Cake Decorating 101

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Cake Decorating 101. Stephanie Erwin How I got started…. My first cake!. My second try!. Getting better…3 rd cake!. Four with Fondant!. Fun with Five!. My birthday cake for the kids!. 4 months later…. Our Agenda. The Basics Supplies Leveling Crumb-coating Icing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Cake Decorating 101

Cake Decorating 101

Cake Decorating 101Stephanie Erwincakesaplenty.comHow I got startedMy first cake!

My second try!

Getting better3rd cake!

Four with Fondant!

Fun with Five!

My birthday cake for the kids!

4 months later

Our AgendaThe BasicsSuppliesLevelingCrumb-coatingIcingStructureOur AgendaDecorating!BordersIdeasButtercream TransfersQuestions?Basics: SuppliesMy supplies: tips/bags, bench scrapper, fondant letters, spatulas, turntable, leveler (serrated knife should be a bread cutting knife, less harsh than a bigger tooth serrated knife), etc.Your supplies: Tip, bags, cake form, bench scrapper, plastic spoon, paper towels, copies, etc.

Basics: LevelingFreeze your cakes long enough to get them firmHelps prevent them from tearing as you are levelingFreeze them after you have leveled them and it will help when you are handling them

Leveling cont3 waysWith a cake levelerWith a knife outside of the panWhile inside the pan

Basics: Crumb-coatingUse the largest tip you have to put a border around the edge of your layersThen, simply fill them inDo the same on the sidesthis will help you not pull crumbs into the icingBasics: IcingDifferent types of icing:SMBCIMBCTBCCrusting and non-crusting

Basics: Icing contWebsite: Recipe- 2 cups of butter- 2 cups of hi ratio shortening- Flavorings- 4 pounds of confectioners sugar 10x- 3 tablespoons of hot water (depending on the weather)

Basics: StructureIf your cake is multi-tier you need 4 supports per tier and a dowel down the center.Use wooden dowels for supportsCan use jumbo straws as wellDecorating: BordersVideo: Using a Star Tip

Video: Another ideaDecorating:IdeasLots of Tutorials!CandlewickingVertical ruffle part 1 and part 2Stacked ruffleRose cakeChantilly cakeCandlewicking

Sample Rose Cake

Decorate the Inside!!


Decorating: Buttercream TransfersVideoSample BCT

Questions?Stephanie [email protected]