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  • 1. R U interested in Wellness Integrated Retail Services Market size INR 1.60 Lakhs by 2025 Plan for 1.0% of national market by 2025 Low investments, short gestation Excellent ROI, PBT & PAT Good margins on turnovers Reimbursements for Govt. employees IRDA directed to cover Ayurvedic/ Homeo treatments Breakeven in 2nd year Investors capital back in 3rd / 4th year Developed in 3 stages of 3 yrs each Funds 30% promoters, 70% FIs 1 yr moratorium for FIs EMI Tax holidays for 5-10 yrs by 5 states. Propagate Health, accumulate Wealth

2. Shelter Health Cloth Food Human hierarchical Needs - Priorities 3. Achievements Goals Work Plans Ideas 4. Small aim is crime Bharath Rathna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 5. As per W.H.O. by 2000 based on health entire world population is divided into 3 groups Healthy -5% Sick -10% Look Healthy -85% The Wellness market segment is for all the 3 groups hence it is very Laaaaaaaaaaaaaarge. Assuming that 0.5% of the needy spend Rs. 2000 PA by 2025 on our therapies/ treatments it will be Rs. 1000 Cr PA with 25% net margins 6. Develop chain of Wellness Services in major Indian Cities, Metros 7. Reduce disease burden on the society and improve quality of life for healthy in chronic progressive diseases Allopathy is not the bet 8. Indian Wellness segment is Rs. 80000 Cr in 2010 & is likely to be is Rs. 160000 Cr by 2025 as per ICMR. Promoters aspiring can have good share with organized human effort Rs. 1000 Cr. PA By 2025 9. Aiming at 0.5% - 1.0% of national market i.e. Rs. 800- 1600 Cr PA by 2025 in 3 stages each stage about 2-3 yrs each center inflows about Rs. 1.2-3.0 Cr PA outflows 0.8-2.0 Cr PA Phase I 60 centers Rs. 90 Cr PA 2-3 yrs Phase II +120 Centers Rs. 360 Cr PA 2-3 yrs Phase III +120 Centers Rs. 1080 Cr PA 2-3 yrs 10. Phase wise development at a glance Phase Period Centers Capital Promoter FIsIn/PA Out/PA Margins First 2-3 yrs 60 40 C 12 C 28 C 120 C 60 C 18-24% Spread over 3-4 states Second 2-3 yrs +120 80 C 24 C 56 C 450 C 225 C 25-30% Spread over 7-8 states Third 2-3 yrs +120 80 C 24 C 56 C 1080 C 500 C 30-35% Spread over 10-15 states The inflows are taken very conservatively actually may be 10% more Expenses are taken liberally reality will be about 5% less Margins are about 25-35% net on turnovers Centers in Metros, State capitals and select major cities having 1 million + populations 5 Indian State Govts. are offering tax holidays for 5 -10 yrs (VAT & Service Tax) 11. Pilot Project for 1 yr Start the in any state with 10 centers with a capital of Rs. 1.5 Cr by promoters and Rs. 3.5 Cr by FIs to be repaid over 4-5 years with 6 months moratorium 12. Good net margins (25%) gestation 6 - 8 months breakeven by 2nd year, promoters investments will be back in 3-4 yrs, debt free by 9th yr for every stage 13. Services: Consultation, Counsel, Pharmacies, Therapies Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Homeo Acupressure, Acupuncture Physio Therapy, Magnet Therapy Beauty Therapy, Shape Therapy Relaxation Therapy, Rekei Pancha Karma, Yoga Therapy 14. Pharmacies offer Ayurvedic medicines organic foods, cow based products, natural beauty cosmetics results or Money back to customers 15. Tying up with AYUSH and get therapy, treatment reimbursement to the customers, tie up with Insurance cos and offer insurance cover to the customers triumph card to succeed Triumph card to succeed 16. Now IRDA order all the Govt. Insurance Companies to cover Ayurveda, Homeo treatments by insurance, therapies this is great news to successed for Indian system to reduce the burden on the needy and to reach more people 17. Funds 30% by promoters 70% by FIIs Repaying in 7-8 yrs with 1 yr moratorium from starting the commercial activities 18. Use social, print media, WEB group interactions, referrals by docs, pharmacies, paramedics, customers, super markets, conduct community awareness programmes like health camps to increase inflows through OPs/ IPs 19. Go to the needy with corporate USP Know Ayurveda No Disease No Ayurveda Know Disease 20. Modi regime is very positive to support Indian medical system to overtake expensive, harmful Allopathy by 2025 21. About 5 state Govts. Including AP are offering tax holidays for 5-10 yrs (VAT about 4-8%, Service tax ranging from 8%-12%) 22. Each Center works 6AM to 9PM, Seven Days/ week offer services like consultation, yoga, counseling, Herbal pharmacy. Need 40-80 Lak Capital Investment Depending up on the city 23. Project from conception to completion on retainership basis to guide the right / like minded, resourceful, even tempered, intuitive, aspiring, enterprising promoters to reduce the disease burden on the society & Create Wealth for their progeny 24. For more info Murthy Kovur Wellness Consultant 98480 13958 1000 Cr 100 Cr Look up Aim High 300 Cr 600 Cr