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Transcript of Cake Decorating · PDF file Taylor Shawber: J-7 Cake Decorating, Beginner Senior Faith Gibson:...

  • Cake Decorating Member Club

    Beginners, Junior (13 and under) (5) Best of Class Taylor Shawber Marion Express Honor Award Ava Hockeberry Buckeye Kids Honor Award Allison Culler Northeastern 4-H Neighbors

    Beginners, Senior (14 and over) (2) Best of Class Faith Gibson HC Sharp Shooters

    Intermediates, Senior (14 and over) (1) Best of Class NONE

    Advance, Junior (13 and under) (1) Best of Class Madeline Embree Northeastern 4-H Neighbors

    *********************************************** State Fair Participant J- 6 Cake Decorating, Beginner Junior Taylor Shawber J-7 Cake Decorating, Beginner Senior Faith Gibson

    J-8 Cake Decorating, Intermediate Junior NONE J-9 Cake Decorating, Intermediate Senior NONE

    J-10 Cake Decorating, Advanced Junior NOT ELIGIBLE- State Fair Clock Trophy Winner in 2018 J-11 Cake Decorating, Advanced Senior NONE

  • Clothing Judge #1 Member Club #411 em▪bel▪lish (1) Best of Class Loryn Wright North Florida

    #430 Shopping Savvy (2) Best of Class Emma Fifer Marion Express

    #413 Sundresses & Jumpers (3) Best of Class Amy Flowers Richfield All Stars

    #409 Sew Fun (14) Best of Class Leah Topp Rivercity Rugrats Honor Award Alaina Gerken Okolona Buckeye Honor Award Taylor Shawber Marion Express

    #410 Designed By Me (5) Best of Class Ryli Rohrs HC Hoofbeats Honor Award Bailey Wiseman Countyline Livestock

    #419 Terrific Tops (3) Best of Class Macie Speiser Gerald Busy Fingers

    #418 Loungewear (2) Best of Class Jordan Bok Holgate Hustlers Honor Award Lauren Sattler County Line Livestock

    #425 Look Great For Less (1) Best of Class

    #417 Dress- Up Outfit (1) Best of Class Erin Haase Okolona Buckeyes

    #499 You Can Quilt (3) Best of Class Leah Topp Rivercity Rugrats Honor Award Makayla Updike Grelton Bluebirds

    *********************** STATE FAIR PARTICIPANTS Tuesday a.m. Style Revue J-1 Terrific Tops Macie Speiser J-2 Clothing for Middle School None J-3 Creative Costumes None

  • Tuesday p.m. Style Revue J-4 Sundresses & Jumpers Amy Flowers J-5 Shopping Savvy Jr. Emma Fifer J-6 Shopping Savvy Sr. None J-7 Dress Up Outfit- Formalwear Erin Haase

    Wednesday a.m. Style Revue J-8 Accessories for Teens None J-9 Sew for Others Jr. None J-10 Sew for Others Sr. None J-11 Dress Up- Daywear None

    Wednesday p.m. Style Revue J-12 Sew Fun Jr. Leah Topp J-13 Sew Fun Sr. None J-14 Look Great for Less Jr. None J-15 Look Great for Less Sr. None J-16 Clothing for Your Career None

    Thursday a.m. Style Revue J-17 Loungewear Jordan Bok J-18 Em*bel*lish Loryn Wright J-19 Clothes for HS & College None

    Thursday p.m. Style Revue J-20 Designed by Me Ryli Rohrs J-21 Ready, Set, Sew Active! None J-22 Outerwear for Anywhere None

  • Creative & Leisure Arts Member Club

    #592 Get Started in Art Jr. (13 and Under) (14) Best of Class Leah Orr LC Central Station

    Honor Award Deblin Mattison Gerald Busy Fingers Honor Award Libby Roth River City Rugrats Honor Award Saige Bullock Gerald Busy Fingers

