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Business or busyness?Managing Your Workload


how to take control of your workloadusing practical tips and techniquesfor managing the multiple prioritiesthat compete for your time, attention and energy

Wow, they really sold this session. The truth is, theres no magic, but there are some things you can do consistently to get more in control of your workload.2

IntroductionsYour nameYour district/ISD/RESAYour roleYour current grade for Managing Your Workload (A, B, C, D, F)

Write these on the big paper

Whats our GPA?

Not an expert We all have expertise in this room that I want to tap into this am.3

Why Take control?If we dont manage the workload, what happens?ExhaustionPoor quality of workNeglect other areas of life

and your stress goes through the roof

Our roles may be open ended, we may be the first one in the position, or there simply may be more work than people. If you dont manage the workload, nobody else will do it for you.4

another thing that happens to me when Im not in control of my workload. Anyone else?5

Your time, Attention & energy

Limited quantities of all

Like the Project Mgmt Quality, Time, Cost You can make 2 of the three bigger, but at the cost of the last one.6

What to manage?

Not just the workload this applies to the rest of your life.

Who here checks and answers email outside the work day? Is it necessary?


Take control: 6 Steps Touch it once

21 days to form a new habit1 month/year spent re-reading info? Spend 28% of our time at work reading & answering email. Only more: Role specific tasks at 39%. (*otherwise known as doing our actual jobs)If you touch it, take action. Dont open email until I can deal with it. Same with papers.Take Action: write a memo/email, pass it on, schedule it, delete it. If you can get it done in 2 minutes, do it then. If it takes more than 2 minutes, schedule it.If you get auto notified on email, youre in reactive mode all day long


Take control: 6 Steps Touch it onceMake lists

ASK: Anyone here have a list? How many items?Keeping a list is a good thing Double your productivity by keeping a to do list. Stick to the 6 most important things. There is a tremendous psychological boost if you get to the 6th thing and cross it off your list.DO: Write down the 6 most important things you have to do when you go to the office tomorrow (Friday). Start with a clean sheet of paper.--Its okay to have a big thing on your list (a 15 hour project like revising a manual that will benefit the district; but you must break it down) You can have a side list of things that HAVE to be done that arent the 6 most important things.


Take control: 6 Steps Touch it onceMake listsEstimate Time to Complete Your Most Important Things

ASK: What is the total time you need to do your 6 things?


Take control: 6 Steps Touch it onceMake listsEstimate Time to Complete Your 6 Most Important ThingsPlan When

Plan in to your day check email and miscellaneous meetings

Plan when eating the crust first (so the rest is pie) Get it done early

Batch similar tasks


Take control: 6 Steps Touch it onceMake listsEstimate Time to Complete Your 6 Most Important ThingsPlan WhenPrioritize: Do the Most Important Things First

Heart, lungs and kidneys All my work is essential. Well, when push comes to shove, even with those, heart goes first (you die in one minute without it), then your lungs because youve got 3 minutes to live, then kidneys (you could go on dialysis)

Because your role is open ended, no matter how much you do, there will always be more that could be done, the trick of mind to survive is to accept that and set priorities.

Prioritize your work Flip chart.


Priority matrix

Quick wins are low hanging fruit start here.13

Take control: 6 Steps Touch it onceMake listsEstimate Time to Complete Your 6 Most Important ThingsPlan WhenPrioritize: Do the Most Important Things FirstThrow Things Away

Will it hurt me to throw things away? You throw away practically everything. If I really needed this again, would I be able to get it?

Learn to say no. Drop the fill in quadrant items.

Priority matrix (I suggest using your existing tools paper or calendar or task list)


And Dont procrastinateLearn to say no

Dont procrastinate: Why do people procrastinate? Why do you procrastinate? Too big? Break it down into actions pomodoro technique (25 minute sprints lots of apps to help with this) Break down the task & give yourself breaks.New and dont know where to start? Ask for help.


Say noBe briefBe honestBe respectfulBe ready to repeat

Example of a task you were asked to do in the last week that you could have said no to?16

Last minute requests for assistanceCould you give me some quick help with this report? Its due at 5pm.

If you have a well-kept schedule, when things pop up like last minute requests, you can refer to your calendar.

When you are good at your job, youre a miracle worker in the minds of supervisors/coworkers. You have to tell them how long a task will take. Last time I worked on this, it an hour. This time it might only take 45 minutes. If you can wait until tomorrow, I can schedule it in. Or if you need help today, you can ask Sally if I can bump her and put you in her place. It hands it back to the requestor.17

If you are overwhelmed, it may reflect a lack of preparationYou need a very clear outline of what you need to do and by when. Work backward from there backwards planning.Map out what do I need to do, by when, what do I need to have available.Shut away. Complete & total isolation Make a list of the competing priorities. Top priority must get done Others I am unable to attend to this at this time. We must reschedule.Think of yourself as being in control, rather than circumstances being in control of you.Elect not to do some things at all. Policy: Never do anything unless asked 3 times. Sometimes things get done while you are worrying about it, but if its really important and only you can do it, it will keep coming back.18


Which of these techniques seems most difficult/fuzzy? Priority matrix, saying no, throwing things away Think, pair, Share with your neighbor both of you share (couple of minutes)Think, share - Now neighbor can share an idea for solving with you.

Report out


toolsOneNote (Outlook users)Google Keep

Im purposely not sharing a lot of apps, though they are out there. There isnt an app or a calendar or a notebook thats magic. I stick to my email because Im already there. Example client who called because too complicated to put into email. I did the intellectual work with them of sifting through their request. Thats a mistake Ticketing system.

What do you use?20

Rescuetime Lite is free. this app will send you weekly reports to indicate your time thieves.


Carly Wiggins

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