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good info about some of the animals and speices you will find in australia.

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2. Nocturnal animals only come out at night, they live in woods and other quiet places, they move and feed while we are asleep.Many nocturnal animals have poor eyesight, they rely on other senses like touch, feel and smell.Nocturnal animals often need there ears more that their eyes, a wood may seem quiet but they listen for small sounds. 3. Australia has about 800 species of bird.Many species will immediately seem familiar to visitors from the northern hemisphere.Australian wrens look and act much like northern hemisphere wrens and Australian robins seem to be close relatives of the northern hemisphere robins.But in fact the majority of Australian passerines are descended from the ancestors of the crow family, and the close resemblance is misleading. 4. Dingoes communicate mostly through howling and whimperingThe Kangaroo is a mammal and a macropod, a family of marsupials that includes wallabies and pademelonsKoalas are only active for around two hours a day and get all their fluids from eating eucalyptus leavesPlatypuses live in burrows which they dig into the banks of rivers 5. Mammals are one of the 6 main classes of animalsThere are only about 4,000 kinds of mammalsMammals are the animal class that people belong to 6. Some of the largest reptiles alive today include the leatherback turtle, the Komodo dragon, and the saltwater crocodileIn many reptiles, the sex of the young is determined by the temperature the embryos are exposed to during incubation.The first reptiles appeared approximately 340 million years ago during the Carboniferous Period.