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    Photography by

    S T E V E N M A R K N E E D H A M

    Illustrations by

    C H R I S T I N E M AT H E W S

    J O H N W I L E Y & S O N S, I N C.

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  • This book is printed on acid-free paper.

    Copyright 2007 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved

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    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data:

    Garrett, Toba.Professional cake decorating / Toba Garrett ; photography by Steven

    Mark Needham ; Illustrations by Christine Mathews.p. cm.

    Includes bibliographical references.ISBN-13: 978-0-471-70136-1 (cloth)ISBN-10: 0-471-70136-X (cloth)1. Cake decorating. I. Title.

    TX771.2.G36 2006641.8'6539--dc22


    Printed in the United States of America

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  • Contents

    I n t r o d u c t i o n viii

    H i s t o r y o f C a k e D e c o r a t i n g xi

    Lesson 1B A S I C P I P I N G S K I L L S 2

    Lesson 2F L O R A L P I P I N G S K I L L S 24

    Lesson 3I N T E R M E D I AT E P I P I N G S K I L L S 34

    Lesson 4A D VA N C E D B O R D E R S K I L L S 46

    Lesson 5T H E A R T O F W R I T I N G 68

    Lesson 6R O YA L I C I N G P I P E D F L O W E R S 78

    Lesson 7R O YA L I C I N G D E S I G N S K I L L S 88

    Lesson 8T H E A R T O F I C I N G A C A K E 102

    Lesson 9H A N D M O D E L I N G S K I L L S 130

    Lesson 10M A R Z I PA N A N D C H O C O L AT E M O D E L I N G 142

    Lesson 11A D VA N C E D R OYA L I C I N G P I P I N G

    A N D D E S I G N S K I L L S 158

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  • Lesson 12R O L L E D I C I N G D E S I G N S K I L L S 174

    Lesson 13PA S T I L L A G E C O N S T R U C T I O N 186

    Lesson 14G U M PA S T E F L O W E R S B A S I C F L O R A L S K I L L S 192

    Lesson 15A D VA N C E D G U M PA S T E F L O W E R S 206

    Lesson 16M I N I AT U R E C A K E S A N D D E C O R AT E D C O O K I E S 224

    Lesson 17C A K E B O A R D S, C O L O R C H A R T S, PA I N T I N G ,

    A N D M O R E T E C H N I Q U E S 232

    Lesson 18C A K E A N D C O N F E C T I O N A R Y G A L L E R Y 240

    Lesson 19R E C I P E S 258

    Appendix 1PAT T E R N S 289

    Appendix 2M E A S U R E M E N T S 331

    B i b l i o g r a p h y 339

    I n d e x 341

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  • Professional Cake Decorating was developed as a book on the subject thatis standardized, thorough in scope and technique, and a highly profes-sional study guide that addresses the needs of a reemerging and growing

    industry. Over the past two decades, many of my professional and vocationalstudents have expressed an interest in one book that teaches, explains, and guidesthem through the difficult and specialized techniques used in the cake decoratingindustry. I am happy to say that Professional Cake Decorating is such a book.

    Drawing on thirty years of training, traveling, teaching, and running an in-dependent cake decorating business, I unfold the secrets of cake decorating andteach this intricate art using more than 200 step-by-step and portrait photo-graphs, more than 125 drawings and patterns, more than 35 tested recipes, agallery of the most spectacular cake and confectionery art imaginable, and aplethora of personal hints and proven techniques.

    This textbook is designed for the serious study and mastery of cake deco-rating. The student can expect a guiding hand to take them from the most basictechniques of piping cake borders and roses to designing a tiered cake featuringadvanced embroidery piping, Australian string and bridgework, overpiped andcushion lattice techniques, a three-dimensional pastillage structure, hand-sculpted sugar roses, full-size fruits and vegetables made from marzipan, beau-tiful handpainted flowers, or a life-size water pitcher decorated with stunningpiping and embroidery work that is filled with exquisite and exotic gumpasteflowers.

    Each lesson ends with a review that reinforces the concepts and techniquespresented and helps prepare the student for the upcoming lesson. Students canstudy in a classroom, kitchen environment, or independently at their own pace,as the book helps develop their professional habits and skills. Each chapterspractical review provides students the opportunity to continue practicing theskills and steps necessary to master the techniques.

    An Instructors Manual (0-471-78197-5) for Professional Cake Decoratingis available to qualified adopters. This manual is designed to aid the instructor indelivering instructions in a clear and easy manner. It assists in designing lessons



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  • to fit students needs, presents helpful hints and exercises for struggling students,and provides an answer key to each End-of-Lesson Review. The InstructorsManual also provides steps and techniques for organizing and designing a curricu-lum for the length of time allocated to the cake decorating portion of studentstraining. Professional Cake Decorating is also designed for use by industry pro-fessionals such as bakers, cake decorators in small communities and large storechains, specialty shop owners, and independent cake designers.

    For the small bakery, this book can be an invaluable resource for rejuvenat-ing cake decorating skills. There is always a market for cakes that are profes-sionally designed and executed. A professional training guide such as this bookempowers bakers and gives them the confidence and the ability to try new tech-niques. Professional Cake Decorating can be useful in dramatically improvingthe overall look and design of cakes.

    In larger establishments such as supermarket chains, Professional Cake Dec-orating can be a valuable training guide and an excellent resource for the bakerand decorator. Supermarket training is relatively short and specific to the typesof cakes produced. The supermarket artist is often limited in the designs used atthe facility. However, customers often want a variation on a theme or somethingslightly different that may require a technique the decorator does not possess.This is a perfect opportunity to reach for a book that provides immediate assis-tance and quickly conveys the skills necessary to produce cakes to fulfill the cus-tomers request. The improved cakes can increase sales and offer the customermore choices.

    Professional Cake Decorating is also an invaluable guide to the establishedprofessional who is skilled in a wide range of techniques. I refer to other textswhen custom designing for a client, thinking of new designs or options for aphoto shoot, or reviewing an unusual technique. A book such as this is helpfulwhen a techni