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  • 7/23/2019 Cake Craft & Decorating 2015'02



    February 2015 Issue 195 3.70

    PERFECT Patisserie treatsfor your Valentine

    MASTER cake carvingin a few simple steps

    The worlds leading sugarcraft magazine

    Made with LoveRomantic creations andsentimental sugarcraft

    Creative cookiesfor all occasions

    Wedding cakes toimpress and inspire



    showcasetheir skills


    & techniquesfor beginners



    15 exclusive step-by-step projects for all skill levels


  • 7/23/2019 Cake Craft & Decorating 2015'02


  • 7/23/2019 Cake Craft & Decorating 2015'02


    Romance is in the air this month and our cover cake typifies this with beautiful

    show stopping peonies and a unique button heart design. Whether it's a

    stacked, intricate, plain or floral wedding cake you need, we have them all for

    you in this issue.

    I know from emails received that Cake Carving is something many of you are

    particularly afraid to tackle so we have included two in depth projects to help

    you to overcome this tricky sugarcraft skill.

    If modelling is your forte why not try our One To Watch project by EgleMontalbano. She has created a gorgeous Valentine Bride, completely

    hand modelled without the use of a single mould (and that

    includes the face). We also give a warm welcome to Mandy

    Strahan with her very first project for , a heart shaped

    Valentine cake. Her design could also be easily adapted for a

    single tier wedding or anniversary cake.

    If time is short but you would still like to tell someone

    you love them, have a go at Marion Frosts effective and

    very pretty cookies; they will elevate a cup of coffee to

    a special occasion.

    If you are looking for more carved novelty cake

    designs take a look at our latest Party Cakes guide,

    available from

    Julie Askew, Editor

    Tel: 02476 738846


    Our Step-by-Step guides are graded by difficultyto help you choose the project suited to your level






    Julie Askew


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    and Twitter

    See page 40 for this project.

    Anglo AmericanMedia Ltd, publishersof Cake Craft &Decoration magazine,Cake Craft Guides:Party Cakes, WeddingCakes & Sugar Flowers.Books: Easy Steps inCake Decoration,Easy Steps in SugarFlowers.

    Cover photography:Clark Smith-Stanley


    Media Partner forCake International



    6-8 February 2015

    ExCeL, London

    27-29 March 2015

    is available as a digital edition!

    Save over 13% on the single issue pricewith a 12 issue digital subscription!

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  • 7/23/2019 Cake Craft & Decorating 2015'02


  • 7/23/2019 Cake Craft & Decorating 2015'02


    4 Peony Romance

    The elegant wedding cake featured on our cover this month is from Christina Ludlam and showcasesfuchsia peonies with gold embellishments and buttons to match.

    10 Market PlaceThe latest information from the cake industry along with fabulous free product giveaways.

    12 Marry Me?

    They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach and what sweet toothed guy could resist thistasty red, heart shaped, lacy cake adaptable for a wedding or anniversary cake too from new contributorMandy Strahand.

    17 Recommended Reads

    Settle down with a cup of tea and the books we suggest you add to your library this month.

    20 Sugar Flowers For Beginners Sweet Pea

    Flower expert Ulla Netzband guides you through the creation of realistic sweet peas with lots ofhelpful information ideal for a beginner to tackle.

    28 Masterclass Hoppy Valentines

    Make a very appealing 3D carved frog cake for a fun Valentines celebration or birthday cake, with atutorial on how to coat spherical cakes, with the help of experts Hannah Collison and Lynn Rees-Glendinning.

    34 Vintage Wedding Car

    Cake designer Rose Macefieldbuilds an edible vintage wedding car complete with handmade sugarmodels of the bride and groom. An ingenious wedding cake especially for a smaller wedding.

    38 Guinness World Record Breaking Cake!

    Jacqui Kellygives us an insight into how a group of cake decorators helped to achieve the WorldRecord for The Largest Cake Sculpture.

    40 Ranunculus and Lace Wedding Cake

    Edible crocheted lace and beautiful sugar ranunculus combine to create Karen Daviess gorgeous,elegant wedding cake.

    46 One To Watch Valentine BrideTalented Egle Montalbano from Sicily is a frequent contributor to our facebook page. Here she givesus her expert guidance in hand modelling this exquisite, sugar bride. (No moulds required!)

