only Interest rate: Competitive pricing *Higher on a case-by-case basis FirstKey Lending Express Fixed Loan Features: Loan Amounts: $500,000 to $4M Rate Type: Fixed Loan Term: 5 and 10 year Property Type: 1- to 4- family residential Loan-to-Value: Up to 75% Amortization: 20 to 30 year Interest rate: Competitive pricing For more information, please contact Brian Mascis at: 1-855-299-1944 FirstKey Lending closed dozens of Express and Conventional Transactions recently. $1,659,000 41 Properties located in TX, OH, GA $4,000,000 76 properties located in NC, SC $9,750,000 85 properties located in CA $18,500,000 340 properties located in FL, GA $32,00,000 450 Properties located in FL, IN, MD, MN, NC, TX Randy Reiff, CEO of FirstKey Lending A year ago, New York-based FirstKey Lending was the first to step into a new financing space making capital accessible to small- and medium-sized investors in one- to four-family resi- dential rental properties nationwide. The financial firms Chief Execu- tive Officer, Randy Reiff, says the firm purposefully positioned itself to invigorate the small and middle markets and to empower smart, entrepreneurial investors to build and optimize their portfolios and busi- nesses. The financial backing of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., one of the countrys largest private investment firms, gave FirstKey the opportunity to hit the ground running while focusing its attention on developing the prod- ucts its customers needed. Following the successful introduc- tion of its Conventional fixed- and floating-rate loan products for larger investors needing $5M to over $500M in funding, FirstKey launched its Express loan product for investors seeking loans of $500,00 to $4 million in late 2013. That product has deliv- ered in a big way. Weve been thrilled at the response of real estate investors to our Express product, which we were able to introduce in an affordable way by streamlining the documentation and closing processes, Reiff said. These Express loans offer inves- tors reduced borrowing costs and a much more efficient process than was previously available to these owners so that they can buy additional one- to four-family properties, refinance their existing debt or cash out. Reiff said that FirstKey has seen strong demand for its products and only expects that demand to increase. Our business is accelerating as more and more customers most of whom have historically had only limited ac- cess to this type of financing become aware of the variety of products First- Key offers, Reiff noted. Histori- cally, less than 25% of the borrowers we are targeting have availed them- selves of financing of any type. Were very excited to see that number grow as the rental finance market continues to expand. Reiff also pointed out that FirstKey offers products to accommodate a number of different types of inves- tors. Theres been a lot of focus recently on the very large investors in the one- to four-family residential rental properties, but its important to remember that the largest segment of this market is represented by the more entrepreneurial owners who may own as few as 10 properties or less, Reiff said. These owners typically have strong ties to their communities and are looking to grow their portfolios in a disciplined fashion over time. Were here to make sure that these local investors have the opportunity to grow and develop their investments. FirstKey couldnt have had better timing in coming to market with a lineup of new mortgage loan products aimed at the small and middle market. Looking to fill the void in afford- able investment housing financing, FirstKey has provided the fuel for real estate investors to make it happen. In addition to the successful launch of the Express loan product, FirstKey continues to be the market leader in Conventional loan products geared towards larger investors as well. Whats more, CEO Randy Reiff shared an exciting new loan pro- gram being rolled out for small- and medium-size investors in an exclusive interview with Realty411 magazine. Continued on pg. 21

