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  • The Publication of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Banner August 2019 19030 8th Ave S, SeaTac 98148 1 Volume 28 Issue 8

    OUR YOUTH ROCK! On Sunday

    July 28, 2019,



    our youth for

    their mission

    trip to Portland,


    What a joy to see all of you supporting our young-

    sters on their journey to discovering their gifts and

    talents with which God has endowed each one. They

    left church shortly after 1:00 p.m. and they arrived at

    the mission site in Portland after 5:00 p.m.

    On their first

    day, our youth

    were divided

    into three

    groups: the first

    group of six

    POP girls


    Kaylee, Rian, Quinn, Relah and Ceana) together with

    Samalie Sseba went to help build tiny (small) houses

    for people experiencing homelessness. This group

    worked alongside a youth group from Medford,

    Oregon. They dug trenches and painted the tiny


    Pastor Conrad and the three POP boys (Hugh,

    Corban, and Tzuriel) served at “My Father’s House”

    alongside a group of youth from nearby Vancouver,

    Washington. My Father’s House is a nonprofit

    shelter ministry that meets the needs of families

    experiencing homelessness. Families can stay

    together as they rebuild their lives and get jobs. Our

    youth worked with My Father’s House to provide

    daycare for the kids while parents went to work.

    Dan Skjonsberg

    and four POP

    girls (Wren,

    Khaliyah, Britta

    and Chloe)

    served at a food

    bank alongside

    youth from


    And this was

    just in the first

    day!!! These kids have a full week to do all of this

    important ministry work that builds strong

    character and provides invaluable experiences they

    will carry with them for life.

    We can’t wait to hear the entire report in their own

    words when they return to us this weekend.

    The future is brighter for these and many more

    young people because you have all chosen to invest

    yourselves in them. Was it worth it? You bet!

    In the coming days

    we will reveal our

    plans for our

    children and youth,

    we entreat all of

    your continued

    prayers and support.

    Our Youth


    Pastor Sseba

    BannerBanner August 2019August 2019 Prince of Peace Lutheran ChurchPrince of Peace Lutheran Church

  • The Publication of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Banner August 2019 19030 8th Ave S, SeaTac 98148 2 Volume 28 Issue 8



    Join us every Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. We meet at the Des Moines Creek Restaurant at 21830 Marine View

    Dr S. All are welcome!



    This month’s meal will feature summer type food items for this

    very important FREE Community

    Meal! Join us on August 6 and the FIRST TUESDAY of every month, at 5:00 p.m. in the

    Fellowship Hall for a delicious and FREE community

    meal. Upcoming dates for meals are:

    August 6

    September 3

    Enjoy a beautifully and heart-fully prepared meal

    with members of this congregation, neighbors of this

    building, and others who are searching for

    community. We hope to nourish people in all the

    ways we can, especially with the good food prepared

    by our happy and capable volunteer crew. Contact

    Stan Skjeie (pronounced “shay”) if you’re interested in

    joining this fun group to provide this free meal

    monthly. Stan’s contact information is

    (206) 661-5376 or Leave a

    message with him and he’ll get back to you right


    CHURCH MAINTENANCE Wednesday, August 7—9:00 a.m.

    Church Maintenance

    We are still working on making sure that the bushes are all trimmed up and so far, so good. While

    the summer wears on, we also hope you’ll have time

    to help us weed the yard. At times this summer we’ve

    resembled a vacant lot with all of the dandelions that

    have invaded the grass. The mowing

    takes place regularly, but the weeding

    only happens on Church Maintenance

    Day. Please, NO ROUNDUP weed

    killer allowed. Come out, enjoy the

    sun we hope, and have fun fellowship

    with other church members. Coffee

    and snacks provided!


    Our next blood drive will take place on Monday, August 5, from 12:30-6:30 p.m. (they take a break for

    lunch from 2:30-3:30 p.m.). We are still experiencing a

    nation-wide shortage of blood and blood products.

    Please consider coming out and donating at this

    crucial time when we’re in hurricane season and expect

    to need to ship blood to other states who need that

    blood. The donation takes about an hour; platelet

    donation takes about two hours. Coffee, juice, snacks


  • The Publication of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Banner August 2019 19030 8th Ave S, SeaTac 98148 3 Volume 28 Issue 8



    June 11, 2019 Members Present:

    Pastor Conrad Tollefson

    Pastor Sam Sseba

    Mark Bergin

    Dave Hill, President

    Pam Randall

    Mel Schneider

    Jude Gustafson

    Nancy Hadley

    Susan Vernon

    Meeting called to order by Dave Hill, President.

    Devotion from Luther: Titus Chapter 3: Here is a

    sweetness of life, not only goodness but kindness.

    Pastor Conrad Tollefson – reflections on how we can

    make a difference one visit, one person at a time and

    how that changes not just that person and us, but the

    whole world. We then prayed the Lord’s Prayer and

    shared communion.

    Minutes presented by Sam. Moved, seconded,

    approved unanimously with one spelling correction

    (David Bock’s last name).

    TREASURER’S REPORT: Mark was happy to

    report our giving was not down the usual amount for

    this time of year. We are approximately $1,650 over

    our usual expenses, but giving is up $9,300, so we

    are in better shape due to higher giving. Mark

    stated he wants to go back and take a closer look at

    the budget.

    PASTORS’ REPORT: Pastor Conrad began with

    the fact that our bees are back and it is good to see!

    Pam interjected that due to last year’s severe

    weather these are new colonies and that, in general,

    honeybees are nonaggressive, so if people want to go

    take a look you can get within a few feet and the bees

    will just fly to and from their hives and you can

    witness this in person. Mariners tickets are available

    for June 19, and there are some extra tickets

    available. Also reported by Pastor Tollefson was

    that we had Tonya Seaberry from Des Moines Police

    walk the grounds today going over safety topics.

    Parallel to that we are looking into security system

    upgrades. Pastor Sam commented on confirmation

    and how beautiful it was to see our wonderful

    confirmands at the altar on Sunday with the

    blessings and laying on of hands.


    WELCA – No WELCA meeting this month. The

    Kindness circle is meeting on their regular date in

    June, July, and August, and all women of the

    congregation are invited.

    YOUTH: Saturday night was a great night at POP

    with the talent show which was exciting and well

    received by approximately 60 people in the audience.

    Confirmation was on Sunday and, as already stated,

    was a wonderful service for the congregation and our

    three young men who were confirmed, Anthony and

    Daniel Stojack and Corbin Sseba. Congratulations to

    all three!

    QUILTERS: On Sunday, June 16, our quilting

    ladies will be presenting a quilt to Casey and Christy

    as a wedding gift.

    PUGET SOUND ENERGY – Emergency

    Generator Proposal Update: We were in the process

    of applying for a $50,000 grant to put in a generator

    here at POP. The bid has been received back for

    $54,700 plus tax plus connecting to gas. However,

    due to additional costs and after careful

    consideration, it has been decided against pursuing a

  • The Publication of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Banner August 2019 19030 8th Ave S, SeaTac 98148 4 Volume 28 Issue 8

    project that might well exceed $60,000, especially

    since it was not in our original emergency

    preparedness plans.


    CONTAINER: Thoughts on painting and repair.

    Working on bids and proposals with regard to safety

    of the project, what the project will entail, including

    sandblasting as preparation (rust) and then painting.

    The design for the container painting project has

    been donated by one of our congregation members

    who works as a sign painter.

    OTHER: Deborah Santiago had brought up the idea