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Cake Craft & Decorating

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    January 2014 3.50 The worlds leading sugarcraft magazine

    Party Time!Easy to follow Step-by-Step projects:

    New year cakes

    Birdcage and lovebirds wedding cakes

    Lacy cake creations

    Issue 182

    PLUS! Tuberose

    Painting techniques

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  • Anglo AmericanMedia Ltd, publishersof Cake Craft &Decoration magazine,Cake Craft Guides:Party Cakes, WeddingCakes & SugarFlowers. Books: EasySteps in CakeDecoration, Easy Stepsin Sugar Flowers.

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    As we celebrate the festive season and move into the new yearits definitely Party Time in this issue. We have so much tocelebrate. Thanks to you we had our most successful year yetand remain the market leader. But were not resting on ourlaurels and have listened carefully to what you want evenmore of in 2014.

    This month we start a new occasional feature called CakeProfessionals, which is aimed at the growing number ofreaders who make a full or part time business out of cakedecoration. Next month we begin Cupcake Creations, a newseries for everyone who makes this most popular of cakey treats.Over the coming months there are a number of other excitingsurprises that Ill also be springing, so keep watching.

    We also know that you appreciate upcoming talent to bring amodern feel to our art. Helping us ring in the changes thismonth are sugar flower & royal icing specialist Yoshiko Tsuda,Irelands Karen Feaney (who originally came to our attentionafter submitting a picture to our gallery page) and AliceDavies (daughter of the very popular Karen, but now a risingstar in her own right).

    Lets hope between us we have found just the cake to help youcelebrate the arrival of 2014, and all the good things it mightbring. Happy New Year!

    Julie Askew, Editor

    Julie AskewEditor

    Our Step-by-Step guides are graded by difficultyto help you choose the project suited to your level






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  • 34 Party Time CakeKathryn Kelly says that Everyone loves a bit of sparkle, and with her pretty moulded shoe andstarburst cake for a New Years party or birthday, we totally agree.

    10 Market PlaceThe latest information from the cake industry along with fabulous free product giveaways.

    12 Floral Inspirations - Tuberose Wedding BouquetAs well as making Yoshiko Tsudas gorgeous wedding bouquet complete with lilies and tuberose, youcan find out why this flower shocked the Victorians so much!

    20 Guest Of The Month - Birdcage Floral Fantasy Wedding CakeAll the way from Ireland we have a sumptuous floral and stencilled birdcage wedding cake designedexclusively for us by Karen Feaney.

    26 New Year Party Time CakeLesley Bassett has designed our second Party Time cake with a firework twist ready for your New Yearcelebrations, complete with a clock face.

    34 Lovebirds Wedding CakeWe can see this cake project by Alice Davies being very popular, it's on trend with pretty lovebirds,lacy frills and a birdcage cake top.

    40 Readers GalleryJust a few of the many cake pictures sent to us from our readers. Each month a prize fromKnightsbridge PME will go to the winning picture chosen by the editor.

    43 Over To YouThese are your pages to share news, views and cake problems, plus a prize from Doric Cake Crafts forthe message which appeals most to our editor.

    46 Pretty Lacy CakesClaire Bowman uses cake lace and miniature roses to add a delicate touch to her gorgeous pastel miniball cakes, just right for a dessert table or a feminine birthday.

    52 Sugar Skills - Painting On Cakes - Wedding CakeTechniques for painting on cakes are explained this month by Carol Deacon who puts this techniqueto full effect on her painted wedding cake.

    56 Cake ProfessionalsWe have news from Terry Tang Designer Cakes and Peter Roberts of Cakes 2 Remember.

    57 IndexWe continue our regular index with the project listings from July to December 2013, so you can placethis in the front of your magazine binder.

    59 Patchwork OwlLindy Smith shares her eye for colour with this extract from her new book, 'Creative Colour for CakeDecorating', where she explores the use of colour and creates 20 fabulous sugarcraft designs.

    68 Promotional Feature - Quilted Side DesignsGeraldine Randlesome of Creative Cutters in Canada shows how to decorate a cake quickly with herside design cutters.

    70 Home Baking - Recipes for JanuaryValerie Hedgethorne uses leftover ingredients from Christmas and bakes New Year Muffins, a NewYear Croustade, Satsuma Cheesecake and a Cranberry Frangipan Tart.