    Sr. (14-18 Yrs. Old) (1) Best of Class None

    #496 My Favorite Things (4) Best of Class Samantha Johnson Grelton Bluebirds & Prize Livestock

    #588 The Writer In You (3) Best of Class Lydia Evinger

    #593 Seeing Through Graphic Design Best of Class Loryn Wright North Florida

    ********************************** STATE FAIR PARTICIPANTS Member J-7 Get Started in Art, Junior Leah Orr J-8 Get Started in Art, Senior None J-13 My Favorite Thing, Junior (Collectibles) None J-14 My Favorite Things, Senior (Collectibles) Samantha Johnson J-15 Self-Determined None

  • Food & Nutrtion Member Club

    #459 Let's Start Cooking (18) Best of Class Leah Topp Rivercity Rugrats Honor Award Abigail Baker Town & Country Honor Award Jonathin Brink Washington Township 4-H'ers Honor Award Hannah Bidlack Forever Farmers & Friends Honor Award Breanna Massie

    #485 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals (3) Best of Class Kora Burill Gerald Busy Fingers

    #487 Take a Break for Breakfast (3) Best of Class Baxter Barrett Northeastern 4-H Neighbors Honor Award Caleb Cooper Buckeye Kids

    #475 Star Spangled Foods (4) Best of Class Addyson Speiser Gerald Busy Fingers

    #469 Global Gourment (2) Best of Class Lydia Wachtman Okolona Buckeyes

    #461 Let's Make Quick Breads (2) Best of Class None

    #461 Yeast Breads on the Rise (2) Best of Class Erin Haase Okolona Buckeyes

    #476 Pathways to Culinary Success (1) Best of Class None

    #481 Everyday Food and Fitness (1) Best of Class Lani Rosebrook Marion Express

    #486 Dashboard Dining (1) Best of Class Katie Haase Okolona Buckeyes

    #472 Grillmaster (3) Best of Class Rebeka Orr LC Central Station

    #467 You're the Chef (4) Best of Class Kennedy Cordes North Florida

  • #483 Sports Nutrition: Ready, Set, Go (4) Best of Class Caely Ressler Buckeye Kids

    #484 Snack Attack (7) Best of Class Mason Bachman Buckeye Kids Honor Award Corinne Vance Holgate Hustlers Honor Award Evan Storch Rivercity Rugrats

    ******************************************************* STATE FAIR PARTICIPANTS Tuesday July 31 ADVANCED LEVEL Projects J-1 Yeast Breads On the Rise Erin Haase J-2 You're the Chef Kennedy Cordes J-3 The Global Gourmet Lydia Wachtman J-4 Pathways to Culinary Success None J-5 Beyond the Grill None

    Wednesday August 1 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Projects J-6 Let's Bake Quick Breads- Junior None J-7 Let's Bake Quick Breads- Senior None J-8 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals- Junior None J-9 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals- Senior Kora Burill J-10 Grill Master- Junior None J-11 Grill Master- Senior Rebekkah Orr J-12 Star Spangled Foods- Junior Addyson Speiser J-13 Star Spangled Foods- Senior Mitchell Bachman J-14 Sports Nutrition: Ready, Set, Go- Junior Karleigh Sonnenberg J-15 Sport Nutrition: Ready, Set, Go- Senior Caely Ressler J-16 Party Planner- Junior None J-17 Party Planner- Senior None J-18 Dashboard Dining- Junior None J-19 Dashboard Dining- Senior Katie Haase

  • Thursdy August 2 BEGINNER LEVEL Projects J-20 Snack Attack!- Junior Mason Bachman J-21 Snack Attack!- Senior None J-22 Let's Start Cooking- Junior Leah Topp J-23 Let's Start Cooking- Senior None J-24 Take A Break for Breakfast- Junior Baxter Barrett J-25 Take A Break for Breakfast- Senior None J-26 Everyday Food & Fitness- Junior Lani Rosebrook J-27 Everyday Food & Fitness- Senior None

