Social Media: Busyness Engine or Network Accelerant

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Social Media: Busyness Engine or Network Accelerant?

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Beyond its seemingly endless demand for content, social media is fundamentally about reaching and connecting people. These tools can mean big changes for a learning community. Let’s talk about both the pitfalls and possibilities of social media within and beyond our schools. On an engagement spectrum that runs from fear to skepticism to cheerleading, where are you and your school? Where do you think you could/ should be? * What’s happening in your school community, and who knows about it? * What’s your social media mission, and who are the right people to fulfill it? * Today’s traffic report: are you experiencing roadblocks and bottlenecks? * What would deeper engagement look like? How would you define success?

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  • 1. Social Media:Busyness EngineorNetwork Accelerant?

2. We are allin the processof making theshift fromconsumingto curating andproducing...Now what?Uncharted Territory 3. Storytelling 4. Are youlistening?Reallylistening? 5. You know what they say... 6. Shared Vision 7. Where are the stories? 8. Widening Circles 9. Heightened Expectations 10. Our Comfortable Silos 11. Bottomless Pit? 12. Policies&Guidelines 13. The smartest person in theroom isn't the person at thefront of the room. It's theroom. David Weinberger 14. Thank you!This and other slidedecksof mine are are publiclyavailable on Slideshare,where my username isbutwait.On email Imshelley.krause (at) you can always find meon Twitter (@butwait).