Batvox Advanced School Brochure June 2012

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Transcript of Batvox Advanced School Brochure June 2012


Learning and Sharing the Voice Biometrics Experience.

BATVOX ADVANCED SCHOOLLearning and Sharing the Voice Biometrics Experience

AGNITIO announces the opening of the BATVOX Advanced SchoolAddressing the need of the Audio Forensic Community: advanced learning, certification programs and sharing experiencesThe use of Voice Biometrics has become a standard in most Audio Forensic Laboratories of the world. BATVOX, the leading Voice Biometrics tool designed for forensic experts, is playing an important role in this standardization. In the last few years of interaction with our customers we have received clear feedback on the need for a high level training project that will meet at least three goals: 1. Provide a structured learning framework for novices as well as experts willing to advance their knowledge Provide a certification program 3. that will allow laboratories and official organizations to qualify, in an objective and independent way, their level of knowledge in the use of BATVOX. Expand the use of the BATVOX System to private laboratories, Universities and other educational institutions. The goal is that Voice Biometrics will be learned from the very early stages of Audio forensic training, by using leading edge technology Additionally, it will provide our customers with a new channel to share their experiences with other experts and solve problems that may arise in the daily application of Voice Biometrics. We hope that the International BATVOX community will take full advantage of this new project and help AGNITIO in the continuous improvement process of BATVOX Software.


The BATVOX Advanced School has been created to address those needs.



Learning and Sharing the Voice Biometrics Experience

The SchoolInternational workshops, regional training schools and On-line tutorship. A learning experience from basic training to world class workshops for Advanced experts.

An International training program that will meet all needsThe BATVOX Advanced School will provide different levels of engagement to meet the needs of all. A group of certified trainers, from AGNITIO, University Partners and forensic experts, will be responsible of conducting a high level training program.

provide on-line training capabilities for subscribers. Students will have access to documentation and other resources through their personal web page. Each student will have the option to have a tutor who will be able to interact with him on-line, answer questions and provide guidance.

Advanced School Partnership ProgramIn order to create the best environment for excellence, the BATVOX Advanced School has created a Partnership Program with International Universities and Forensic Institutions. Their training staffs will participate in many of the courses and their students will have a preferred access to subscription programs.

Annual International WorkshopAn Annual International Workshop will be the central event, where world class experts, AGNITIO Engineers and University professors from all over the world will give a comprehensive set of classes, workshops, and practical exercises.

Annual International Workshop: a learning experience for all levels.

in one-to- one interaction. Sneak preview of the future new technologies and BATVOX improvements

Regional CoursesAGNITIO will organize, in collaboration with our partners all over the world, several Regional Courses depending on demand and trainer availability. They will cover the initial levels of the certification program and will be adapted to regional specificities.

Each year the Annual International Beyond BATVOX Workshop will offer new learning opportunities and a schedule to organize your training and share your Some of the workshops of the International Course will also include experience, including among other topics on how to present Audio evidence things: in court. These workshops will go beyond Parallel sessions for Level 1, 2 and the use of BATVOX and will cover other topics of interest for the Audio Forensic 3 certification program classes. Expert. Keynote speakers to bring the latest updates on the technology and Forensic Science Workshops on hot topics and key issues regarding the use of BATVOX in real cases. Practical exercises where real cases will be analysed with the help of leading experts The Expert Bar. Attendants can reserve time with AGNITIO experts to solve specific problems By bringing together a good number of BATVOX users, you will find multiple networking opportunities. Sharing day to day experiences from multiple laboratories of the world will foster the learning process.

On-line ProgramThe BATVOX Advanced School will




Learning and Sharing the Voice Biometrics Experience

The Certification ProgramThe route to excellence: A continuous improvement guideline for Audio Forensic Experts using BATVOX

A committee of experts has elaborated the basic requirements for each certification level.From the very beginning to the expert user level, the certification program provides users and public institutions with a reference of the expertise in using BATVOX. A program with three levels of certification will guide BATVOX users through the learning process. Requirements and Curricula for each level can be obtained from the school. Getting the certificates will require attending courses, passing specific tests and, in Level 3 case, elaborating simulated forensic reports based on the material provided by the School. The time required for passing through all three

levels of proficiency is estimated at 3 years provided that the user has intensive contact with BATVOX. It is important to remark that BAT School Certification Program does not qualify to present audio evidence in court. This can only be done if the user is entitled (according to local regulations) to provide expert evidence in legal courts. Certification Level 3 guarantees that the user can use BATVOX correctly. However, the presentation of Speaker ID evidence in court might require additional expertise and training (Legal, phonetics, linguistic, etc..). AGNITIO discourages the use of BATVOX in court by nonforensic experts, even if the user has gone through this course, and reserves the right to cancel or not renew subscription if the system is used improperly. The key levels of expertise are explained in the following table. Documentation of BATVOX Advanced School Certification Program provides all necessary information and requirements.

Certification LevelsUser Level 1 (Basic) User Level 2 (Advanced) User Level 3 (Expert)

ProficiencyThe user is prepared to perform experiments with BATVOX, prepare voice corpus, and evaluate the system for standard or non complex conditions The user is qualified to use BATVOX as a support to forensic real-life investigation activities (For Law enforcement and Intelligence groups), and to design and perform experiments for unknown new conditions The user is ready to prepare Forensic grade results of Automatic Speaker Recognition using BATVOX. Can be used by certified eyewitness experts in conjunction with other technologies to present evidence in court.



Learning and Sharing the Voice Biometrics Experience

The Subscription PlanA flexible and affordable subscription plan to participate in this unique learning experience.

You can choose the modules you want, along with a great variety of optional features.The standard subscription to BATVOX Advanced School is for one year. You can take advantage of special renewal prices if you renew before the end of your subscription. The minimum subscription price includes the following items: 1. Inscription in the Annual International Workshop or one of the regional courses. Admission fee to attend all the classes of your certification level. Inscription in the AGNITIO User Meeting. Documentation and On-line access to BATVOX Advanced School resources and Forum.


Access to the latest BATVOX Software with one-year license. Every year you will obtain the latest technology available. Remote support in English or Spanish for the first 30 days. Includes installation troubleshooting and first tests.

yearly subscription form. You will find, among others, options to: Enhance your Annual International Workshop experience with advanced workshops Book a block of hours for direct interaction with our experts


A la Carte options and services. Additionally you can chose among multiple options when you fill your



Check our web site for a complete list of options and prices. You will also find how to contact our local partner in your country or region that will help you with the inscription process in your own language. 4



Learning and Sharing the Voice Biometrics Experience

Obtain remote Internet tutorship during the rest of the year. Bring the experts to your lab for customized training and support. Buy premium support for your favourite tool: BATVOX (Faster response time, in-situ support, and other specialized professional services). Access to the Voice Corpus Exchange Network. You will be able to exchange with other members of the Network, unclassified audios that help create optimal reference populations and test files tailored to your special cases and experiments.(*)

and research purposes. A limited license with special prices will be offered. Additionally, the BATVOX Advanced School has a special partnership program with selected Universities