Briquetting Press Machine – A New Approach To Recycle Biomass Waste

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Transcript of Briquetting Press Machine – A New Approach To Recycle Biomass Waste

  • 1. Briquetting Press Machine- New Approach To Recycle Biomass Waste

2. What Is Briquetting? Briquetting is the agglomeration of biomass wastematerials without any additional binding materialsadding. The biomass briquette machine is easy goingtechnology which makes use of reusable biomassmaterials discharged from the green agro-crops,indutries or even from the jungle. 3. Briquetting Press Machine Any type of agriculture and jungle waste areconverted in to briquette coal through briquettepress machine. The briquettes through the agro briquetting pressproject are reusing such bio waste for the energycoal briquette generation. 4. Clean & Green Energy Fuel It is a simple and fast way to get recyclable and cleanenergy fuel at lower rate. Without any binders, this great technique makesbriquettes from the lower density waste biomass. 5. Biomass Briquetting Technology By providing the rich quality energy coal to theindustries, briquetting plant technology hasimpressed its importance among the world'sindustries. Evidently, this advanced biomass briquetting planttechnology is providing large areas of inferiorquality eco fuel where the fossil fuels are high priced. 6. Briquetting Press Machine The biomass briquettesare today becoming theprincipal domestic fuelin many developingnations. 7. Benefits Of Briquetting PressThe agglomeration or we can say that thebiomass briquetting press process offers client arange of benefits like: reduced waste materials volumes improved materials handling lessen transport, handling and storage costs pollution control and removal of CFCs easily improved fuel consistency development of nation by providing affordablerenewable fuel. 8. Conclusion Hence, in this currentera, the white coals areconsidered as thefuture saving energysource. 9. Radhe Industrial CorporationGondal Road,B/H Perfect auto serviceSurvey No. 43, Plot no.122/123,VAVDI, RAJKOT (GUJARAT) [INDIA]Toll free: 1800-300-21222Visit Us: 10. Thank You