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  • Extended Practice Submission 22/06/15Brief Three: DR.ME / Vinyl Design


    James Keefe:

    Dr.Me are a design studio based in Manchester that specialise in collage and create a lot of work for clients in the music industry.

    The audience will be fans of Evian Christ or people that enjoy electronic music.

    To design a vinyl sleeve for the artist Evian Christs Duga 3 mix.

    12 Vinyl Sleeve design


    Target Audience:



  • Extended Practice Submission 22/06/15Reference Imagery


    James Keefe:Brief Three: DR.ME / Vinyl Design

    Research: The mix was named after the Russian transmitter Duga 3 so this naturally was the focus for the research. However, after listening to the mix, it was pretty atmospheric and disorientating so I decided to look at perspective and sound waves.

  • Extended Practice Submission 22/06/15Development


    James Keefe:

    Variations: Because of the short time frame we had to create the designs I had to work fast. This limited the amount of development, however, it made me be assertive and make quick judgements about design decisions.

    Brief Three: DR.ME / Vinyl Design

  • Extended Practice Submission 22/06/15Deliverable


    James Keefe:

    Deliverable: Above is the final sleeve design. To create the artwork I used digital collage techniques with a one point perspective to draw in the eye and disorientate the mind.

    Brief Three: DR.ME / Vinyl Design