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  • 1. Ryuta oshikiri EECS 441 2/15/12 The Leader in Meaning Based Computing
  • 2. What is Autonomy? Develop enterprise searching software Meaning based computing Information connectivity Accessing unstructured information Documents Web pages Videos Phone conversations
  • 3. Financials Market cap of $7 billion Revenue for 2010 $870 million Net income $217 million UKs largest software company HP acquisition October 3, 2011 Sold for $11 billion Largest software transaction
  • 4. Origins Founded 1996 using tech from Cambridge University Dr. Michael Lynch Richard Gaunt Research was in computer based finger print recognition Britains Bill Gates
  • 5. Company Affiliations Many leading software companies embed Autonomy products in their own solutions Acquired litigation companies
  • 6. IDOL Platform Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Make all electronic data discoverable Dont have to play the search engine Understand users and document meaning Cluster data Results of related info Assist in legal process from firms to clients File Filtering
  • 7. Aurasma Augmented reality app Providing infrastructure to recognize real world places Bayesian probability for recognition Likelihood of deformation Poor reviews so far SLOOOW
  • 8. Secrets of Success R&D is the lifeblood of the company (20% of revenue) Not constrained to one type of searching NLP (e.g. saw the dog. It was funny) PageRank Weighting Unifying information All relevant types of data Scalability
  • 9. The Future? They are gonna go far Innovated enterprise searching Getting feet wet in mobile