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Effort-metrics and driving busyness impedes the value of what's important. Value.

Transcript of Busyness geekfest

  • 1. PRODUCTIVITY IS KILLING US How Effort Metrics and Utilization Constrict the Flow of Value @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 2. Please Turn Your Smartphones ON! #Geekfest @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 3. Who Is This Guy?! Husband, Dad, Humanistic Lean Flow-Based Systems- Thinking Consultant at Context driven Agility (CDA) Consulting, Sailor @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 4. My Two Favorite People @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 5. My Other Interest @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 6. Learning @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 7. Learning @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 8. Why Are We Here? @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 9. Oh Right, at This Session Discuss how the relentless pursuit of productivity is constraining our ability to effectively deliver value to our customers and businesses. ! Discuss some alternatives to this approach of optimizing for busyness. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 10. But First, an Apology @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 11. Resource Efficiency Nightmare: 0% Utilization Waste @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 12. ~100% Resource Efficiency @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 13. Resource Efficiency Nightmare 0% Utilization @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 14. That Guy Woke Up and Said @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 15. What Can Happen When Agile Turns Up? @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 16. What Are Legalistic Frameworks? @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 17. ! ! ! Prescriptive: Follow these rules and Agile hyper- productivity will be your reward. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 18. ! ! ! Castigate when the rules are not followed. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 19. ! ! ! Take pride in following those rules. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 20. ! ! ! Measure success based on compliance to the rules. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 21. ! ! ! Blame failure on lack of strict adherence to the rules. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 22. Some Agile Adoption Antipatterns @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 23. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 24. Focus on Compliance to the Framework Over Value @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 25. Status reporting stand-up meetings ! ! ! What did you do yesterday? ! What will you do today? ! Any impediments? @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 26. Splitting Teams & Creating Dependencies @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 27. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 28. Limit WIP/Visualize Flow of Value @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 29. Limit Work In Progress Excessive Work in Progress (WIP) is the enemy of flow. By setting limits to work in progress we can enable greater flow. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 30. If We Measure Busyness, Well Create More Busyness. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 31. Littles Law @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 32. What is Failure Demand? Traditional management thinking treats all demand as equal. There is work to be done and people who do the work. Failure Demand is demand that originates from a failure to have done something right in the first place. Not all productivity is desirable. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 33. Typical Example of Failure Demand @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 34. Product Development Example ! Agile team produces growing velocity but, as they speed features out the door, bugs are introduced. When bugs come into the backlog theyre assigned velocity points. It is theoretically possible, therefore, to have a team producing zero value while increasing velocity fixing bugs. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 35. Pitfalls of Ignoring Failure Demand @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 36. Protecting Silos From Failure Demand Creates More @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 37. Dumpster Teams In order to keep developers typing at maximum utilization, we create teams to absorb the failure demand caused by developers typing at maximum utilization. These teams often have unlimited WIP and must consume an unending stream of demand. This also hides the problems from the people creating them. @AdamYuret Adam.Yuret@gmail.com
  • 38.