Learner autonomy, teacher development

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Transcript of Learner autonomy, teacher development

Learner Autonomy, Teacher Development

Estefana AcevedoJonathan ValenciaLearner Autonomy, Teacher Development

Routes to Autonomy-What do you think Autonomy is?

Autonomy: a.Self-governmentortherightofself-government;self-determination.b.Self-governmentwithrespecttolocalorinternalaffairs

Autonomous LearnerAim to learn inside and outside classes.

Not everything can be taught in class (David Nunan 1988).

Passivity is an enemy of true learning.

Students: self-learning strategies.

Routes to AutonomyLearner training: Self-reflection learning

Give students Learning Hints

The Self-Acces Center (SAC)

Self access language learning centersare educational facilities designed for student learning that is at least partially, if not fully self-directed. Students from photocopied exercises with answer keys to computer software for language learning have access to resources ranging The Self-Acces Center (SAC)

SACClassification system: The type of material and the level it is designed for.

Pathways: Learning ways designed by SAC. (What comes next)

Training Students: Appropriately SAC usage.

Making SAC appropiate for students: Collaboratively work (Enjoy it)

Keeping interest going: Feed back sheet after each activity; Sac users commettee

After the courseStaying in touch with the language

Training students to continue learning

Personal plansStaying in touch with classmates

The Developing Teacher

Lesson routinesRevisiting of textsPredictable students reactionsEach year is the same?

Avoid it


Innovative Ideas

Forget the old same lessons

Improve your own performances

Break your own teaching rules

Action Research(improve)Aims (efectiveness Self-Observation)

Methods:Keeping a journal, Observation tasks, Interviews, Written Questionnaires

Action Research

Professional Literature

Developing with ColleaguesCooperative/Collaborative developmentPeer teaching, Peer observation.Teachers groupTeachers association

Together we stand, divided we fall.Pink floyd