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Teacher Autonomy. By Ashley Snarr. What is it?. H aving independence or freedom, self-government , or the right of self-government. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation

Teacher AutonomyBy Ashley SnarrHere I used the white Aharoni font because I thought it would catch the attention of the reader, and it seemed like the best one that gave a teacher vibe.1

What is it?Here I used the Ariel font. With this being my first slide I want to catch the attention of my audience and pull them in by asking them what they think autonomy is. 2Having independence or freedom, self-government, or the right of self-government.I used the constansia font without a picture so that it would look more professional and the words would pop. Here I will read the definition and then explain that teachers and students need autonomy so that they can learn to self-govern their education. Teachers need autonomy so that they can grow and improve as a teacher while also creating a self-learning environment for their students.3Teacher autonomy is driven by a need for personal and professional improvement, so that an autonomous teacher may seek out opportunities over the course of his or her career to develop further.

Here I will explain more that teacher autonomy gives the teachers opportunities to grow as a teacher. It helps them become more aware of their teaching style and how they can improve. It also helps them become more aware of what their students need out of the teacher and how to give it to them. 4How does one obtain it?Autonomy(I used the constantsia font and did it in black because I thought it fit for the serious tone of the topic). It is getting harder for teachers to be able to make decisions for their students well-being in the classroom on their own. With the No Child Left Behind Act and common core, the teachers now must focus on improving the standardized test scores in Math, English, and writing. This leaves out the opportunities of creativity. With this act teachers are allowed to teach the students what will be on the test, they are allowed to teach in a way that has only been scientifically proven to be effective. They obtain their autonomy by teaching the standards. This is not always easy on the teachers or students tho5

Teach to the TestCommon core is being looked into right now because of the assumption that it is taking away the autonomy of teachers in the classroom and is forcing them to teach to the standardized test. When looking into it common core is designed to where they teachers are able to still design their own lesson plans and curriculum, and are able to tailor to the needs of the students. Common core standards are placed to help unify the school, but with this teachers are now focusing more on the content of the test rather than focusing on what really needs to be learned. Teachers are inadvertently teaching mostly what is on the tests because they want to keep their jobs rather than focusing on what is best for the students learning and growth. Common core is not exactly a bad thing because it is trying to keep the autonomy of a teacher while adding accountability and responsibility and trying to build a school that will help students, but when it is taken to an extreme the teachers lose their autonomy and migrate to only teaching the standard test which becomes more robotic rather than a continual and changing learning process.6If I didnt have autonomy, I would leave the profession. You cant put a price on it. Greg HoekerIt is hard being a teacher at times, especially when you are continually fighting for what you want and know is best for the students in the classroom. Greg Hoeker is a Senior English teacher and said (quote above). Autonomy is worth more than gold, it is what gives the teachers self-governing rights and gives them a voice. It is now getting harder for teachers to teach when standardized testing has become the main focus. Teachers do have some form of control but it is set within boundaries and policies that follow the standardized and common core standards. It is harder for teachers wanting to keep their jobs and continue teaching when they feel like they make no difference and have to teach to the test. 7

How Autonomy Effects StudentsRight here ask the class whether they think that teacher autonomy effects the students and what are some ways they effect them. 8

Teachers make a difference in a students life. They push a student to do better and become better. They help them realize the divine potential a student has and a teacher helps a student believe in themselves. Teachers make students work so much harder than they ever have and teach them what hard work means, what it feels like to accomplish something, and what it feels like to know someone cares and wants them to succeed in life. When a teacher does not feel like they are being treated right, they do not want to put their best effort into what they are doing. They are not going to care what happens to the students when no one cares about them or respects them. When teachers have their autonomy take away their spirit for teaching and helping the students is also taken away. Professor Johnmarshall Reeve states autonomy supportive environments involve and nurture (rather than neglect and frustrate) students psychological needs, personal interests, and integrated values. Teachers need an autonomy based classroom because the students will be able to grow and develop properly and teachers will know how to help their students and take the needed step to help them. 9

Review and conclusion: When it comes to teachers we can look back and see how they have each shaped our lives and helped us grow and love to learn. It is important for a teacher to have autonomy in a classroom so that they feel like they can have a voice and make a difference in their students lives. It is important, yes to help the students achieve and learn the standards but it is also important that the teachers can have the opportunity to change things and make their own curriculum that will best help their students. Teachers need to feel appreciated and loved and know that they are making a difference, when this happens a teacher cannot stop changing the lives of their students and those around them. 10Questions?Sourceswww.melart.comwww.summervillejk12.orgwww.dcnp.orgwww.studentlifeonline.comwww.huffingtonpost.com