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  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy



    Car Market and Buying Behavior- A study of

    Consumer Perception

    Towards The Partial ulfillment ofPost !raduate Diploma in Management


  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    Ta"le of Content

    1. Executive Summary06

    2. Introduction..08

    3. Overview of the Auto e!ment1"

    ". #eview of $iterature20

    %. O&'ective of the tudy2(

    6. Sco)e of the tudy..30

    *. #eearch methodo+o!y.32

    8. $imitation of the tudy..3(

    (. ,ar- rofi+e.."0

    10./indin! and Ana+yi.%1

    11.,ro a&u+ation.68


    13.Sco)e of the Study.*"



  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    #$ecutive %ummary

    The automobile industry today is the most lucrative industry. Due to the increase

    in disposable income in both rural and urban sector and easy finance being

    provided by all the financial institutes, the passenger car sales have increased at

    the rate of 38% per annum in June 200!0" over the corresponding period in the

    pervious year. #urther competition is heating up in the sector $ith a host of

    international players coming in and other lie $ols$agon, &udi, and '() all

    set to venture in the *ndian marets. +ne factor that could help the companies in

    the mareting of their product is by no$ing and creating a personality for their


    This report attempts to ans$er some of the uestions regarding brand

    personality of selected cars in -urnool Dist. by conducting the maret research.

    This report is categoried into parts, deals $ith introduction to brand personality,

    companies selected, product and the industry.

    +ne factor that could help the companies in the mareting of their products is

    buying 'ehavior of the consumers. The 'uying 'ehavior of the customers can

    be studied by no$ing their perceptions about the cars in the maret and about

    the possible entrants in the maret. +ne such techniue is by no$ing and

    creating a personality for the brands.

    This personality setching $ill help in no$ing $hat a customer /or a potential

    customer thins about a given brand of car and $hat are the possible factors

    guiding a possible purchase. 1imilarly, the idea of measuring the customer

    satisfaction $ill serve the same purpose of determining the customer perception.

    Thus, by measuring the $illingness of eisting users of a car to recommend it to

    others $ill help the car manufacturers to chal out the entire 4ustomer 'uying



  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    The reports shall attempt to ans$er some of the uestions regarding brand

    personality of selected cars in *ndia by conducting a maret research. The

    maret research $ill be helpful for the ne$ car entrant companies in *ndia to find

    out the possible gaps bet$een the customer epectations and the present

    maret offerings. This $ay these companies $ill be able to find their share in the

    ever!epanding *ndian maret pie.

    The research $ill trac the customer satisfaction in the follo$ing t$o layers5

    6roduct related 6arameters

    Dealers related parameters

    The customer satisfaction inde $ill be calculated for the car brands taen into


    *t $ill be mainly a primary research and the information $ill be gathered from

    both primary and secondary research. The study $ill analye the applicability of

    eisting research concepts, theories, and tools for evaluating consumer



  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy





  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    *t is true fact that if you are satisfied you recommended to others. )ord of mouth

    and customer satisfaction play a very important role in determining maret

    perception about an automobile. *t is the maret perception that determines the

    success of a company and so it is very important for the car manufacturers to

    measure the 7$illingness of eisting users of a product to recommend it to

    others. The same is a lot of interest to customers as $ell for it helps them mae

    the purchase decision.

    & car is one of the most significant purchases that an *ndian household maes

    and this proect addresses the most important uestion that perplees car


    7)hat maes the perfect car that influence $ill $illfully purchase9

    The proect highlights the factors that influence the buying decision of a


    The factor under consideration $ould be5


    *ncome of the consumer

    #eatures in the car

    1afety standard

    )arranty scheme

    #inance facility

    *s a consumer ready for more9 )hich is the driving motive behind the effective

    demand of the car9 :o$ the coming of ne$ models lie s$ift does is going to

    effect the buying decision of consumer and especially the Tata ; lah car.


  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    *n other $ords, from the spread of choices offered by various manufacturers

    under various segments, of $hich one the customer $ill finally turn the ignition

    on and drive.

    4ustomer satisfaction inde5 some of the most advance thining in the business

    $orld recognies that customer relationships are best treated as assets, and that

    methodical analysis of these relationships can provide a road map for improving


    7*f you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. < =ord )illiam Thomson -elvin

    /;82>!;[email protected]

    7&s one of the measurements of the performance of the uality management

    system, the organiations shall monitor information relating to customer

    perception as to $hether the organiation has met customer reuirements. Themethod for obtaining and using this information shall be determined

    Trends in customer satisfaction and ey indicators of customer dissatisfaction

    shall be documented and supported by obective information. These trends shall

    be compared to those of competitors, or appropriate benchmars, and revie$ed

    by senior management.

    There is obviously a strong lin bet$een customer satisfaction and customer

    retention. 4ustomerAs perception of service and uality of product $ill determine

    the success of the product or service in the maret.


  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    )ith better understanding of customerAs perceptions, companies can determine

    the actions reuired to meet the customerAs needs. They can identify their o$n

    strengths and $eanesses, $here they stand in comparison to their competitors,

    chart out the path future progress and improvement. 4ustomer satisfaction

    measurement helps to promote an increased focus on customer outcomes and

    stimulate improvements in the $or practices and processes used $ithin the


    4ustomer epectations are the customer!defined attributes of your product or

    service. )e cannot create satisfaction ust by meeting customerAs reuirements

    fully because these have to be met in any case. :o$ever falling short is certain

    to create dissatisfaction.

    (aor attributes of customer satisfaction can be summaried as5

    6roduct uality

    6roduct pacaging

    -eeping delivery commitments


    Besponsiveness and ability to resolve complaints and reect reports

    +verall communication, accessibility and attitudes


  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    )e cannot begin to address the customer satisfaction issue $e define the

    parameters and measures clearly.

    The customer satisfaction inde represents the overall satisfaction level of that

    customer as one number, usually as a percentage



    Features - Attributes

    + -


  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    The buying process involves the follo$ing steps5



    Information earch


    ot urchaeionance




    rand Acce)tance


    rand #e'ection

  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    7The fact that $ord of mouth sales are a big deal in this industry has also helped.

    *ndustrial field of study and maret surveys reveal that 20!30 percent of sales

    are through $ord of mouth.

    /or the )ur)oe of the )ro'ect ha under!one throu!h

    1urveying the relevant consumer base through ehaustive uestionnaire.

    Cnderstand the elements underplaying in each segment

    Deducing & analytical overvie$ through different statistical methods

    #ecommendation come from atifaction and atifaction come from


    Service Quality


    Product Quality

  • 8/13/2019 Car+Market+and+Buying+Behavior +a+Study+of+Consumer+Perception Copy


    O*#(*+ O T,# A)TO %#!M#'T

    *ndians have emerged as avid car enthusiasts sporting their pried possess