Biomass Briquetting Machine

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JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS is the best leading manufacturer & supplier of Biomass Briquetting Plant in Rajkot, Gujarat. Our firm is recognized and ongoing their business in 1994 from small foundation. We provide best solution to the clients for efficient fuel requirements and also assemble Biomass Briquettes with extreme precision at our Biomass Briquetting Plant.

Transcript of Biomass Briquetting Machine

  • 1. Presentation on Jay Khodiyar Machine ToolsJay Khodiyar Machine Tools -Ms. Neha Raithatha -Marketing Manager (International Business)

2. Index Need for converting wastePotential of briquetting industryJK Company Profile 3. Need for Converting Waste to Energy MODERNIZATION OF BIOMASS ENERGY IN ASIA improvement of technologies in traditional biomass applications such as for cooking and rural industriesprocess development for conversion of raw biomass to superior fuels (such as liquid fuels, gas and briquettes), andpenetration of biomass based electricity generation technologies. These developments have opened new avenues for biomass energy in several Asian nations, besides India. 4. Potential of briquetting industry The potential of briquetting industry can be seen in two ways First is in terms of alternative fuel i.e. Cooking , Steam generation, Melting metal, Space Heating, Gasification and Other applications Second is in terms of employment generationComparative chart of coal with the biomass briquettes Fuel Coal Biomass Briquettes from Saw Dust Ground Shell Rice Husk Saw dust + Cotton SticksCalorific Value (kCal/Kg)Ash Content (%)3800-530020-404600 4750 3700 43000.7 2.0 18.0 8.0 5. ADVANTAGES OF BIOMASS BRIQUETTES OVER FIREWOOD Use of biomass briquette has been very successful in replacing fire wood in thermal application due to the following commercial considerations : Restricted availability of fire wood Higher flame temperature Its regular size allows firing the briquettes in small capacity boilers 6. AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY By integrated Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. 7. WHY BRIQUETTES Renewable energy fuel Briquettes are cheaper than coal Lower ash content (1 to 3 %) compare to coal (20 to 25%) There is no fly ash when burning briquettes. Briquettes contains low moisture (2 to 3%) compare to coal (8 to 10%) Have high burning efficiency. Using briquettes will beneficial for the industries as they will get carbon credit. Briquettes are usually produced near the consumption centers and supplies do not depend on erratic transport from long distances. Higher Demand in the market due to high rise in fossil fuels price. 8. PROCESS OF BRIQUETTINGRaw MaterialCrusherDryerBiomass Briquette MachineCoolingFinished Product 9. RANGES OF THE BRIQUETTING MODELSUPER 60SUPREME 70CRUSHERJUMBO 9075DRYER 10. COMPLETE BRIQUETTING LINE FOR THE USE OF JUMBO 9075 MACHINE, THE REQUIRED STANDARD OF THE RAW MATERIAL SHOULD BE AS FOLLOWS:RAW MATERIAL SIZE UPTO 25 MM MOISTURE CONTENT 8-12%PROCESS WILL BE AS FOLLOWS:RAW MATERIAL WITH MORE THAN 12% MOISTURE & MORE THAN 25 MM SIZEBRIQUETTING MACHINEFINAL PRODUCT / BRIQUETTESCRUSHER MACHINERAW MATERIAL HAVING LESS THAN 12% MOISTURE & LESS THAN 25 MM SIZERAW MATERIAL HAVING MORE THAN 12% MOISTURE & LESS THAN 25 MM SIZEDRYER 11. BIO-COAL FORMATION CHART 1-INPUT PROCESS RAW MATERIAL (AGRO/FORESTRY WASTE)SCREW CONVEYORHOPPERKUPPY / WARAM2-FORMATION OF BRIQUETTES BRIQUETTE FORMATION BY RAMFEEDER BOXDIE3-OUTPUT PROCESS OUTLET OF DIEBRIQUETTING LINEBRIQUETTES COOLINGLOADING OR STORAGE 12. PROCESS CHART OF DRYER HIGH MOISTURE CONTENT