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The Orange County Library System Experience. My Avatar will Contact Your Avatar. How We Got Started. Orange County Library System. Identity. Meetings. Public Librarians in SL. Classes. University of Illinois. Navigating Second Life Libraries in VWs Immersive Experience Web 3D. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Avatar will Contact Your AvatarThe Orange County Library System ExperienceKathryn [email protected] County Library System101 E. Central Blvd.Orlando, Florida 328011How We Got StartedOrange County Library System

Will cover:How I got startedHow and why my library got involvedWhat the future looks like2Identity

How I got started includes talking about avatars and identity

Late 06, early 07 reading about libraries in sl

Writing staff blog and wanted to write about sl. Felt I needed to visit SL if I was writing about it to staff.

Created fairly realistic avatar which lasted a very short time.

How to represent yourself in a virtual world?Human, robot, monster?Different decisions depending if avatar is for fun or if your avatar represents your employer.Different decisions depending on your planned activities; historical role playing, teaching classes, doing book talks or participating in disaster preparedness training.Some VWs use photos for creating avatar faces.Technology to create realistic avatars through body scans


Public Librarians in SL

There is a large Learning Curve; includesmoving around, buying things, communicating, and building.

Alternated exploring, and learning things such as building withlearning about library presence, places, services, events.

Attended early meetings of Pub Libraries in SL group

4ClassesUniversity of IllinoisNavigating Second LifeLibraries in VWsImmersive ExperienceWeb 3D

Virtual World classesUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Studied about:VW LibrarianshipLibraries and Immersive Learning

Visited libraries and other interestingimmersive environments in Second Life.Learned about VW Programs and events,scripting and building,machinima, and using the immersive environment for teaching/learning.

Also introduced to the concept of Web3D.

5ClassesInformation Assistance

Part of class experience was to provide information services within Second Life.

6Events and ConferencesLibraries and museums

ALA Midwinter

Attended EventsSuch as Opening of Cleveland Library and Land of Lincoln events

Attended ConferencesLibraries and Museums in VWALA Midwinter Meeting

7Blogs and PhotosStaff blog Photo Sharing

Just as OCLS had a staff blog for trends,

started one for staff to share their VW experiences

Also share virtual world photos through Flickr.8Central Florida Memory Exhibit

First have to explain what is CFMUCF, OCLS, History Center joined together to make collections available by digitizing and posting to the CFM website.When discussing ways to promote CFMCreating a virtual exhibit was discussed.

In classes learning about immersive experience.Maxito quote virtual libraries using the best of museums, theme parks and libraries.Created exhibit in sl and marketed to Florida Library Association, and genealogy groups. Benefits:Bring attention to CFMLearn about virtual worlds

9Central Florida Memory Exhibit

We wanted to create an experience beyond reading/hearing about central Florida history.Wanted you to Walk through the orange grove, climb a ladder, see the clothes on the line and the cornbread on the hot stove

10Central Florida Memory Exhibit

Walk through the one room school house andSee the Veggies growing in the gardenOil lamps for light,Not running water,The Outhouse, Pond, barn, Bees, chickens, cows, and alligator

Wanted to create an experience to help visitors imagine what life was like without running water, and with livestock to be feed, a garden to be tended, food to be cooked, fences to be repaired.

11Central Florida Memory ExhibitPhotos, Slide shows, Computers

Used more traditional Methods as well:

Photos and postcards

Searchable computers

Slide shows on Digitization Projects and about the CFM project12Machinima

What is MachinimaWhy we made films in SLWhat is machinima?

We decided to use machinima to Market CFM CFM in SL and as a method of sharing story of life in early Central Fl

Will show one machinima at end of my presentation(Both can be viewed at: )13ClassesUniversity of WAshington

New VW Certificate Program at UW started Fall 2008

Selecting and evaluating VWsDesigning and BuildingProgramming in a VW: interactivity, program management and metrics

14Variety of Virtual WorldsProtonmedias Protosphere

Forterras Olive

Explored a variety of virtual worlds on our own such as:ThereTwinityKanevaQWAQ

Group visited these VWS:Protonmedias Protosphere-training and meetings,college campus atmosphereForterra-role playing disaster preparednessilitary, medical, desertNote:Avatar-middle aged, sturdy realism for role playing15Library of the Future

2nd Class: Design and BuildingCharged with creating Community CenterWith coffee shop, theatre, museum, library

Wanted to take best of libraries of the past and of the present, and add to it the newest technology tools. Desired to create a third place;place for members of community to go other than home or work place place that facilitates meetings, collaborations, and fun w/ emphasis on life-long learning. Warm and welcoming structure to create spaces for individuals, for small groups and large groups.

16Library of the Future

What makes library of future different is technology tools that enable a library to better meet the mission of being a place that facilitates the members of the community being able to meet, collaborate, have fun and learn.

This is where or challenge to create a library of the future becomes more difficult.

How do you imagine the technology that is on the verge of being here in the next 1or 2 years let along imagine what will be available 5 or 10 years from now?

How do you take technology that is not yet fully developed and or not generally available yet in the world at large and recreate it in a virtual world environment?

17Library of the Future

What are some of the possibilities for our library of the future?

What about facial or voice recognition as a replacement for the traditional library card?Perhaps you can download digital books by pointing and clicking your multi-purpose smart device at any specially coded book spine.

18Library of the FutureSmart Tables

Perhaps the library has smart tables where groups could meet and share documents by dragging them from their personal smart devices onto the smart table to share with the rest of the group.

We were faced with the limitations of the technology available today plus the limitations of our knowledge of scripting in the vw. That means that we could not actually have you click your virtual 3d smart device at a book in our virtual library and download a digital copy, however, if you click on a bookshelf it will bring you to an online copy of a book. While we could not provide a smart table for you in sl, we could build a model of what one might look like in the library. We also had virtual computers that allow you to connect to links on selected topics.

19Library of the Future3D Models and Holograms

Other ideas--Perhaps the libraries of the future, virtual or otherwise, will have experts available by appt on topics through video chat or though meetings of avatars.--Perhaps students can learn about famous people by viewing speeches and interviews of well known people in holographic form. --Concepts, such as math and science concepts, or more basic things like --historical objects or famous buildings could be learned about by viewing and interacting with 3D virtual models.

20Our Experience

ChallengesCostsStaff ParticipationPersonnel Questions

ChallengesHow much work time vs personal time?Costs? free accounts, sandboxes, classes, land to rent or buy, who ownsLearning or Playing but with a purpose, how perceived by others?Motivating staff participation----give a project to explore, task to complete----Small team, learn, creating project to study it as a OCLSmore community participation and events to promote exhibitWe will test as a training tool for reference interview and handling difficult people

How do you represent your organizationreputation, dependability, appearance

21Crystal BallThe QuestionsThe answersWhy does this matter?What is next for Libraries in Virtual Worlds?

Why matters?Hundreds of VWs, Millions of users, majority under 15 years oldHabbo has 100 M registered users

VW ConferencesAssociation of Virtual Worlds literature : Journal of Virtual World Research Marketing info KZERO Morgan, Nothing but Net, 2009 Investment GuideVirtual worlds included, larger opportunity for children and teen vwsTechnology to do body scans for realistic avatars by Stanfords Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Advent of web3D Web3D: The Next Major Internet Wave by Erica Driverfor Information & Knowledge Management Professionals, April 18, 2008

Communication ToolCollaboration ToolEducation-Co presenceBig Business July 07 Disney bought Penguin Club for 700 M. (6.6 M users in 2008)profits in sl, 2008, $360 M user content sold

Extend to more staff, learn pros and