2. July 18-20, youre invited to a life-changing event: the Millionaire Maker. It will take place only once, will be followed by 60 days of mentoring, and I guarantee it will break the box in which youre living. What does try mean to a world record breaker? Millionaire Maker dares you to look in the mirror and realize you have more inside than you know. On Friday night, together well watch a very special documentary about the inspiring story of world- recorder holder, Diana Nyad. At the age of 61, what motivated her to be the first person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida in shark infested waters? Youll find out first hand when she joins us live on Saturday, challenging you to rethink what try in your life really means. How do you break out of the box? Ive hand-selected over 15 guest speakers and panelists to join us. Prepare to be motivated as we explore first-hand how these successful real estate investors and business pros realized their untapped potential. Then, challenge yourself to discover your personal formula to take that same rigid discipline you have in your best areas of accomplishment and use it to improve every other area of your life. 60 days of Mastermind Mentoring? Thats right. After the live event, youll join me and one of our speakers weekly for Mastermind Fridays. For 60 days, well explore additional reading materials to keep you motivated and committed to the goals you set. Well also keep you updated on personal goals we speakers have set for ourselves. Were all just one habit away from living a very different life. Well be doing this together. Millionaire Maker asks you to commit 60 days to attain the next level in whatever is important to you now! Is it about realizing financial success via real estate investing? Yes! Will it be about learning a step-by-step process to attaining your specific personal goals? Yes! Is it about learning that the box youve chosen to confine your life to can be replaced by iron will and new-found skills? Yes! Please dont hesitate, commit right now to attend. There is limited seating due to the nature of the mentoring piece after the live event. Change the trajectory of your life by joining us in July for this one-time-only event! Sincerely, P.S. I so strongly believe in this event Im offering a money back guarantee. If after the first full day youre unhappy, hand in your manual and Ill refund admission. In addition, use The Norris Group as your hard money lender on a Socal deal within two years after the event and Ill rebate the cost of the event 0.5% per loan until you get it back in full. See the web site for full rebate details and to register before we sell out. See you July 18th! Also FeAturING: Danica Patton, Jennifer Shenbaum, Andrea Esplin, Holly McKhann, Rick Solis, Doug Van Soest, Steve Landis, Bill Tan, Silvio Brigliadoro, Iris Veneracion, Jack Fullerton, Ward Hanigan, and Randy Grigg. DAte & loCAtIoN: Friday, July 18 sunday, July 20 Westin South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa, CA reGIster At: or call (951) 780-5856 $1,797 until 6/16 $2,297 after Event includes Friday evening movie snacks; breakfast, snacks, and lunch Saturday and Sunday; all seminar materials during live event; web portal access with additional content and recordings from live session. Mentoring books materials will be responsibility of attendees so each can choose preferred format. Bruce Norris Ben Gay III tony Alvarez Mike Cantu Diana Nyad Author & World Record Holder 11x15-411Mag.indd 1 5/13/2014 12:28:11 PM 3. FOUNDER Linda Pliagas EDITORIAL STAFF Hannah Ash Lori Peebles Stephanie Mojica COPY EDITOR Lori Peebles PHOTOGRAPHER John DeCindis PRODUCTION Lori Peebles Augusto Meneses PUBLISHED BY Realty411 ADVERTISING 805.693.1497 EVENTS & EXPOS Teri Burke Suzanne Lilly Lawrence Ruano WEBSITE Maria Victoria TO REACH US, CALL: 310.499.9545 We provide FREE Copies for your CashFlow Group or REIA meeting! Passive Income for Today & Tomorrow Ca$hFlow EXPRESS Yes!You can be rich from owning real estate and trading stocks. Weve all heard the story of the little old lady who lived modestly and worked as a school teach- er for 40 years. She never earned more than $35,000 per year, owned a modest home, and shared her life with two cats. Once she died, her rela- tives discovered a $150,000 life insurance policy and $1.5 million in stocks that she left to the elementary schools scholarship fund. The national media loves to air these stories. It seems there are several old ladies who fit this seemly unique profile year after year. How could that be? Investing in stocks is not the worlds most challenging task. In fact, at its core, its very simple. The truth is that the stock market creates millionaires every year. Investing in stocks, with wealth in mind, is easier than you think. Invest In What You Know Wanna be a good stock market in- vestor? Keep it simple and start with companies and products with which you are familiar. If youve ever opened a can of Coca Cola on a hot summer day and felt refreshed and invigorated, why not own the stock? Its a product you know with a story you understand. When I say a story you understand, I mean to say that you understand how the Coca Cola Corporation makes money, or to ex- press it in Wall Street terms, you understand how the company earns revenue. The more bottles and cans of Coke that Coca Cola sells around the world each day, the larger the com- panys profit. Over the past ten years Coke stock (symbol KO) has risen from