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* How tools like blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and social networking deliver prospects you didn’t know existed for a lower cost of marketing * A mini-Marketing Plan crafted by you specifically built for your business with the help of Internet marketing professionals * 9 Marketing Leverages that will move your business faster than any other to create both influence and results... right to that higher profit number * Precise steps to create the right website for your business that gets people into action * Directions on how to build your database, revive "dead" clients and build referral clients * Internet-driven marketing techniques that only the best companies use to make money

Transcript of CashFlow Marketing

  • 1. Learn about the art of"NEW CashFlow Marketing" - Chris Williams market OUT LOUD market OUT LOUD Proprietary Stop letting the Media dictate your business and take control, you deserve to make 35%Profit or better, come and learn how.

2. Check out the stats using our 9 leverage proprietary system

  • Phil our Lawyer client used leverage # 5 he turned
  • his law practice into a sought after workers
  • comp, solutions office.In in 4 months he tripled his business.
  • Carol our Real Estate Agent used leverage # 8 and created a lead generation system on the internet which generated 200 qualified leads in 3 weeks.
  • Renee our local Network Marketer used
  • leverage # 1 and created a duplicatable system generating leads, she doubled her income in 6 months.

market OUT LOUD Proprietary 3.

  • We have 9 strategies which one will turn your business into a cashflow machine??

market OUT LOUD Proprietary 4. The proof is in the pudding . . .

  • It can take years to learn all of this marketing savvy driving leads and generating new cash flow
  • If you are hiring a consultant it may costwell over $30,000
  • Todays market is moving so fast with all of thenew lingo twitter, blogs, podcasts, do you really have time to learn it on your own
  • For $698 and a trip to San Jose you will more than double your investment
          • 100% guaranteed

market OUT LOUD Proprietary 5.

  • What Used To Work in Marketing Doesnt
  • Work Anymore - HECK What Used to Work in
  • Business Doesn't Work Anymore Either!
  • So it's time to stop waiting and start doing.

market OUT LOUD Proprietary The Breakaway Internet Marketing Workshop 6. Roots of driving business and increasing profit margins by 35% What program works for your customer Tight identification Right Target Right Program Based on what makes you different and customer benefits Right Message Right Product Retool your business NOW! 7. What if you spent 2 days working on your business (head up)

  • Think about it . . .
  • Your competition is still working in their business (head down)
  • You have solutions to problems which you could implement immediately
  • You are clear on how to increase your profit by 35%
  • . . . and100% Money Back guarantee

The Breakaway Internet Marketing Workshop 8. market OUT LOUD Proprietary Do Not Distribute 9. . . .Sleepless nights market OUT LOUD Proprietary Do Not Distribute 10. BOTTOM LINE! Market OUT LOUD is a company made up of Marketing experts serious about helping you retool your business for the NEW market 2300 clients - 4 yearsNEW revenue of $57Myour business is next! Find out what 100s of entrepreneurs already know 11. market OUT LOUD Proprietary Join us March 13 thand 14 thin San Jose 100% guaranteed results you will walk away with a plan! The Breakaway Internet Marketing Workshop