RAW MATERIAL FROM SCREW CONVEYOR MIXTURE OF HOT AIR & HIGH MOISTURE CONTENT RAW MATERIAL HOT AIR GENERATORDAMPER1CYCLONE3CENTRIFUGAL FAN2DRYER COLUMNEXHAUST AIR TO THE ATMOSPHERE AIR LOCKNOTE: - 1-3 DRYING PROCESSREDUCED MOISTURE LEVEL IN THE RAW MATERIALSUPPLY TO THE MACHINE 13. CRUSHER PROCESS RAW MATERIAL WITH MAXIMUM DIA UPTO 60MM AND LENGTH UPTO 2000MM MOISTURE 50%MANUAL FEEDING INTO LOADING HOPPERCHIPPING THE MATERIAL THROUGH BALANCED ROTOR BLADESCRUSHED MATERIAL WITH THE SIZE OF 15MM TO 20MMROTOR AND ALLOY STEEL CHIPPING BLADES DRIVE THROUGH V BELT 14. Production Cost JUMBO 9075 Jumbo -9075 briquetting plant having the production capacity of 1200-1800 kg/hr Following calculation is for 1 hour (Plant Operation for 1 shift 10 hours) NoParticularPer HourRs.1Electricity35-40 unit175 to 2502Labor charges ( 4 unskilled labors to feed the material)480 to 1003Operator charges130 to 404Machine maintenance70 to 855Miscellaneous55 to 65TOTALNote : The life of parts is depends on the Raw Material we are going to use.410 to 540 15. Production Cost SUPER 60 AND SUPREME 70 Following calculation is for 1 hour (Plant Operation for 1 shift 10 hours) NoParticularPer HourRs.1Electricity30-35 unit180 to 2102Labor charges ( 4 unskilled labors to feed the material)4 Labor80 to 1003Operator charges1 Operator30 to 404Machine maintenance***70 to 855Miscellaneous***55 to 65TOTALNote : The life of parts is depends on the Raw Material we are going to use.415 to 500 16. LIST OF OUR VALUABLE CLIENTS International Clients U.S.A. U.K. Africa Europe Malaysia Vietnam Netherlands Indonesia Pakistan and others Domestic Clients We Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools are the pioneers in the Bio-Mass Briquetting Machine and we have covered all the states in India, holding the strong presence here. 17. B A S I C T E C H A N I C A L D E T A I L SSr. No.QuerySolution1Pressure exerted during a single stroke46.5 -957.5 MPa (300-1600 ton.)2Machine is start & stop for 3-times initiallyTo start up the stroke of the machine3Sensor Indicator/Temp. Indicator Die Temperature: 160 C Housing Temperature: 50-60 C Oil Temperature: 50-60 C4Lubricating Oil/ Industrial Gear Oil Grade220 AF5Ignition Temperature Of Briquettes Temp. Range is 400-500 C Depends on Raw Material6Density of Briquettes1200 kg/m37Density of Bulk Biomass800 kg/m38Density of Loose Biomass60-180 kg/m39Specification of Crusher/Cutter Machine Moisture 50% Diameter 50 mm Length 2000 mm10Specification of Dryer Moisture Removal Capacity - 35-40% Temperature Required 400-600 C (If Moisture content is 40-60%)11Oil Required in the oil tank for Briquetting Machine Speed of Flywheel of Briquetting Machine140-150 liters200-250 RPM12 18. WHY JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS Pioneer manufacturer of Briquetting Plant Core Product Competency Satisfied Customers throughout the world Wide range of management experience almost 20 years No addition of any binder / chemicals is required so it is 100 % natural. Strong R&D Team with technocrats Organization's principle - Quality Comes First The Quality supplied meets the International Standards (e.g. EU Standards) Objective of Company : Always meet customer demands AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY By integrated Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. 19. Samrat Industrial Area , No.2 Near Atul Gas Agency, Opp. Kaneriya Oil Industries, Rajkot - 360 004 , Gujarat INDIA Ph : +91-281-2388115, 2367512, 2367594 Mob: +91 97277 86699 Fax : +91-281-2373344 Mob : +91-98253 85661 Email Add Web Add : Yahoo chat id : jaykhodiyar Skype id : jaykhodiyar 20. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME