Biomass Briquetting Plant manufacturing Briquettes

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Transcript of Biomass Briquetting Plant manufacturing Briquettes

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Recycling is the Process of using already used raw materials and waste products to make a completely new product to complete whole cycle instead of destroying or throwing way the waste product.

Through the process of recycling, we can produce a fresh new product from the wastage like

Agricultural /Forestry


Glass Waste

Plastic Waste

Paper Waste

Agricultural and Forestry waste can be recycle into useful Biomass Bio fuel called White coal Briquettes using Biomass Briquetting Plant.

Biomass Briquetting Plant

Biomass Briquetting Plant is used to recycle Agro-Forestry waste.

Any Agro-Forestry waste like Saw-dust, Rice Straw Bale, Sun flower Stalk, Soya bean Husk etc.

can be used in this Briquetting Process.

Briquetting Plant manufactures the best biomass bio fuel


Briquetting Plant is also called Briquetting Press, Briquetting Machines, Briquetting Unit, Briquetting Equipments.

Biomass Bio fuel Briquettes

Biomass Bio fuel Briquettes are made from Agro forestry waste.

Briquettes - the best green bio fuel is alternative of Fossil Fuel.

Briquettes Characteristics:

Higher Thermal Application value,

low Sulphure contain,

no ash fly,

high burning efficiency

Chipper than coal

Non-Polluting and Totally Eco-Friendly.

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