    50 Given With Love

    Short of time but needing that special touch - use one of Marion Frosts 8 decorated cookies, suitablefor weddings, baby celebrations, birthdays and so many other events.

    55 Sugar Skills School - Carving Cakes

    What can be a daunting task to try for the first time - creating carved cakes, is tackled comprehensivelyby Carol Deacon. She includes an adaptable book cake and a winsome Valentine Panda cake.

    62 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

    USAs Kerry Vincentreports on this most prestigious of events in the Cake Worlds calendar. This yearthe theme was 50 Shades Of Pretty Cake which attracted the very top cake decorators. Here are theirexquisite creations.

    68 Cake Boutique Love Forever

    A heart adorned, two tier Valentine wedding cake from Barker Bakes.

    70 Ptisserie Valentines

    Ruth Clemens, blogger and GBBO finalist, bakes Mini Meringue Kisses, Chocolate ValentinesCupcakes, Strawberry & Choux Puff Stack with step-by-step guidance on producing perfect chouxpastry.

    74 Manchester Cake International Show

    Exciting news about the demonstrators booked for the Manchester, Cake International Show.

    79 Coming Next Month

    Highlights from Marchs issue of . Creative Celebration cakes!

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  • 7/23/2019 Cake Craft & Decorating 2015'02



    As graceful as the mostbeautiful ballerina,the Peony is a trulycaptivating flowerconjuring a sense of

    occasion when seen,so its hardlysurprising that it isalways a romanticfavourite.

    Christina Ludlam





  • 7/23/2019 Cake Craft & Decorating 2015'02


    You will need


    10cm (4in) deep round cakes 10, 15, 20cm (4, 6, 8in)

    round cake cards 10, 15, 20cm (4, 6, 8in)

    round cake drum 35cm (14in)

    sugarpaste cream 3.5kg (6lb 9oz)

    modelling paste 600g (1lb 6oz)

    flower paste 200g fuchsia, 20g gold

    royal icing cream, gold use autumn leaf colour buttercream or ganache

    plastic dowels

    gold lustre spray

    pearl lustre spray

    lustre dust cream pearl, white pearl, gold

    florist wire 24 gauge

    white florist tape

    small head stamens

    food colour paste autumn leaf, fuchsia

    lemon extract

    icing sugar


    edible glue

    petal dusting powders lemon, strawberry, fuchsia posy picks


    rolling pin

    piping bags 2

    piping tube No. 2

    pizza wheel

    cake smoothers 2

    dresden tool

    double-sided peony veiner

    round paintbrush

    flat paintbrush

    grooved sugarcraft board

    heart-shaped cutter 6cm (2in)

    button moulds

    floral swag mould (Katy Sue Designs - Hat Mould)

    metal ball tool

    paint palette

    foam petal pad



    Cover a 14in round cake drum with cream sugarpaste and allowit to dry. Use a scriber to trace the peony outline on to thecovered board. Using cream royal icing and a No. 1.5 pipingtube, pipe a thick line of cream royal icing around the outeredge of one of the outer petals.

    Press the bristles of a slightly dampened paintbrush into the softroyal icing and pull the icing inwards towards the base of thepetal. Continue to pipe one petal at a time, overlapping wherenecessary, working inwards to complete the centre of each flower.

    1 2

    Cover the 4in cake with cream sugarpaste. Place one smootheron top and a second smoother on the side of the cake and strokethe sugarpaste outwards and upwards encouraging it to form a

    sharp edge. Repeat for all three cakes. Insert 4 dowels into the6in and 8in cakes, trimming to the exact height of the cakes.

    When the brush embroidery is completely dry, use a wide, flatbrush to apply cream pearl lustre powder over the petals. Addhighlights using a little gold lustre powder then soften the

    overall appearance using pearl white lustre over the entiresurface of each flower.

    3 4

    Attach the cakesto the cake cardswith a littlebuttercream organache. Fill thecakes with yourchoice of fillingand crumb coatwith a layer ofbuttercream organache. Allowthe crumb coat tofirm in therefrigerator for atleast 30 minutesbefore coveringthe cakes.

    Make themodelling pasteby m