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  • 1.Cake Decorating!

2. Cake Decorating

  • Most of us agree that cake is delicious.
  • We can scarf down a piece in less than five minutes

3. Cake Decorating

  • Have you ever thought about how much time and creativity is put into making and decorating a cake?

4. It takes A LOT of time!

  • Cake decorators are often considered artists
  • Similar to this class, they use deadlines as motivators!

5. Cake Decorating

  • Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing and other edible decorative elements to make otherwise plain cakes more visually interesting.

6. Creative Elements

  • Sugar flowers-edible flowers made of sugar

7. Creative Elements

  • Fondant-a type of edible frosting/dough that can be rolled out, shaped, and stretched

8. Creative Elements

  • Blown sugar-Sugar heated up to extremely high temperatures, stretched out and then blown to create shapes

9. Cake Decorating in Pop Culture *Food Networks Ace of Cakes features baker and artist Duff Goldman and his shop, Charm City Cakes. *Cake Wrecks -entertainment photoblog featuring images of silly, sad, creepy or inappropriate cakes. 10. Duff Goldman 11. Duff Goldman

  • Star of Food Networks Ace of Cakes
  • His work and talent have been featured on the network television special Food Network Challenge and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

12. Duff Goldman

  • In 2000, Goldman opened his own business called Charm City Cakes.
  • Today, Goldman's bakery shop is unusual in that blow torches, as well as power tools such as grinders and drills are used to help form the underlying supports of the unique edible creations!

13. Charm City Cakes

  • Goldman has done unusual cakes such as the likenesses of, an anatomically correct ear, a smoking volcano, a three dimensional German Shepard, as well as a replica of a CAT scan machine, a jeep, and an edible Wrigley Field.

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Charm City Cakes

  • Here at Charm City Cakes, we are motivated by constantly trying to outdo ourselves by making cakes that are beautiful, challenging, and as out-of-the-ordinary as possible! Our inspiration comes from everywhere: art, fabric, furniture, architecture, landscapes, science, music, anything! Most of all, our inspiration comes from you! Each cake is individually designed to match you, your personality, and the theme of the occasion you are celebrating.-Duff Goldman

25. Video Inspiration

  • Volcano Cake-
  • Duffs vision

26. Now Its Your Turn

  • Your birthday is coming upwhat kind of cake would you design?
  • What creative holiday/special occasion cakes can you think of?
    • Flavor of cake?
    • Theme of cake?
    • How creative can you get?
    • Imagine the possibilities!

27. Around the Area

  • Looking for a place to get creative cakes?
  • Try Cakes on Walnut!
    • They match your drinks with cupcakes!

28. Interested?

  • County Market will be hosting a cake decorating class!
  • Sunday, November 15 th
  • 4-6pm
  • You can decorate your cake and eat it too!

29. Thank you!