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  • 1. A smart scale solution to helpbutchers track profitability

2. 100 and 1 waysto cut a cowWhat to do???For whole animal butchers to take off, they need to trackand understand input costs and revenue.Whole animal butcheries have a unique problem. Awhole carcass can be cut up 100 different ways, and itsimpossible to track profitability of the original animal. 3. CaseCarcassTrackingprofitability isreally hard!StageOther ProductsButcher buys a1200 lbs cow.Cost: $1200The beef isbutchered and soldfrom the case.Revenue: $1600Labor cost: ?Some beef is madeinto secondaryproducts.Revenue: $800Labor cost: ?Was I profitable on this cow?What cuts & products are profitable? 4. How can we do capture information in this messy,bloody, non-tech friendly environment? 5. The simplestmeat cuttracking toolevery butcherwill love to use 6. A crystal ball forbutchers 7. A crystal ball forbutchersAmount Sold: 50lbsRevenue to Date: $300Cost to Date: $200PROFIT: $100 8. A crystal ball forbutchersTHE REPORTFull Belly FarmsSKU: #1249Animal:PorkAmount Sold: 50lbsRevenue to Date: $300Cost to Date: $200PROFIT: $100 9. We crunch thenumbersWe optimize thedataSO BUTCHERSDONT HAVE TO! 10. 150 whole animalbutchers in theButchers Guild1,000 wholeanimal butchersacross the US 11. Anil, Sarah, Chris,John, Andrew, Sherry,JacobTEAM CA$H COWPhoto: Chris