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Dispelling the Busyness Myth

Dispelling the Busyness MythBy:Christiane Holbrook1www.SacredProductivity.com

Do you identify?Are you an entrepreneur who wants to expand your business but too busy juggling your tasks?Are you a solopreneur who runs the business alone and does everything by himself?Are you the kind of person who keeps himself busy and works so hard with the notion that it is being productive?But the question is Is it truly productive?


What youll learn In this presentation, I will show you why being busy with so many things isnt helping you, instead its just delaying you from accomplishing your mission. I will show you how you can fast track your progress in reaching your goals and eventually make your impact in the world. Read on for an eye opener on the myth of busyness.


My BUSY days As somebody who grew up in a hardworking family, I knew what it was like to work so hard. At an early age of 8, I was already working in my Dads shoe store. I continued to work this hard even during my marriage, much to the delight of my husband who worked even harder.www.SacredProductivity.com4

I was getting tired ... After some time of building my own business, I realized I was starting to lose my own vision. I was getting tired. All the hard work took its toll on me. 5www.SacredProductivity.com

Too busy to live my life And I came to a realization that I had been too busy to even live my life. I even came to a point when sitting still made me feel guilty and I was feeling like a slacker when I read a book.

It wasnt the kind of productivity that would help me reach my goals and accomplish my mission.


I wanted to make an impact As a social entrepreneur, I wanted to make an impact in the world, but Ive learned that I wont accomplish that if I kept working this hard.7www.SacredProductivity.com

Ive made a decision to get help I knew I needed a team to help me carry out my mission, reach my goals and make an impact. I needed people who could do the tasks that I wasnt good at. The crazy, busy days needed to end.


The typical Solopreneur I had worked alone and learned it all - how to market, how to create websites, how to create videos. The how-tos seemed endless and it was eating up my precious time. 9www.SacredProductivity.com

Too busy to do the essential I was too busy doing all that while all of the wisdom that I come to convey to you now was stuck inside of me as to be done later;to be produced later; orto move into next year.10www.SacredProductivity.com

My Sacred Virtual Team So yes, I decided to get help and a year later, I have my sacred virtual team helping me carry out my mission, let my voice be heard and get my message to you - making the impact in the world.


We dont have much time Ive made this all-important decision because, as we all know, we dont have much time on this planet. And the time to act is now; not tomorrow and not next year.


The world cant wait for you If youre a mission-driven, heart-centered social entrepreneur, I want you to know that the world cant wait to hear your voice and receive the impact that you are bound to make.


You need help Ive been through the same struggle as you are having now and I know that you need the help of the sacred and inspired team.

A team who will be thinking with you and buying into your mission. The team who knows and loves your mission as much as you do. www.SacredProductivity.com14

Ask yourselves Here are some questions that you might need to ask yourself. Am I using my time wisely? Am I truly productive? Or am I just looking busy tiring myself out, working round the clock and not really producing quality work?


Things you shouldnt be doing Make an inventory of your daily and weekly activities. Write down rigorously what you spend the majority of your time on. Then let go of any repetitive tasks and find someone else to do those. Never again engage in routine tasks.


Things you should be doing Instead of wasting your precious time at things that can be delegated, focus your time and energy on things you are best at:inventingsolving problemsfinding solutionsnetworking with other change agentsLet your creativity spark because the world is waiting for you to do so.


Get some help For affordable, loyal and inspired support staff (located in the Philippines), you can count on us to find you just the person you need. Check us out at www.SacredProductivity.com18www.SacredProductivity.com