Business Model 101: The Basics of Marketplaces, SaaS & Ecommerce [reduced]

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An shorter introduction to some of our favourite investment areas: Marketplaces, Software-as-a-Service and Ecommerce. Starting with different ways of monetization, we dip into the major characteristics, address critical challenges and single out the KPIs you should keep an eye on. As presented in Startit Fest in Belgrade,

Transcript of Business Model 101: The Basics of Marketplaces, SaaS & Ecommerce [reduced]

  • Business models 101 The basis of SaaS, Marketplaces & eCommerce @rodrigoMrzBelgrade, May 2014
  • Agenda 0. Intro to Point Nine 1. Marketplaces 2. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) 3. Ecommerce a. Major characteristics b. Monetization c. Key challenges d. Top 3 KPIs e. Examples & Trends @rodrigoMrz
  • Intro to Point Nine Capital @rodrigoMrz | Berlin-based, investing in Europe 40mEur fund, focus in seed & series A SaaS and Marketplaces *CJ @rodrigoMrz
  • Funding sources Idea Startup Early Maturity Growth Clients Crowdfunding F&F Accelerators Angels Fondos VC Private equity IPO Debt $ @rodrigoMrz
  • 3 business models Supply Demand % Software Users $ Product Customers $$ Getting a commission for intermediating between supply and demand Marketplace Charging users for accessing a software SaaS Selling products to customers and getting a margin for it eCommerce @rodrigoMrz
  • 1. Marketplaces @rodrigoMrz
  • Marketplaces (i) intro Challenges Generate liquidity Chicken and egg Monetization timing Characteristics B2B / B2B2C / B2C / C2C Inventory vs digital Network effects Supply Demand % @rodrigoMrz
  • Marketplaces (ii) key metrics When you start Supply: # of new/cumulated listings Demand: growth in sign-ups Active Users (buyers / sellers) # Transactions In the next phase Recurring customers Successful items/listings per total Take Rate (% as of GMV) @rodrigoMrz
  • Marketplaces (iii) examples Full-stack Digital marketplace 1-click booking Mobile-first Peer2peer Pioneers @rodrigoMrz
  • 2. Software as a Service (SaaS) @rodrigoMrz
  • SaaS (i) intro Challenges Product development Marketing Conversions Characteristics B2B / B2C Subscription Quality / Speed of product Cloud (no maintenance) Upfront payments Software Users $ @rodrigoMrz
  • SaaS (ii) key metrics When you start Inbound traffic Conversion funnel Churn In the next phase MRR growth CAC: Only paid; for each channel Churn! @rodrigoMrz
  • SaaS (iii) examples Horizontal Mobile-first Platforms Pioneers Consumerization Vertical @rodrigoMrz
  • 3. eCommerce @rodrigoMrz
  • eCommerce (i) intro Challenges Marketing costs Operations Competition on price Rocket Internet ;-) Characteristics B2C / B2B Margins Own vs drop-shipping Product Customers $$ @rodrigoMrz
  • eCommerce (ii) key metrics When you start CPO Margins AOV Revenue growth In the next phase Recurring purchase Free-cashflow Inventory @rodrigoMrz
  • eCommerce (iii) examples Flash-sales ReCommerce Online brands Pioneers Hardware @rodrigoMrz
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