  • Photography Member Club

    #584 Focus on Photography (11) Best of Class Kalleigh Fry LC Central Station Honor Award Makayla Meller Freedom Royal Farmers Honor Award Kenasyn Meyer Freedom Royal Farmers

    #585 Controlling the Image (4) Best of Class Zoey Ripke Ridge Kids

    #589M Photography Master (1) Best of Class None

    ******************************************** STATE PARTICIPANTS- Photography Day J-1 Focus on Photography, Level 1 Kalleigh Fry J-2 Controlling The Image, Level 2 Zoey Ripke J-3 Mastering Photgraphy, Level 3 None J-4 Photography Master None

  • Scrapbooking Member Club

    Junior (8/9-13 Yrs. old) (7) Best of Class Addison Eis HC Sharp Shooters

    Seniors (14-18 Yrs. Old) (4) Best of Class Erin Haase Okolona Buckeyes

    **************************** STATE FAIR PARTICIPANTS Creative Arts Day I J-9 Scrapbooking- Junior None J-10 Scrapbooking- Senior None J-11 Scrapbooking- Junior 2nd Year + Addison Eis J-12 Scrapbooking- Senior 2nd Year + Erin Haase

  • Companion Animals Member Club

    #200 All About Dogs Best of Class Jaden Scarbough Pleasant Ridge

    #216 Purr-fect Pals Best of Class Raegan Beilharz Okolona Buckeyes

    #173 Horseless Horse Best of Class Sarah Millikan Gerald Busy Fingers Honor Award Aurianna Rossi HC Hoofbeats

    #244 Airdales to Zebras Best of Class Reese Wagner HC Hoofbeats

    #246 On The Cutting Edge Best of Class None

    #245 All Systems Go! Best of Class Adrianna Meyer NE 4-H Neighbors

    #227 Pet Rabbit Project Best of Class Hannah Culler NE 4-H Neighbors

    ************************************************* STATE FAIR PARTICIPANTS J-1 Cat 1 (ages 8-10) None J-2 Cat 1 (ages 11-13) Raegan Beilharz J-3 Cat 1 (ages 14-18) None J-4 Cat 2 (ages 8-10) None J-5 Cat 2 (ages 11-13) None J-6 Cat 3 (ages 8-18) None J-7 Pet Rabbits (8-10) Hannah Culler J-8 Pet Rabbits (11-13) None J-9 Pet Rabbits (14-18) None J-10 Pocket Pets (8-12) None J-11 Pocket Pets (13-18) None J-12 Cavies (8-13) None J-13 Cavies (14-18) None

  • J-14 Reptiles & Amphibians (8-18) None J-15 Self-Determined/Hedgehog, Ferret, Chinchilla (8-18) Hailey Schwiebert

    J-16 All About Dogs Interview (8-10) None J-17 All About Dogs Interview (11-13) Jaden Scarbrough J-18 All About Dogs Interview (14-18) None

    STATE FAIR PARTICIPANTS- STEM Day Veterinary Science Division J-1 From Airedales to Zebras Reese Wagner J-2 All Systems Go! Adrianna Meyer J-3 On the Cutting Edge None

  • DOG Member Club

    #201D You & Your Dog- Junior (8-11 Yrs. Old) (7) Best of Class Leah Topp River City Rugrats Honor Award Elliot McMaster LC Central Station

    #201D You & Your Dog- Intermediate (12-14 Yrs. Old) (1) Best of Class Tennley Stollings Pleasant Ridge

    #201D You & Your Dog- Senior (15-18 Yrs. Old) (1) Best of Class None

    #201O Dog Obedience (3) Best of Class Tianna Meyer South Florida

    #201S Dog Showmanship (1) Best of Class Morgan Reimund Marion Express

    #201P Dog Performance (2) Best of Class Alexis Bruns HC Hoofbeats