Briquetting Machine

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Briquetting Machine

Introduction As the population increases, Human activities release more carbon dioxide and other global warming gases to the environment. This gases trap heat and increases earths temperature, which creates harmful impact on our health, Environment and climate. The main source of global warming is burning of fossil fuel.

The coal fired power plant produces 25% of global warming emission, natural gas fired power plant produces 6% of global warming gases. Thus, day by day global warming is becoming a big problem. One way to prevent global warming is to use renewable energy fuel. Renewable energy fuel is the substitute of fossil fuel and does not pollute the environment.Continue

Briquetting Machine Briquettes machine use the agro forestry waste and produce the renewable fuel briquettes or white coal. So, it is called renewable energy project. Agro forestry waste or biomasses which are burnt inefficient in its loose form is used as a raw material and solid fuel briquettes.

This solid fuel biomass briquette is totally eco friendly and does not contain any polluting substance. So, burning of briquettes does not emit the green house gases. The production of briquettes through briquetting machine doesnt require any external binder to bind the raw material.Continue

So, this project is also called the binder less technology. Renewable energy project helps us to produce the renewable energy fuel biomass briquettes. Biomass briquettes machine produces the biomass fuel briquettes which are totally eco friendly and does not pollute the environment. Continue

Biomass briquetting is the process of converting agro forestry waste into renewable fuel white coal. It doesnt contain any polluting substance. So, it does not pollute the environment.Continue

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