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This book will give you an insight of the Phenomenon:ART IN THE METAVERSE. We will show youmany different examples of what is created hereand from many different creators as well. Many creatorsthat work in this Metaverse were so kind toexpress in this book what they think and how theyuse this virtual world as a tool to express themselvesin a total new way. Its hard to show all andeverything, there is a constant process of creating,pioneering and experimenting going on, but wehave tried to give you a good idea about what is goingon right now in the metaverse. Dont expect thisto be a list of artists with their creations, we givea random view of what is made and created, whatis written and what is thought about this wonderfulnew world, The Virtual World.Josina BurgessNazz LaneVelazquez Bonetto

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