around $40 per share to a high of $71 $1000 in- vested in Coca Cola stock ten years ago would be worth $4,100 today; $10,000 invested in Coca Cola stock would be worth $41,000 today. If you spend more than $100 per year eating fast food, why not own the stock? Over the past ten years McDonalds stock (symbol MCD) has risen from a low of $15 per share to a high of $95 per share. By Doug Carver Organizer Pasadena and Burbank Cashflow Meetup Groups I can remember my first time play- ing Robert Kiyosakis Cashflow board game about eight years ago and how it started a chain of events that continues to this day. What stuck with me most was not the how to of playing the game but the people that I met at the event. These were not like the normal people in my life that would tell me I was crazy for trying to start my own real estate business or that financial freedom was impossible without a steady well-paying job. The people I met were excited about learn- ing and expanding their knowledge on how to achieve financial freedom. They were active investors in real estate and the stock market. They were small busi- ness owners with a passion and vision for creating more financial success in their lives. Overall, they had a mindset for prosperity that I like to call a Cash- flow mindset. A lot of people complain that Kiyosaki does not provide the specific details on how people should implement his strat- egies to create financial freedom in his books and programs. Truth is he never spells out a step-by-step how to for building long-term financial freedom. What he does teach is far more impor- tant, and that is how to create a Cash- flow mindset. Kiyosaki describes it in his book Cashflow Quadrant moving your mindset from the E (employee) and S (self-employed) side of his Cashflow quadrant to the B (business owner) and I (investor) side of the quadrant. In lay- mans terms, its the mental shift from someone who seeks financial security at all costs to someone who can confidently and knowledgeably take measured risks. This is a simplistic definition but a very important one to understand. Without the correct mindset, it really doesnt matter how much you learn the how to of real estate investing, trading stocks, building a strong MLM business, etc. You will not succeed. Its like trying to grow corn in a field of sand. The seeds will not germi- nate and youll end up with next to noth- ing to harvest in the fall. How, you ask, does this relate to the Cashflow game? Well, after playing the game a bunch of times, I learned the how to of getting out of the rat race, but I still was not able to take what I learned from the game and apply it to my real- life financial situ- ation. However, I realized that the time I was spending with my new Cashflow friends was changing the way I thought about money and my financial future. I no longer viewed the stock market as a giant rigged system for losing money. I began to see the tremen- dous opportunities in the sinking real es- tate market even as many people I knew were losing money on deals that had gone bad. Overall, I saw for the first time op- portunities all around me to create wealth even as the newspapers talked constantly of the Great Recession. Today as a result of my ongoing in- volvement playing and organizing local Cashflow events in Southern California, I have a thriving real estate investing business. It was after speaking with one of my Cashflow friends who was a real estate investor that I was encouraged to start wholesaling distressed properties. It turned out to be a great decision. More recently, Ive begun to learn how to suc- cessfully trade in the stock market using options. As a self-proclaimed real estate zealot, I never would have dreamed of investing in the equity markets. Howev- er, after playing Cashflow 202 with my Cashflow friend ,who is an active trader, and learning about his trading system, I was able to see the opportunity before me. I now fully expect that investing in the markets will be a huge part of my fu- ture financial success in addition to my Learn How to Create Stock Market Wealth Today Investors Manifest a Cashflow Mindset FREENo. 1 / Vol. 1 2012 Personal Finance News from the Publishers of Realty411 Magazine - Continued on pg. 2 Continued on pg. 12 By Tyrone Jackson Doug Carver (left) and Chris Hanson dis- play the Cashflow game to group members. Contents - Spring 2014 1 FirstKey Lending Offers Options 4 Publishers Welcome Note 5 The Millionaire Maker Returns 6 Management Tips by Texas Pam 7 Out of State Investment Advice 9 Rehab with Andrew Cordle 10 Q-n-A with Zinc Financial 12 & 18 Attract Private Lenders 13 Investing in Texas Land 15 The Investment Lab is Open 16 Incorporate a Business 21 & 23 Cashow Resources 24 Scenes from Our Expos 26 How to Avoid Capita...