    74 Food Facts - The Favourite FlavouringInformation about all kinds of vanilla from Valerie Hedgethorne and a very tasty recipe for vanillashortbreads.

    79 Coming Next MonthHighlights from Februarys issue of , lovingly designed Valentine and birthday cakes.

    80 SubscriptionsSubscribe now and receive a free gift.






    IngredientsCOVER PROJECT









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  • 4Party TimeKathryn Kelly

    Everyone loves a bit of sparkle, particularly for a party, and this pink cakewith its pretty moulded shoe and sparkly stars would make a great

    centrepiece on New Years Eve.

    An alternative idea for this cake would be to use the shoe on top of a veryfeminine birthday cake for perhaps a special birthday like a 30th.

    Edible Items sponge cake square buttercreamed

    20cm (8in) sugarpaste 450g (1lb) white sugarpaste 800g (1lb 12oz) pink flower paste white 150g (6oz), purple 50g

    (2oz), pink 50g (2oz) airbrush colours pink, purple (Kroma) magic sparkles white (Karen Davies) lustre dust colour rose (SK) royal icing white white fat sugar glue

    Tools cake drum square 28cm (11in) cake board square 3mm 20cm (8in) rolling pin large and small smoothers craft knife airbrush flat paintbrushes ball tool foam pad pointed tweezers glue PVA glue stick small sharp scissors pencil HB paper A4 sugar shaper fitted with medium flat disc piping bag piping nozzles No. 1, 2 wire silver paper covered 24g selection of purple, pink and clear glass

    beads eg, crackle glass, crystals floristry tape white kitchen roll posy pick large doily frill cutter (160mm) (JEM) medium blossom plunger cutter (FMM) large wedding slipper mould (145mm)

    (Home Chocolate Factory) carnation cutters (C1M and C2)

    (Orchard Products) star cutters (Tinkertech) funky alphabet cutters (FMM) ribbon purple 1.5m x 16mm

    You will need

    Party Time

    Kathryn_CakeJanuary2014 16/11/2013 16:53 Page 4

  • 5Party Time

    Photography: Clark Sm


    Kathryn_CakeJanuary2014 16/11/2013 16:54 Page 5

  • 6

    Party Time

    Roll white flower paste to a thickness of 1mm. Cut out a plaqueusing the doily frill cutter. Cut small flowers from each of thefrills with the blossom plunger cutter and discard.

    Make a template for the shoe mould. Roll out flower paste to athickness of 2mm. Press it firmly into one half of the shoemould, creating a good impression of the mould. Trim awaysome of the excess paste.

    Position the iced cake centrally on the iced board. Using a No.1nozzle and white royal icing, pipe a fine snail trail round thebase of the cake.

    Roll purple flower paste to 1mm thick. Using the blossomcutter cut out 14 small flowers. Place a flower in each of thespaces in the plaque and leave to dry.

    Remove the paste from the mould, flatten it slightly then cut roundthe shoe shape. Trace the flower paste shoe shape onto a piece ofpaper or card. Cut it out. You now have a reusable template.






    Using a largepiece of foambetween yourhand and theside of yourfreshly icedcake allowsyou to move itwithoutmarking thesugarpaste.

    A template forthe shoe isprovidedshould youwish to use it.

    This is a usefultechnique tohave for anydeep orawkwardshaped mould,ensuring thatyou use onlythe amount ofpaste you needand the excesscan be moreeasily trimmed.


    Roll out 450g (1lb) white sugarpaste to 3mm thick and use tocover the 28cm (11in) square cake drum. Place the 20cm (8in)square buttercreamed cake on the 20cm (8in) cake board. Rollout 800g (1lb 12oz) pink sugarpaste to 6mm (in) thick andcover the cake.

    Kathryn_CakeJanuary2014 16/11/2013 16:54 Page 6

  • Party Time

    Roll out fresh white flower paste to a thickness ofapproximately 1.5mm. Using the template you have made, cutout the two halves of the shoe, remembering to turn thetemplate for the second half.

    Once dry, gently turn the mould over. The two halves shoulddrop out. Using a No. 2 nozzle, pipe a line of royal icingaround the join. Fill the heels with royal icing. Press the twohalves together, lining up the heel and toe. Leave to dry.

    Using the insole template provided, cut an insole from 1mmthick flower paste. Secure inside the shoe with a little royalicing. Leave to dry.

    Ease the two shoe halves into the mould, pressing firmly intothe heel and outer edge of the sole. T